The morning after Shirou was attacked by Rider, Saber questions why he violated their promise. In addition to scolding him for not calling on her, Saber wishes that Shirou had consulted with her first about cooperating with Rin. Though she doesn’t disapprove, Saber reminds him that Rin is the enemy and that he should be more careful. After a breakfast where Saber eats basically the entire meal, Shirou is leaving to go to school with Sakura when Saber announces that she’s going with them because it’s her duty to protect Shirou. But when she opens the door, Rin is standing right there. Rin tells Sakura that she’s here to go to school with Shirou, and then winks at him to back her up. Shirou tries to diffuse the situation by suggestion that the three of them can go together, but Sakura runs off to school by herself.
When Shirou and Rin arrive at school (she convinced Saber to stay home), he experiences the pain in his chest again. Rin attributes it to the force field that’s growing in power. If left alone, it could activate in two or three days. Issei comes up behind the two and is shocked to see them together (Issei doesn’t like Rin). Since Issei is pulling Shirou away from her, Rin asks Shirou to meet her on the roof during their lunch break. Despite Issei’s objections, Shirou is able to get out of the classroom during lunchtime and is heading towards the roof when he comes across Sakura. Because she rushes off at the sight of him, he decides to chase her to clear things up. After he explains that Rin won’t come again and that Saber will be staying home, Sakura’s mood improves. Before she heads off, Shirou asks her about Shinji, but she doesn’t seem to know his whereabouts either. Rin, who is pissed because Shirou kept her waiting, then shows up beside him, forcing him to explain about Sakura.
Rin tells Shirou that Ayako has been found alive, but completely unresponsive. Though the hospital thinks it’s some kind of poison, Rin and Shirou attribute it to a Servant. And there’s also the activation of the force field – which would absorb human spirits – looming in the horizon. For now, the two need to find a way to delay the activation of the force field, and Rin thinks that destroying the incantation engravings around school will accomplish just that. Emiya points to a random spot on the roof and, much to Rin’s surprise, there’s actually one there. With Shirou’s ability and Rin’s magic, the two go around after school destroying all of the engravings.
After finishing with the job, Shirou teases Rin for being an Honors Student with such a foul mouth and calls her a fraud. Rin replies that it’s a mage’s duty to hide their real selves. And since she’s the Tohsaka family successor, if she weren’t an Honors Student, she’d be unable to face her father in heaven. Since Shirou doesn’t know about Rin’s father, she explains that he died when she was young, but also that she didn’t feel sad. Shirou thinks she’s lying because it’s always painful when a person dies, even so more if they were close to you. Rin concedes that he’s right, and the two decide to go home. After departing from school, Shirou senses something again. Rin has already gone out of view, so Shirou decides to investigate himself. Drawn to the dojo, he finds a huge wall marking inside. But he’s even more shocked to see Rider and Rider’s master, Shinji. After dismissing Rider, Shinji remarks that he and Shirou haven’t played in a while and then invites Shirou to his house.

I’ll be honest: I liked this episode for the simple fact that it features Shirou’s harem. Rin and Sakura especially are on a collision course to be rivals in love. I personally am heavily favored towards Rin at the moment because she gets so much more screen-time than Sakura. Well, that and the fact that Sakura’s eyes continue to freak me out (she has no pupils!).
I also found Issei’s repeated assertions that Rin is poisoning Shirou to be pretty amusing. All in all, the episode is still pretty slow since they continue to have a lot more talk than action. And while I wish it was more fast-paced, I think I’m getting more and more used to the story speed. Unfortunately, despite Shinji finally revealing himself to be Rider’s master, it doesn’t look like he and Shirou will fight next week if the preview is any indication. *sigh*…


  1. Sakura over Rin eh? Is it the “Bouncy Bouncy”, lol but I can see what you mean. Sakura has a “girl-next-door” feel about her that makes her irresistable. But Rin has an attitude and build to pull off a “goth-loli” look, even more so if she were chibiier.

  2. They gotta do something, Fate’s supposed to be 26 eps right? 13 eps is too short, and 26 eps is a little too many. But it’s not like they can only air 18-20 eps to capture the story, there’s gotta be fillers. Makes me think my friend’s a genius for stockpiling this series. He’s waiting for the series to be done before he starts watching. Wish I had that kind of mental strength, sadly I don’t. I can’t do it, with any anime series for that matter.

  3. “But when she opens the door, Rin is standing right there. Rin tells Sakura that she’s here to go to school with Shirou, and then winks at him to back her up. Shirou tries to diffuse the situation by suggestion that the three of them can go together, but Sakura rushes off to school by herself.”

    jealousy xDD

  4. Now we just need to let Shinji kill someone because Shirou won’t summon Saber or fight back to break his spirit. 😀

    STill, I wonder…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Banzai! for Shirou’s harem, Rider needs to be in that house too though!
    I rather Sakura x Shirou than Rin x Shirou, I feel that its a better pairing.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Firstly, I apologise for the double post, I can’t find an edit option if there is one and I realised I left something out and an error from my previous post. If there isn’t an edit option, has Omni considered implementing it? Anyway…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I’ve gone over a few times before:
    Edit Comments is a really hard feature to implement. I’m not good enough at coding to write the plugin myself, and although there is currently a plugin out for it, I’ve read that it conflicts with one of the other site-critical plugins I’m currently using. So basically, there’s not going to be an edit comments function for the time being.
    Having said that, I can edit comments as the admin to the site. If you leave a note, there’s a good chance I’ll see it and edit your post for you.

