SNoW’s 「逆さまの蝶」 (Sakasama no Chou) is the opening song to Jigoku Shoujo. Somehow I missed this PV when it first came out almost a month ago, but better late than never. Anyway, the video features a pair of lesbian-ish girls along with SNoW singing the song. I kept expecting it to relate to Jigoku Shoujo somehow and have one of the girls betray the other or something, but that never happened. As for the song, I’ve been listening to it quite heavily for a while now, but I still think that the last minute of it is a bit repetitive.
「In this Craziness, Uncertainty 一人一人のぬくもり
In this Craziness, You gave me life ひとつの約束…」


  1. Well, those two girls are certainly close… especially with the stick-on moustache… *HAH* The way shot focus was shifted also caught my attention. Overall, I found it very artistic from the way the scenery and types of shots varying. … and yes, this is still one of my favourite songs.

  2. In the ED by Noto Mamiko, she is only embracing the doll. It could mean that it is reminding her of a lost one or something. It’s not creepy… it’s just not well lit. I actually enjoy watching it every now and then throughout the night (in my room with only ambient light) because it creates a good mood.

    This one is more about maintaining the two girls’ relationship (whatever it may be).

  3. WOW that took a long time, Omni. I was trying to find out and got to “I don’t care if they …at me…ve. Then I did started looking all around. It turns out that the tattoo is a quote from one of SNoW’s favourite musicians, Ani Difranco. WHAT IT SAYS IS: “I DON’T CARE IF THEY EAT ME ALIVE”

    Another thing I found out while browsing around is that this PV’s clips are from the upcoming movie, Humoresque.

    I’m glad there’s Wikipedia… without it I’d probably still be digging around.

  4. Ahhh, it makes sense now…
    The thought had occurred to me that the scenes looked too good to be just randomly shot for a PV. I had dismissed that thought because I can’t remember the last time a song was double-booked for two things.
    Thanks for the research! 🙂

  5. so you people do aprove yuri stuff on animes???So if you do you could say: “I DO THINK THE JAPANESE MAN DOESN´T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TOO SATISFY THIER WOMEN!!” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, because with the ultimate content that most animes are having( ONLY YURI STUFF) you could probably say that line!!

  6. To be lesbians is a choice made by the females. It doesn’t mean that if a man cannot satisfy a woman, the woman would turn to other women for sexual pleasure.

    Yuri content is more of a turn-on for some males and perhaps some females too. Seeing two girls going at it = more female action! Additional proof is that a lot of these anime stories are composed by men.

  7. that’s like saying

    “I DO THINK THE JAPANESE woMAN DOESN´T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TOO SATISFY THIER MEN!!” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, because with the ultimate content that most animes are having( ONLY YAOI STUFF) you could probably say that line!!


  8. “To be lesbians is a choice made by the females.” Without starting a flame war, I think that is a highly ignorant thing to say. People don’t ‘choose’ to be hetrosexual anymore than a lesbian ‘chooses’ to be a lesbian.


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