This is the Mai-HiME the Movie trailer that came out on the first Mai-Otome DVD. Keep in mind that this is a fake trailer in the sense that there’s not actually going to be a Mai-HiME the Movie.
The fact that this trailer seems so very serious all the way until the very end actually made me hopeful for a HiME movie. But with an autumn 20006 (no that’s not a typo) release date, I think it’s safe to say that this was an example of Sunrise having too much fun. But fun is the key word, and this trailer succeeds at being both incredibly exciting and funny. The ending really is the best part, with Mikoto having discovered her brother…Mikoto the cat. Anyway, it’s good to see all of the original HiME versions of the various characters, including Arika as a hilarious bad guy. Also nostalgic to hear 「小さな星が降りる時」 (Chiisana Hoshi ga Oriru Toki) again. The second DVD (out February 24th) is supposed to have a “This Week’s Armitage” special. Something more to look forward to…


  1. seems like Reito can’t cut a break in either this fake trailer nor in Mai-Otome. He’s a cat in one then a cyborg in another! Well I guess that beats Tate who apparently didn’t get any screentime in this trailer nor isn’t in Mai-Otome. ^^;;

  2. maybe arika and mai aer not getting along and just fighting no one looks evil in this trailer except for nagi… and aren they over doing it…i mean mai hime was fine the girls materialize children and stuff.. mai otome is good they materialize themselves … and now both worlds meet each other…! i think they are running out of ideas

  3. That’s funny to watch. I would really like to see a movie of Mai Hime and Mai Otome these are my favorite series. What I’m HAPPY about that this march…something, I forgot the full date Mai Hime series is coming here to the U.S., and it would be cool if they made a movie.

  4. I also agree that Sunrise is having way too much fun… I mean making it seem like there’s gonna be a movie then crushing our dreams horribly by saying it will be released in 20006… Sunrise is too rich and have too much free time for their own good… T__T

  5. I think this movie is gonna be real. I was thinking that searss make another fake hime like Alyssa, n the weapon that she used is her child. N about the calendar it saying that they gonna release 20006 calendar but that doesnt mean the movie is gonna come out in 20006.

  6. Damit why can’t they just make a movie, it’s gonna get them so much high ratings as soon as the series is released internationally. Damit, i was hopeing the trailer was real….JEEZZ

  7. Argh~~~. man, i’ve downloaded this clip (the trailer) the moment it was released.
    And I played the clip once, and stopped when the whole thing is played.
    Problem is, i did not noticed the 20006 Autumn.
    And Until now, when i was sorting my downloads, i replay and went google hoping i cna see if i get to download MaiHiME the movie, then BANG!!!! this page just ruin my dream. >_

  8. That trailer was soooo cool!! I loved it!! It was totally sweet! Except for the fact that’s it fake and not real. Too bad. Oh, well. Anyway, Arika looks and sounds so funny in this trailer, I mean her being all evil. It’s hillarious!! I really enjoyed it!!

    Alko Paper
  9. well i don’t think it’s a for mai otome and mai hime..there is a studio that creats series with mai we should expect more series with caracters from mai hime and mai otome…i’ve seen mai hime and mai otome..they are not related(the stories i mean) but it’s fun to see mai hime then mai otome and se the caracters and their relationships now…some are the same..some aren’t..well i hope u see them both and give me an opinion of what u liked the most!ja ne

  10. actually tate is in mai otome sorta he just doesn’t have the same name. His character has become Major Wong. so yah in a way he isn’t but in a way he is… who cares there’s a hime movie! YAY!!!

  11. mai hime movie love sunrise very good arika as a hilarious bad guy mai need help mikoto and natsuki and akane higurashi and nao yuuki fight arika yumemiya mai tokiha takumi tokiha going to see mai hime movie i love it cool


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