With an approaching deadline, Kana shows up at Hiroki and Elis’ place. She faints from hunger, so Hiroki cooks her something. After eating, Kana tells Hiroki and Elis that she has a deadline the next morning, but that she hasn’t started writing. Kana is afraid of her editor Sugihara Shie, whom she calls an ogre. At that time, Sugihara, after being unable to contact Kana, is out drinking with Kiri; the two were apparently acquainted in school. Seeing how worried her senpai is about Kana, Kiri recounts the time she wanted to go Tokyo to see the person that she liked, but ended up not going.
Meanwhile, Kana changes into her pajamas and falls asleep. With time running out, Elis decides to call in her friends to help come up with ideas. They start to fill in different parts of the story, with Elis starting and Tomoko ending. But Tomoko keeps messing them up by killing off the characters. For example, one story they come up with has a brother and sister in love, but Tomoko has them die while calling out each other’s names. Tomoko says that a brother and sister pairing is impossible, and instead suggests a pair of cousins (to die calling out each other’s name). Of course, Elis is against that idea.
At home, Kiri pulls out the plane ticket from that time she wanted to go to Tokyo. She and Sugihara discuss her being recently reunited with the one she liked and about having regrets. Back at Hiroki’s, Kana finally wakes up and sees all of her friends who fell asleep while coming up with ideas. Kana spends the few hours she has before morning writing and manages to finish the story to make the deadline. At school, Kana meets with her editor who is quite pleased with the story, much to everyone’s relief.

Canvas2 meets 24! Actually, the timer is a bit confusing at first, but it kind of makes the deadline more dramatic, even though the episode overall really isn’t. I like this week’s episode better than last week’s, and a big part of that is because Kana is just a more fun character. But the best scene is definitely the one where the girls come up with ideas and how Tomoko’s conclusions all involve death. And once again, there are minor elements of the overall story added in. This time, it’s from Kiri’s point of view with her plane ticket that she never used to go see Hiroki.
I think next week’s episode might actually go back to the main plot. At the very least, there doesn’t appear to be a girl-of-the-week type story for next time.


  1. I like canvas2 because it is funny and easy to understand. but I sometimes wonder whether the main story of the anime is Hiroki’s love story or Elis’s. Or who is the main character of the anime? Maybe we don’t need that kind of definition but I’m a little curious. And is nothing going to happen between Elis and the boy who is interested in ceramics? I thought something would happen between them but we haven’t seen the boy since the school trip, have we? I’m not expecting a spoiler but ….

  2. The main character is Hiroki. Elise just seems like the protagonist because she’s like the logo of Canvas2.

    As for Shouta, he’s merely a random character, and Elise is a devoted brother complex. As long as Hiroki is around, that damn random character stands no chance.


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