  8. Wow, kinb you revealed a lot man. I’m ok with giving little hints, but geez man you gave away ton of info. This is one of the reasons why the anime seems so slow, because there’s a ton of story that needs to be told. The battles are more of an extra feature.

    RIDER RULEZZZ!!!!!! We finally got to see her au naturale in the second game.

  9. I have to reiterate: if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click the spoiler tags. Yes, I know it’s tempting, but you’ll regret it. The whole point of having spoiler tags is so that people can say what they want w/o having the fear of directly spoiling everyone else.

  10. I’m also pretty surprised with Sakura’s eyes too! I’ve only seen that sort of eyes in animes where the character was really……er…..bored with life or something terrible happened to them or something. So yeah, I suppose they may shed some lights to the whole truth between Sakura and you-know-who. But I still prefer Sakura over Rin though. I generally prefer girls that’s cute and can cook. Rin just doesn’t fall under the category though. She’s too smart for my liking.

  11. “Too much spoilers whether tagged or not is still annoying. I’m a veteran and even I’m annoyed. Imagine how a newbie must feel entering a den of spoiler tags.’

    I personally love detailed spoilers, since I prefer to take in the whole plot in one go (and not neccissarly in order) and then run them through my mind. I enjoy a story during the “processing” phase more then the actual reading/watching.

  12. Fate will do just fine with 26 episodes. Remember, this is not an action game, it’s a visual novel. All visual novels have their first days to be pretty slow, so it’s nothing that unusual…

    And plus, Just wait until the story hits it’s climax. I don’t care which path they’ll take, all of them are made of pure win.

    Comes to mind, I think people got pretty much mislead with that Curtain Raiser and everyone was just waiting an anime full of action scenes and no-talk…

  13. I should point out that every Fate thread I’ve -ever- been to is heavy on the spoilers.. and unlike here, they don’t hide them. I’ve even seen summaries of upcoming episodes, and currently know the plots of Episodes 8-12 because every Fate thread in existence has spoilers… because the game itself has multiple story arcs, and each of them reveals a lot of information which has eventually turned up in the anime. You’re lucky that Omni did institute Spoiler tags, and that you don’t go to most of the other FS/N blogs; if you thought this was bad… they’re a lot worse.

    That being said, Saber’s going to chew Shirou’s ass out again after the next episode, in all likelihood… especially since he’s talking calmly with a master here who’s (apparently) responsible for a lot of the disappearances around the school, if one remembers what happened last episode. Of course, Shirou still needs a kick in the pants to start fighting, and he’d damned well better get it soon before the series runs out of cast or episodes to show him doing so in.

  14. The first thing i notice about when I first her was the her eyes. Might just be because I had just shuffle but my first thought was that Sakura will do a kaede on Shirou and we will get another boxcutter moment, excpet FS/N has more then boxcutters laying around.

  15. I hate it when people call characters a bitch for stuff they didn’t do.

    Hell, Sakura isn’t even in the show most of the time. When she is, she’s either cooking, done cooking, eating her cooking, or just not doing anything.

    How is that bitchery?

  16. whole story spoiler below ..
    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. I find Shirou’s reaction to Sakura jealousy weird. This kind of ‘clearing up misunderstanding’ talk only happen between lovers. It’s like they are already having a relationship.(which i don’t mind >.>)

    I was expecting Shirou to be all dumb and goes ‘Why is she so upset?’, like most anime protagonists who don’t realize a girl has a hot for him.

    Chocolate Sheep
  18. I’m annoyed about the spoilers too, and I’ll stop reading this category of Omni’s blog for this reason. (Or at least the comments.)

    I wanted to ask what the meaning of one of Sakura’s comments in an earlier episode was that she “could smell blood” on Rin. I was hoping for some enjoyable speculation. (I like Sakura, and I don’t know the game.) What’s the point if someone, even within spoiler tags, gives me a definitive answer? It robs me of indulging myself in this world by making it predetermined.

    I think spoiler tags basically only work on a per-thread level. So, on the AnimeSuki forums I can avoid those Mai Otome threads that have spoiler warning in the title. I hate it if I run into spoilers in regular threads.

  19. Another suggestion – don’t go to any Fate/Stay Night discussion threads or blogs. Spoilers are a given, since the series itself is based on a popular game… which was mostly a visual novel anyways. 😀

    And remember that Shirou had, in the previous episode (3), gotten himself severely wounded.. and bled all over Rin in the process. She stayed over that evening, which was why she was there to greet him the next morning.. and why Rin would not have had a chance to change out of her blood-soaked clothing, or to wash up more than herself. That’s why she (Sakura) could smell blood on Rin… which made her wonder what Rin had been up to, especially given that Rin had come from the direction of the Emiya household.

    Plus, Sakura has some OTHER links to Rin and Shirou… but that’s another spoiler in itself. Again, if you don’t want ot be spoiled… don’t read the blogs. Ever. You’ll run into spoilers either from the blogger or person who started the thread, or from one of the readers since the story’s from a pre-existing (and information-dense) property.

  20. I think if it wasn’t for kaede most of us would have dismiss Sakura as just another domestic goddess/childhood friend type girl. But I think after Kaede infamous Boxcutter moment. Any girl that belongs to the same archtype is going to get a lot more attentation then before Shuffle came along.


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