One day, the director announces that Hiroki has been formally accepted by the school as a teacher. When Elis and her friends learn of it, they decide to bake him a cake as a present. Seeing Elis gloomy, Tomoko realizes that Elis is worried about Hiroki straying further and further from the path of an artist. She basically tells Elis to go down her own path because parents – in this case Hiroki – dream of their children being successful. The girls head to Sumire’s house to bake the cake, but fail horribly. At home, Hiroki is unwrapping the painting that won Elis the France opportunity. She tells him that she is still thinking about going, and upon seeing Hiroki admire her work, she goes to her room and starts work on a birthday present for him.
At school, the girls get the entire class involved in planning a celebration for Hiroki. As preparations get underway, Elis continues to work on her painting. She even starts to think about using an unopened tube of red paint. The morning of the party, Hiroki sees an envelope sitting in his box and finds out the results of his civil servant exam: he failed. But the director still wants him at Nadeshiko and says that he’s essential to the school. Hiroki returns to the art room and finds no one there but Hikari. It’s her job to delay him until the class has finished setting up the Kamikura apartment. When he gets home, Hiroki is definitely surprised by everyone gathered there. Kiri arrives late because of a meeting she had with Yanagi where he had once again expressed how guilty he felt and where she had once again started to thinking about how little she understood about Hiroki. Kana and Tomoko finish singing their version of Plastic Smile, and then the girls present Hiroki with the cake. After everyone leaves, Hiroki goes to Elis’ room where she shows him the painting she did of him. He spots the unused red paint on her palette, and starts to realize that Elis is confronting her problem.

Yanagi appearance seems more to be of the cameo type and serves mainly to remind Kiri of her relationship with Hiroki. It’s hard to say what they have planned for his character, but I still think that he’s going to be the factor that finally brings Hiroki and Kiri together. As for Hiroki becoming a teacher, both Kiri and Elis aren’t too happy about it for basically the same reason – because they think he should still be an artist. I guess the point of the show now is to have them get him back to painting again. Meanwhile, Elis is progressing through her fear of red by herself. I thought it would come about in a more dramatic way, but they’re on the right track. Hopefully Hiroki will have some hand in it eventually, and Elis just doesn’t get over it on entirely on her own (which I doubt will happen). From the preview, that looks to be what next episode is about.


  1. Elis got some red paint out, she’s on the road to recovery! 😛 Anywho, the past couple episodes have looked like fun episodes, and I’m kinda glad Yanagi is still around, but I wonder if he will still have some sort of impact on Hiroki and Kiri’s relationship.

  2. It’s not so bad getting a job at a private academy instead of passing the civil service exam, I would think. After all, the Great Teacher Onizuka did the same. And look what became of him.

    I find it interesting Elis is making all this progress on her own to overcome the “red”, without Hiroki’s help in particular (although one could say it was her choice of painting that almost made her use it).

    And it’s good that Yanagi’s reappeared (even if I don’t like the him as a”person”), for the tension his appearances bring . But why wasn’t Hiroki invited to go drink. After all, Kiri had said in episode 14 that the three of them should go out drinking, not the two of them (as Yanagi had wanted).

    I’m not a big fan of the siscon/cousin leanings either. It’s felt like it’s been leading inevitably towards Elis since about episode 10 (despite Hiroki’s rejection of her in 11). Kiri and Hiroki haven’t had a real moment since episode 9… I still don’t feel really confident in calling it, because even if Elis really loves Hiroki, Hiroki’s only ever shown love-type feelings to Kiri (even if it has been awhile). Maybe it has to do with the switch of next episode characters. Elis doing it when Kiri was the focus, and now Kiri when Elis is moving out to take the lead.

    But, anyway, Tomoko and Hagino do a pretty good karaoke of the theme song.

  3. Yanagi is the biggest influence in Hiroki x Kiri relationship. If he disappeared from the series, Hiroki and Kiri indeed wouldn’t develop their relationship. And to think, Yanagi also changed Hiroki’s early life. I just realized but he’s probably the most influencial character in Canvas2 -_-;

  4. I think I learned in one of the old episodes the reason why Elis is afraid of using red. But I have forgot why. Would anyone kindly remind me of the incident by which she started hesitating to use red?

  5. I think it’s because of the accident that killed her parents while leaving Elis ‘mentally injured’. Then it were Hiroki’s paintings that brought her back.

    Anyway for whatever reasons I don’t want HirokiXElis X_X
    Is this stupid trend popular in Japan?

  6. “Is this stupid trend popular in Japan?”

    Not at all! There are many complexes in Japan, including sister complex, brother complex, yuri otakus and yaoi otakus, as well as loli complex. Siscons are just a portion 😛

    But of course, it’s mostly in animes and games, people aren’t that dangerous in real life.

  7. My recollection is that, more specifically, she’s scared of red because she was in the car with her parents when the car got in an accident. She was trapped in the car and basically was forced to watch her parents bleed to death. Hence her fear of the color red (blood).


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