One Sunday, Mamoru goes out with Yuuna and Airi. After thinking about it, Yuuna decides that she wants to go to…the bathroom. While he’s waiting, Mamoru sees a girl’s wallet drop out of her bag, but when he tries to return it, she thinks that he’s trying to scam her by pretending to have picked it up. Then, when Mamoru gets home later and goes to take a bath, he finds the same girl already there. The misunderstanding is cleared up once Mamoru’s mother explains that this is his relative Hattori Yamame. Yamame is distraught that the Mamoru she remembers has turned into the glasses-wearing person he is now.
Yamame remembers when Mamoru comforted her when she was little, but screams after thinking about how he looks now. As she’s considering going home, Burumaru brings her bag to her. She sees the hole in the side and realizes the mistake she made earlier. She’s still ready to go home when she sees several cars pull up and the yakuza boss emerge from them. Unfortunately, an alarm in her bag rings and she gets surrounded by his men. With her kunoichi powers and Burumaru’s help, she defeats them all, but the boss then calls upon a new helper named Chin Panji.
When Yamame doesn’t return, Mamoru’s mother starts to get worried. An injured Burumaru comes home instead, and Mamoru finds a cigar butt amidst the stuff falling out from Burumaru’s ears. He figures out where Yamame’s been taken and pays the yakuza boss another visit. But Chin Panji has a pupil for Mamoru to defeat first: neko-mimi Yamame. When ordered to do so, Yamame starts to take off her clothes, but then injures Mamoru while he’s flabbergasted. Mamoru takes off his hood, and the sight of his face without glasses brings back Yamame’s memories of when they were little and Yamame defended her from a bear.
With Yamame back to normal, Chin Panji has to start fighting himself. He first dons a kangaroo costume, but Mamoru is able to dodge all of the attacks despite the earlier wound. Chin Panji switches to his bear form, and that induces a great amount of fear in Mamoru – it seems that he has nightmares about what happened with the bear back then when he protected Yamame. In the end, it’s Mamoru’s scream that actually defeats the animal man. At home, Yamame apologizes to Mamoru and then takes her leave. The next morning however, Mamoru finds her and Yuuna waiting for him because Yamame has also decided to enter their school.

This episode is just filled with what I’d consider oddball humor, from Chin Panji’s name (chimpanzee, get it?) to the kangaroo and bear to the neko-mimi. Oh and there was also Tsubaki doing the whole candle-sword thing and then the tennis thing. Highlight of the episode is definitely watching Burumaru who shows that not only is he adept with a weapon, he can also carry tons of stuff in his ears (abiding by the Law of Extradimensional Capacitance). Shimuzu Ai gives her usual good performance in the role of Yamame, and I kept thinking that the meowing was perfect for her voice.
Next week is…an idol contest featuring Yuuna? I can’t say I’m exactly looking forward to it based on what the preview shows, but it could be funny…


  1. They sent C&D letters over a year ago to everybody involved with Akane Maniax (since the subs were coming out before the DVDs were, if I remember correctly). Places like AnimeSuki no longer list any Media Factory related series, whether they are truly licensed or not. Again though, the Media Factory thing hasn’t stopped subbers in the past (Aquarion, ARIA, Noein being recent examples), but I do think it adds an extra layer of caution. The new season’s not generating much buzz anyway, which is probably the biggest reason why not many new shows are getting subbed. That’s also indicitive of the lackluster quality and variety of series this winter, but that’s a different story…

  2. having watched some first episodes for various some of the series released this month, i agree that this winter isnt all too exciting except for a couple series; however, this was one of the few that i have been eyeballing. i think someone will eventually end up subbing it, despite it being and media factory title. whether it gets subbed now or later down the road remains to be seen though.

  3. subbers are just to busy with ongoing their projects sometimes they are so full it makes me wonder why they tsill adding new ones so this season will be harmed with no new shows >decent shows like that add tactical roar nd brothers rescue wing wont be subbed .. or mabye by some rookie groups


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