A young woman is walking through the dark streets of Ekaterinburg when she’s surrounded and attacked by three cloaked figures. They drink her blood and then move on in their quest to find Saya. In the morning, Saya, Hagi, Riku, and Elizabeth check into their hotel even though David and the others still haven’t returned. While taking a shower, Saya talks to herself about her dreams. Elizabeth comes in and asks her about them, so Saya explains about the Russia dream (episode 17) and about her visions of killing Chiropterans and people in Vietnam. Meanwhile, driving back to the hotel, Julia advises David that a person cannot live by their strength alone after David thinks that he’s gotten weaker.
In the hotel’s dining room, Saya is eating with the rest of the group. Elizabeth doesn’t join them because she doesn’t want to eat anymore than necessary and she doesn’t eat for pleasure. According to her, a person eats to live, just like how a Chiropteran has to drink blood to live. Elizabeth starts questioning Saya on what she knows about her enemies, but Saya can only say that she fights them in order to protect people. Elizabeth counters by asking if Saya is really doing what she truly wishes to do, and mentions that there’s something else that she has to do. Riku breaks the thick tension by collapsing on the table with a high fever.
In Riku’s room, Elizabeth continues her psychological assault by saying that Saya doesn’t know the meaning of fighting, doesn’t understand the other side, etc. Saya starts to get angry at the weird behavior, but Elizabeth then starts talking about how no one will tell her the truth of her past. Furthermore, all that Saya herself has remembered up to this point has been fighting. And whether it is in Vietnam or Siberia, every day her hands are dyed with the color of blood. Saya collapses from the mental stress, but Hagi rushes into save her. The imposter finally shows her fangs and admits to having killed the real Elizabeth. Her last question for Saya asks who she lives for and what her own wish is. Saya answers that she defeats Chiropterans for the sake of the people who need her. Upon hearing that, Elizabeth knocks Hagi, whom she identified as a Chevalier, out of the window and then almost crushes him. Saya comes out with her sword, but Elizabeth feels the need to continue to educate her. This time, she reveals that Saya isn’t human and is actually one of their comrades. In other words, Saya is also a Chiropteran.
Seeing Hagi struggle to stand up, Elizabeth accuses him of knowing everything but not telling Saya. He tries to hit her, but she easily gets behind him and impales him with her hand. After seeing her companion thrown across the snow, Saya goes into her battle mode and charges with her bloodied sword. But even she is no match for Elizabeth who announces that playtime is over and then breaks apart Saya’s blade with a sonic attack. Elizabeth says that Saya has a genuine family with a younger sister named Diva. Thus, Red Shield had wanted her to kill her own sister and everyone had known, including David and Hagi. Elizabeth instructs Saya to go to the zoo if she wants to learn more. At this point, the imposter notices the three cloaked figures watching them from the woods. Those three, who she identifies as Shifu, retreat because of the Chevalier in front of them. Elizabeth herself then departs after bidding Saya goodbye (in Russian).
Sometime later, David’s group has returned to the hotel and is taking care of Riku. David finds the broken sword and a note that has the word “gomen” (sorry) crossed out so that it only reads “usotsuki” (liar). Meanwhile in the interior of an aircraft carrier, the door to Diva’s container is open. A bare foot steps out on a floor stained with blood.

Though the episode is slow paced until the last several minutes, there’s certainly a truckload of revelations they dumped onto us, even if most of it has already been hinted at. At the center of it all, we learn that Saya is indeed a Chiropteran. And even more surprising, she’s Diva’s sister. But Saya is less distraught about learning this than and more about how everyone knew but didn’t tell her. I guess as the saying goes, “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.” It’s interesting that she had started to write an apology for running away, and then crossed it out and simply put “liar” instead. I also assume that she took Hagi’s body with her since David only discovered the broken sword in the hotel courtyard.
As for the bad guys, Elizabeth’s imposter is a lot more powerful than either Hagi or Saya. She, or he as the case may be, is basically toying with Saya for the entire episode, turning her against her family and friends. And then there’s the Shifu. They appear to be a third faction not related to Diva or the Chevaliers, and it’s not really clear what their ultimate objective is aside from the fact that they’re also after Saya. The OP shows ten of them, but we’re introduced to three this episode; the ending credits identify them as Moses, Kalman, and Irene.
Next week, it looks like we’re getting the Chevalier’s point of view.


  1. Saya is confused and bothered by everything she’s heard.
    But she knows about the blood Julia gives her, what they did to children back at episode 13, and that David tried to save her adopted father. She left Riku behind so she kind of knows Red Shield aren’t the bad guys.

