With Yanagi gone, Kiri starts to apologize to Hiroki for not knowing about everything that happened, but Hiroki tells her that it’s not her fault. Hiroki is then called to the director’s office where he’s invited to the scholarship students selection meeting. From her, he also learns that Yanagi is going to be a special lecturer again next year. Hiroki’s not too happy to hear this, especially when the director tells him that it will be good stimulus for him. Hiroki reaffirms that he wants to be a teacher, and tells her that he and Yanagi are going down different paths. Though their meeting ends on a sour note, the director later invites Hiroki out to dinner after she finds him walking home alone. The two mutually apologize over dinner, and Hiroki drives her home after she gets a bit tipsy on wine.
During the conference the next day, the director proposes that they increase the number of scholarship students. This is met with resistance led by the head teacher and the principal, but Hiroki and Kiri start a wave of support that spreads through the room. At the party afterwards, Hiroki catches the director on the phone with her sister, who’s the actual director. She thanks him for earlier, and then goes to have fun with the rest of the group.

After a set of good episodes with Yanagi, this character-focused episode just doesn’t match up. They’re doing pretty well creating tension off of Yanagi even in his absence, but that only seemed to last the first third of the episode and felt more like an epilogue to last week. I rather like the acting director’s character, but ultimately I had hoped that we were past the girl-of-the-week phase. Next episode about Kana and her editor doesn’t look much more promising in terms of plot.
And similarly to everyone else, I thought the eye-catches this episode were really cute and probably the best ones yet.


  1. Looks like it (for example, next week is Hagino’s editor-chick, although I suppose she’s one of those “don’t call me a chick” chicks). Although there’s also a little movement in the underlying stories as well during this episode (and probably will be next week as well). Kiri’s still doing the next episode previews…

  2. What the hell is this? Are they going D.C.S.S. on us now and air character based episodes?

    Sure hope this doens’t go DCSS-like…

    Don’t tell me this will turn into “everyone loves Hiroki”.

    No no no no. Just please no.

  3. What are you guys talking about!? From the start you knew at least 6 girls were going to like him. If the OP and ED weren’t more plain about that I don’t know how else they could spell it out.


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