Before entering the bath, Ayumi takes care to put away her secret treasure. As the girls are enjoying their magical instant-onsen, a shadowy figure appears by the door and takes something. The girls assume that it’s a pervert and Ayumi blasts a hole through the wall, but the guy disappears. Ayumi notices that her treasure gone and starts to panic. By the next day, Ayumi has fallen into a state of disarray and is unable to do the household chores. The siblings think that what was stolen must have been something very important, like mementos of her parents. Led by Haruo, the girls pledge to help Ayumi get it back. Their plan is to try to get the criminal to return by plastering images and underwear all over the house. But after the only guy who shows up is scared away by Ayumi, the girls, along with Yuri decide to take a bath.
Haruo is guarding outside when he sees a group of perverts with cameras hiding in the bushes. One of them takes Haruo hostage and threatens him with a taser until Ayumi agrees to take off her towel. Unfortunately for them, she produces a magical cannon that turns them all into frogs. However, none of those guys are the one who stole Ayumi’s panties and treasure. Ayumi decides to give up, which leaves the girls puzzled because they still think that her treasure was a memento from her parents. As it turns out, it was a locket with a photo of Haruo. Ayumi explains that she was taught that if she kept a picture of the boy in her panties for three months, then she’d be successful with that boy. Of course, this gets Maika piping mad and the two are soon back to fighting each other.
Meanwhile, the person who was the real culprit – a girl – is testing chemicals on the stolen pair of panties. After they start to glow, this girl realizes that Ayumi is a witch.

Maika should have learned by now that Ayumi is always up to no good, and this time is no exception. I knew that the locket probably had something to do with Haruo, but I never suspected that Ayumi was planning on keeping it in her panties for three months. But as usual, the episode is a mixture of craziness and fanservice, leaning more to the latter this episode because of all the bath scenes. The middle of the episode did feel like it was dragging on and on (when Haruo’s friends show up with their machine), but I don’t have any other complaints aside from that. Animation stays consistently good, which is more than I can say for a lot of shows these days.
The witch hunter they introduce at the end of this episode (named Nijihara Marin) will be the focus for next week.


  1. I take it that witches have distinctive… ah… traces… then? I wonder if this will lead to the bloody main plot soon – although Maika seems to be doing her best to protect Haruo from everything around him, except herself. 😀

  2. Or else the pendant itself had a spell on it. Or maybe it’s a ward against perverts. No way to tell… but at the same time, I’m wondering just HOW the test detected magic, without using magic itself (assuming that it wasn’t magic-based)… and just how many of Haruo’s teachers and contemporaries are magic users themselves.

    I’m SERIOUSLY hoping this show doesn’t turn into Maburaho – that was awful, especially the last half of it – kinda funny, but still…


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