• On the sidebar to your right, there is now a spot for the Poll of the Week Day. I have been wanting polls for a while now, and finally decided to install one after I saw abq’s over at lolitron. Hopefully, it’ll be a good way to get some feedback about various aspects of the site or about random anime-related things. For now, the question is just about your current screen resolution (if you’re using dual screens or something, please vote the resolution of the screen you view this site on). As usual, please leave a comment if you have questions/complaints/suggestions.
  • As I noted earlier this week, I won’t be blogging Kagihime anymore. Tactical Roar is pretty close to the same fate, but I’m giving that another week. And yes, I’m still watching and enjoying Mushishi. However, because it is a show that requires a lot of time to write up, I’m seriously considering putting it on permanent blogging hiatus.
  • This season’s Music Release Dates section has been updated on the Winter 2006 Schedule page. This time around, I’ve included Amazon.co.jp links. This upcoming Wednesday (January 25th) is going to be a big day.

    1. Of course it’s going to be a big day…it’s my birthday! (Turning 16 actually.)
      Oh….you mean the music releases. Silly me.
      I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far, keep up the good work!

    2. Well it’s a very good idea to have a poll, but such things as browsers, screen resolution, country etc can be easier checked with an on-line tracker. Myt personal choice is extreme-tracker.com, but I’m thinking on giving bavenet a shot too. Seems more detailed.

    3. SiteMeter (*points to bottom of sidebar*) already does that for me. The purpose of this first poll is to try out the poll software and see how many people will vote over the course of a week. From that I can decide if it’s worth keeping, since it does take up more sidebar real estate.

    4. why not have an edit button for the comments.. cuz i usually make mistakes or forget to add sumthing and i tend to have 2-3 posts after each other.. :S just a suggestion.. great job with the site as usual 😀

    5. Edit Comments is a really hard feature to implement. I’m not good enough at coding to write the plugin myself, and although there is currently a plugin out for it, I’ve read that it conflicts with one of the other site-critical plugins I’m currently using. So basically, there’s not going to be an edit comments function for the time being.

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