It’s time for the cultural festival, and the art club is putting on a cafe. When asked by Takeuchi to come up with a dish, Elis mentions the omurice (omelet rice) that Hiroki is now famous for. Hiroki arrives home that night to find Elis having a bit of a disaster in the kitchen. Since Elis is having so much trouble trying to make her brother’s recipe (which uses a non-traditional white sauce), Tomoko suggests that she create her own original version. Elis decides to take the advice and has Takeuchi and Hiroki try out her dish which uses a brown sauce. After tasting it, Takeuchi recommends that Elis practice a bit more before the festival, but more importantly, she wants Elis to use the normal ketchup sauce. She of course is actively trying to change how Elis never uses red and later even asks Hiroki not to get in the way.
At the supermarket, Elis has some difficulty buying the ketchup, but she overcomes her fears. She’s happy about her accomplishment until she steps onto the road and has a flashback of the accident. The ketchup bottle breaks when she drops it and red comes spilling out. It’s made even worse when cars start running over the bag, getting red everywhere. Fortunately, Sumire is nearby and comes to Elis’ aid. After Elis has calmed down, Sumire gives her the stuffed turtle as a symbol of overcoming her fear and reaching her dreams. At school, Kiri pulls Takeuchi out and tells her about Elis’ parents and the accident. Just as Kiri is talking about Elis going at her own pace, Elis shows up and surprises them both with the ketchup. The day of the festival, Hiroki finally works up the courage to try the omurice. Elis gets through the difficulty of cooking it and presents Hiroki with an omurice just like how their grandmother used to make. And while it turns out that it still tastes pretty bad, the important thing is that Elis was able to use the ketchup.

So I guess that’s it? Through ketchup, Elis has gotten over her fear of red and we’re not past another major plot point. That isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the episode, only that I had expected it to be more gradual and for Hiroki instead of Takeuchi to be the one who gets Elis over her fear. I also didn’t see a purpose for Yanagi to be in this episode at all, unless it was just to show that he, Kiri, and Hiroki are comfortable being in the same room.
Next week, it looks like Kiri and Hiroki are going to be at the same inn together staying in the same room; it seems pretty big in terms of advancing Hiroki and Kiri’s relationship. I’ve got a hunch that we’re past the second round of “character episodes” and are now in a stretch of main story advancement going into the final weeks.


  1. Elis is getting closer to overcoming her fear of red. This episode made me feel sorry for Hiroki and the Club prez.

    Chances are everyone will be exicted to see next weeks episode, except for me, since I’m and Elis fan.

  2. Pretty good episode. The four of them at the end was not as tense as I would have thought (although there appeared to be some tension when Kiri brought up Yanagi while the Hiroki and Kiri were sharing a drink at that bench outside – but maybe I misinterpreted something).

    The series is taking very unpredictable turns in terms of Elis and her fear of red. It’s much simpler and more gradual than I would have thought. But you’re right, Warukyure, next episode can’t come fast enough!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Yeah, MonkeyBrains, thats what i was afraid of…

    Even though for most shows I really don’t like the overly “clingy” cousin X Cousin or the brother X real or “pseudo” sister relationships. I really don’t mind it in this show. I can’t really explain it.

  4. happy ending?! I wish!
    the only heram anime so far I saw that had some “happy ending” was Shuffle and even than the kiss came tooo late.
    I hate it that so called ‘heram’ animes are about a man, 2 girls that love him and around 5-6 other girls that loves him also but has no chance.
    I wish Kiri and Alis would just DIE (with Nemu!!) and lets Tomoko and Kana fight on Hiroki instead…

    now look at Kage Kara Mamoru! ep 6 and already a kiss?! now that’s scary!!
    I can see a clear ‘happy ending’ there…
    (only anime that got a kiss so soon was Da Capo 1st but after a few eps it became a nightmare… DIE NEMU!! DIE!!!!!!)

  5. This really isn’t a Harem anime. You only have Elis and Kiri as possible partners, although I was hoping that they would do more with Saya after epsiode 15. I think that would be a good ending. That’s one of the problems when something like this is based on a H-Game. You had 6 girls that you could have ended up with, but only Elis and Kiri had extended endings. However, if done right, this is one that I could see another season to sort things out and I would be glad to watch……

  6. This is so BS. They had a much better resolution for Elise’s trauma in the game. I wonder what they are going to pull off next. A cliched accidental kiss to advance HirokixKiri relationship? Oh gawd.

  7. I wish only Hiroki didn’t interrest in “Siscon”. I bored about Harem anime too and i think Canvas2 is not.


    and Maiku i agree with you one subject.

    that subject is


  8. Is this series going 24 or 26? I’ve slowly lost interest in this series starting when Yanagi showed up and left and the “character episodes” picked up, but hopefully the main Hiroki and Kiri stuff gets interesting. The whol Elis gets over her red issue with ketchup is… well, I don’t even know what to say to that, but I’ll probably have more to say once this episode gets subbed.

  9. When I referenced “happy ending”, I was making a crude sexual remark about what might happen in episode 19. Not likely though. This series is not hentai like Canvas 1 was – they’ve certainly had the opportunity to show some nudity (Elis in the shower should’ve been the classic opportunity) but have avoided it.

    And I agree with others that have posted, this series has never felt entirely like the harem anime were every female character loves the main character (although only two may stand a chance). Although two clearly do, the others have not really shown love, so much as maybe friendship, or respect (although it kind of felt like the Saya episode was crossing over). And certainly the main character, Hiroki, has never lead them on like often happens. Heck, Tomoko and Misaki are more Elis’s friends than Hiroki’s, and Shie probably doesn’t know who Hiroki is. Now, there are 8 episodes to go, so granted, they could change that. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time.

    But Elis’s uniform is pink. I don’t think the audience is supposed to think too hard about what shades of “red” triggers her phobia (pink doesn’t. Does maroon do it? Burgandy?). Speaking of which, Elis getting over her phobia was definitely more dramatic in the game. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t still happen like that in the series. Just because she was (barely) able to cook with a red substance doesn’t mean she can paint yet. Granted, since the Elis appears to gradually getting over her red phobia (instead of in a single dramatic moment like in the game), it probably wouldn’t be as dramatic to end it the same way. I personally kind of like that Elis is getting over her phobia in a more gradual way. It’s definitely an unexpected way, when typically any TV show or movie would be more likely to make it a big dramatic event.

    (The series is supposed to be 26 episodes, by the way.)


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