Ayumi is going home one day when a girl with a spear shows up and tries to attack her. However, she trips and smacks right into a tree. She introduces herself as Witch Hunter Marin and is here to purify Ayumi. Ayumi gets serious and starts to use her magic, but Haruo shows up and throws off her aim. The subsequent blast knocks Marin into him, causing Ayumi to put Marin in a tornado until after she escapes with Haruo. The next day, Ayumi finds Marin dressed in their school uniform. Marin attacks again, but Ayumi manages to scare the girl off. Marin’s decides to revise her strategy and find Ayumi’s weak points. Haruo tells her that Ayumi doesn’t like sad stories, and the sisters tell her that Ayumi doesn’t like eels or mice. Marin tries to use those against Ayumi, but to no success. However, she does get Ayumi pissed off enough finally to fight her. Marin is clearly outmatched, but it’s once again Haruo’s interference that throws Ayumi off. Her attack gets redirected at him, but he has a shield (cast by Maika) that reflects it right back at her. Seeing Ayumi knocked out in Haruo’s arms, Marin quickly jumps to the wrong conclusions and thinks that Haruo must be a saint with holy powers.
The next day, Ayumi, Marin, and Yuri have all prepared special magic-infused boxed lunches for Haruo. Marin tells Ayumi that she won’t bother her anymore, but when she tries to give Haruo the boxed lunch she prepared, Maika, Ayumi, and Yuri all step in to stop her. The four girls become determined to give Haruo their boxed lunches before any of the others. At lunchtime, they all rush to Haruo, but crash into each other instead. Everyone tries to lay claim to the right to give Haruo their lunch, but Maika notices something strange about the other girl’s food. After Maika declares that she’ll taste test it first, they all decide to taste each other’s food just in case. The lunches seem to be ok, so Ayumi starts running for Haruo, but Yuri grabs her because she notices that Ayumi has grown smaller. Yuri knows that all of their lunches were laced with magic, and tries to figure out whose had what effect. Maika’s lunch had anti-magic to counter Ayumi and Ayumi’s was laced with magic that awakened magic powers. But since eating Maika’s anti-magic lunch doesn’t counter the spell that’s made them younger, the girls realize that it must have been something in Marin’s lunch. They find her and show her that she’s smaller than normal, but she refuses to give up her lunch and instead throws it into the pond. She does, however, save one onigiri, along with the tea she made, and gives it to Haruo. The girls arrive too late and see Haruo eat it. But Haruo is more concerned about Marin, who has fainted. When he gives her some of the tea she prepared, she turns back to normal size. Seeing this, the girls all drink some and return to normal. Of course, since they were in their underwear to allow them to run faster, they quickly knock Haruo out.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve heard Momoi Haruko’s voice (no, Utamaru does not count). Good to see that she can still do the loli part. Her character was nothing like the serious witch hunter that the end of last episode and first minute of this one made her out to be. As soon as she tripped, you could tell she was gonna be no match for Ayumi. As for the episode, the first half is a bit more amusing in terms of story, but the second half did have younger versions of all the characters (oh wait, we’re back to the loli thing again). Animation quality didn’t really change from previous episodes, meaning that it’s still pretty high.
The cast is growing bigger and bigger, but I think there’s only a couple more girls that they can introduce and probably not until later. Next week, a swimsuit episode!


  1. Erp, guess I’m wrong then. Haruo’s face in the upper left and a lot of the eyes just look barely drawn. Probably just the difference between motion and stills. Color me incorrect I guess. :-p

  2. Magikano’s got some of the better animation quality out of all the series this season. It can get a bit weird at times, but that’s just the character designs. For the most part, everything is drawn very well.

  3. hey omni i didnt know where to post this so ill do it here..:S sorry … anyway if u press on the poll archives buttin the page opens and the Home button on the top disappears.. just heads up about that… osrry again for posting this here i dont know how to post comments directly to u

  4. You misunderstand, I agree about the quality, it just gave me a little bit of a start to see Haruo’s misproportioned (and not comically) face and Ayumi’s eyes in some of the caps. I can only dream of other shows (KageMamo being the first that pops into mind) having this kind of animation budget personally.

  5. itu ada orang indo nyasar yah?

    anyway, yeah ayumi rockz… I realy like her when her eyes turned to be like that (The witch eye) hohoho… I wonder what’s the connection between the Magic federation and the female teacher ( I forgot her name ), she looks kinda suspicious…


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