The first Shakugan no Shana DVD came with this mini-parody episode as an extra. By shrinking Shana and chibi-fying her voice, along having her eat melon bread and yell “urusai” all the time, they succeed at bringing out her funniest and cutest moments to make this hilariously funny short. It’s even better because they start it off so seriously with Yuuji saying lines just like the ones he had from episode one. And plus there’s stalker Kazumi and stranded-on-a-desert-island Alastor. I loved watching this and hope to see more on future DVDs.


  1. A very nice episode. Full of hilarious moments. Shana was extremely cute in this one…=D With her ‘Uruchai’! and her drooling over Yuji’s head. Kazumi’s out of the world evil look as well as Alastor’s kidnapping make for more madness…If there will be a continuation of this one. XD

  2. Did anyone else get that ‘Crazy Osaka’ vibe with the Evil Kazumi look at the end? I’m thinking the “Summertime Murder Story” bit from one of the beach house episodes, with that sudden psychotic look appearing out of nowhere on the most innocent of characters here… and the grin seems SO similar.

    I think I like this Evil Kazumi better than the normal, somewhat shy one. 😀

  3. agree with mangamaxx.
    It’s these little tidbits that keep us wanting for more…
    I love how the way they totally gives added meaning to Chibi Shana “sitting” on top of Yuji’s head.Muahahaha…

  4. …Does anyone else have a violent desire to turn Shana-tan into cellphone strap? God, it would own so much. It would own even more if I could use Shana-tan as system voice for my comp and cellphone.


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