Ichiro is sent to scout out the new No.1 Host in Kabukicho. The ND Brothers all go along, and Mako literally melts at the sight of him. All of the women there want to be rolled up by him and are throwing money his way. They follow the No.1 home where they find him at the mercy of his iron-handed wife who takes all the money he earned and puts it in a safe. Meanwhile, No.1 actually does all of the housework. When the ND Brothers attempt to open that safe, the wife stops them. Upon seeing Ichiro though, she falls in love with him and throws out Mako and Hideki. Those two go to Nabeshin for help, so he gives them a copy of A Dog of Flanders. They reenact the story for No.1’s wife and her subsequent tears make her iron hand rust, allowing it to be easily broken. Without it, she’s helpless to stop them from taking the money. But the three relent when they see the small army of children that No.1 and his wife have, forming into quite the happy family.

Well Nabeshin’s help is getting more and more random. I had no idea, just like Mako and Hideki, how a copy of A Dog of Flanders would help them. Little did I know, tears could rust iron almost immediately lol. That scene reminds me that I really want to hear the full OST (hey, maybe they’ll have every song from every episode) because of the soft instrumental version of the theme song.
So Mako turns out to be into the S&M stuff, as shown by how much she clings to Ichiro after he hits her. And Yukika proved that she’s probably going to be back every episode, including the next one, even if she has nothing to do with the main plot (like the ramen stuff this week).


In preparation for the upcoming OP/ED single coming out, they ran a commercial for it with the three main seiyuu dressed up as their characters. I thought it was pretty funny, especially the dancing girls they have in the background (just like the ones in the show!).


  1. I’m still trying to search for the whole series since all of a sudden we saw the last episode today at 2:00am Eastern @ Anime Network and ended up interested that we already want to cosplay as them for this coming sunday. The problem is getting the whole series or stay up until 2:00am to understand the Characters.

    The show is a really good one, I must say.


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