Hideki and Mako rush to the hospital after Ichiro gets knocked out on the street and is taken there. However, at the hospital, Hideki also get knocked out and gets admitted in. After they fix him up, the hospital charges him an exorbitant fee and them dumps him in the same room as Ichiro. Meanwhile, Mako gets recruited by the director to attract people to the hospital. Hideki and Ichiro then take Mako to the director’s office where they find her singing about making money from everyone’s hospital expenses. But when they’re discovered eavesdropping by the director, Hideki and Ichiro are chased out and Mako is captured. Nabeshin gives them an enema device, and the two return to the hospital armed with daikon. After defeating the director’s army of nurses, they use the enema device to cause the director (and subsequently the hospital) to explode in a cloud of flatulence.

This story is very similar to last week’s pachinko episode in the sense that Mako gets caught up with the wrong crowd, so Hideki, Ichiro, and Pandaikon have to save her. It’s still quite an entertaining episode though, particularly the end parts. The main theme remains my favorite of the songs, though they’re all pretty catchy. The only lacking part is Ichiro’s singing, which isn’t as good as the other two’s, but I did find his Pandaikon song pretty amusing.
If you don’t know what enema means, look it up in the dictionary. For whatever reason, I found the device chanting “oshiri oshiri” (oshiri = ass, butt) in that monotone voice to be hilarious. Potty humor aside, ND Brothers remains my top series this season.
Next week, the police come to investigate…


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