On a U.S. aircraft carrier, Solomon meets with the third Chevalier, James, and leaves Diva in his hands. Back in Okinawa, the reporter Okamura brought back a sample of wine and the photographs that he took at the school in Vietnam. He makes the connection between Saya in his photographs with the girl in the photographs his father took over 30 years ago. In his investigation, he first takes the wine to his professor acquaintance to have it analyzed. From there, he goes to the hospital, where he learns about the incident with George and that takes him to the family restaurant. Then, from his colleague, he learns about the entire family of George, Kai, Riku, and most importantly, Saya.
Pursuing that lead, Okamura goes to Saya and Kai’s school, where he talks to and shows Mai and Kaori the pictures. Kaori stands up for Saya and tells Okamura to leave her alone, but Mao decides to listen to what he has to say. During their meeting, Okamura’s cell phone rings with a call from the professor. It seems that his office was ransacked and the wine was stolen. Mao then tells Okamura that Saya and company had come to and left Okinawa the day before. But since no one knows where they went, Okamura’s remaining clue is that the wine’s connection to France. The reason Okamura can’t follow that up is because he’s lacking the funding to go, which Okamura estimates to about five million yen. Mao leaves after hearing that number, and Okamura assumes that it was too much for her. To his surprise, Mao shows up again saying that she’s running away. In her suitcase, she has 50 million yen taken from her father. Mao agrees to sponsor him if he will abide by two conditions. First, she must be allowed to go wherever he does to collect information. And second, Okamura is not allowed to smoke in front of her. Just like Okamura is searching for Saya, Mao is on a quest to find Kai.

Looks like my suspicions from last episode about Mao getting involved were right after all. Not surprisingly, she’s tagging along with Okamura. What I didn’t predict was that they would be headed to France, which is a different destination than Russian-bound Saya and company. I get the sinking feeling that they’re going to split the story and start telling two different perspectives until the groups inevitably meet up. While this may make for a better overall story, I feel like the non-Saya episodes are more on the boring side (like this one). Lewis is the most amusing this week, being the one who stole the wine (which you can see in his hands as he walks by Mao and Okamura in the restaurant). The big question for me is how Lewis gets to Siberia and shows up in the preview with everyone else if he’s still in Okinawa at this point. Also in the preview, who’s the woman Kai is getting all googly-eyed over? As I often say, we’ll just have to wait and see. Next week is back to Saya and company on a train in Siberia, aptly named “Siberian Express.”


  1. i totally agree with the no saya eps as being boring. afterall, ain’t she the one and only main character in blood?! >:(

    and about the next ep’s new woman.. she kai’s mom? O_o

  2. The only “mom” she could be is Kai’s “Sugar Mommy” ^_^

    I thought the episode would be boring too, but Mao’s outspokenness and outrageous behavior made up for it. ^_^ I think unlike the OVA, this Blood+ series focuses more about the mysteries involving Saya’s past and conspiracy-like world of Diva and her chevaliers and the people who work with them. It’s not really hugely action oriented (as I and I’m sure many others had hoped), but it’s still entertaining, I believe.

  3. This is the funniest episode so far. It comes with Seiji Takeda’s “cameo” appearrance as Okamura’s boss. I love the part where Mao accused Okamura looking for paid date with school girls (enjo kosai). I suspect the story is loosely based on I.G. animators’ personal experience. Its’ a shame we will probably have to wait for 2 years before Sony release an official dub or sub.

  4. I Havn’t seen this esp yet, but im getting problems of getting hold of it because the majority of the unofficial subbers have stopped subbing blood+. Does anyone of any subbers that are going to continue in subbing blood+?

  5. Same here. Today i noticed that Shinsen Subs dropped the project (I’m three episodes after now).
    I drop these subbers and go to another.

    Anyway, i liked Maos straight behaviour, maybe her character will get more interesting now.


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