At the inquiry commission, Nanaha is surprised to find them calling the incident an accident. Nanaha knows that what happened was illegal, but it seems that the committee is hiding the truth. When she tries to speak up, she gets silenced because she’s only there as a witness. And because of the Pascal Mage’s actions, the committee is going to look into revoking Nanaha and her crew’s maritime security qualifications. Nanaha eventually gets their attention with the word “Terror” and tells them that the records of the warship have been submitted to the Immigration Department. The leader of the committee seems content for now and stops the current proceedings.
During all this, the rest of the crew are enjoying themselves on the beach. Hyousuke gets some fun time with the girls, which includes a swimming race with Tsubasa. Afterwards, when everyone including Nanaha has returned back to the ship, the crew throws a farewell celebration for Hyousuke, whose job there is done. Hyousuke escapes the party to the deck of the ship, where Nanaha joins him. She sees that he’s still carrying the gyro she gave him, and gets up close and personal just to tell him that she hasn’t forgotten him because he’s her only younger brother. The two are interrupted when the Akoya sisters knock them off the boat. The next day, Hyousuke takes his leave as everyone waves goodbye.

Alright, the preview last week hit all of the excessive fanservice parts in this episode, so there weren’t any surprises in that regard. Nanaha didn’t kiss Hyousuke, but I really didn’t expect her to. Hyousuke does seem to have a bit of a sister complex though, especially with what the preview shows. The show seems to be steering Tsubasa towards little by little him, but the focus for now is still the Hyousuke and Nanaha.
The secret organization of villains that they introduce, RIDLL, isn’t very impressive so far as it’s just a bunch of men (and a mystery woman) sitting around plotting and scheming. As for next week, it looks like Hyousuke makes his way back onto the ship and we’ll be learning about his past with Nanaha. I was ready to drop this series, but after reading the spoiler that say that
Show Spoiler ▼

I’m once again going to watch one more episode. Sooner or later, I should be getting tired of this stuff…


  1. I think Hyousuke and Nanaha are one of those childhood friend couple whose relationship is more likely that of siblings. You know, older girl taking care of the little boy because he couldn’t take **** by himself 😀


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