    Hagi probabily ran after Saya. Hope he catches up but he’s badily bleeding. Can Hagi actually die?
    I think Hagi’s considerably weaker because he doesn’t feed off humans (at least not yet).
    Maybe she won’t have to kill Diva after all because Diva could just be as confused as Saya.

  2. I wonder what Saya’s attitude is toward Hagi right now, since she’s been brainwashed into thinking she’s been tricked and everyone was in on it, including Hagi. Did she “take” Hagi’s body with her, ask him to come with her, or just leave him and Hagi follow her? My guess is that she asked or ordered him to take her to the zoo since “Liza” said that Hagi knew where it was.

    Also, I wonder how strong the other chevaliers are. This “Liza” chevalier toyed around with Hagi and Saya and could’ve killed them at any time. Saya and Hagi need some training in Kami-sama’s Room of Time and Space. ^_^

  3. i think it’s interesting that Saya and Diva are sisters. One sister’s blood kills chiropetrans while another’s gives birth to them…

    I also feel that Hagi is weaker because he doesn’t feed. This hasn’t really turned into a vampire blood sucking kinda show. Like sure there are instances of sucked-dry bodies, but there’s no such thing as mass-killings or anything of the sort being thrown around like i would suspect.

  4. Saya and Hagi need some training in Kami-sama’s Room of Time and Space.
    And while they’re at it, they need to train at 100 times earth’s gravity!

    omg, I can’t believe we’re making bad DBZ jokes…

  5. Well, DBZ jokes aside, I don’t think Saya would want to be training with Hagi right now, since it seems that he did in fact know everything. It always felt that he was hiding something. Is it me or does it seem wrong that a guy whose physical age looks to be in his mid-twenties, has a thing for a girl who looks to be in her mid-teens. South Park anyone?

    p.s. if you don’t understand that last joke then you really need to watch the episode of SP of cartman and his babysitter.

  6. Not certain if Haji is a pedophile yet. I’ll have to sleep on it. But the age difference has been on my mind as well. I’m guessing Saya is about 15? Haji looks like his age froze at 27 or so.
    Saya probably went with Haji. She needs him to take her to the zoo. In addition, she probably wants to get more of the truth out of him. I don’t blame Haji really. He’s not affiliated with Red Shield and only went along with them in order to stay by Saya’s side. And at the time, working with Red Shield was her wish. She may be slightly upset with him however.

  7. i guess this is what u call the episode of truth…with the truth revealed to saya…partly anyways. looks like next week its time for hagi to explain everything to saya, im looking forward to that. also
    can anyone tell me what’s a Chevaliar(in the story not the actual word -_-) and who’s Diva?

  8. can anyone tell me what’s a Chevaliar(in the story not the actual word -_-) and who’s Diva?

    Chevalier appear to be protectors of the two master blood mutants: Diva and Saya. Diva (or perhaps Anastasia Romanov), as is revealed in this episode, is Saya’s sister (unless Liza was lying), and her blood can cause people to turn into yokushuu (or chiropteran), the blood-sucking monsters that Saya and Red Shield are fighting. Saya, as far as we know, seems to have only one chevalier (Hagi), while Diva has several.

  9. I sorta think that one looks more like the demon hunters blade from Warcraft 3. It looks like it curves toward the wielder, cause it has what looks like a hand guard in the middle. Maybe, she’ll have one weapon with those 5 forms.

  10. Personally, I’m not sure I buy what “Liza” told Saya. Remember, in the episode before this Saya “dreamed” she and Haji were trying to stop Diva. IMO, that wasn’t a dream but a memory fragment, so it begs the question in my mind – if what “Liza” told Saya really is the truth, then why was Saya hunting for Diva like that almost a hundred years ago? Then again, why would all the things that we’ve seen so far that happened in Vietnam have happened if Saya and Diva aren’t on the outs from each other (serious outs from the looks of that carnage)???

    If Saya and Diva are sisters, then it doesn’t look like they were on speaking terms or have been for at least a hundred years, so “Lisa” definitivly leaving some stuff out here if she’s even telling the truth at all.

    Anyway, I have a feeling Saya took off without Haji to the zoo, so I just hope Haji, or some of the rest of them, can catch up to Saya before those kids in the hoods do.

  11. Oh crap. NO!!!!!! I just watched it and I’m residing somewhere between REALLY horrified and REALLY confused. Grrr. If only you could cover your ears and stab at the same time. The guy voice coming from ElizaBITCH was truely freaky. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she hurt my Riku and my Haji. No one gets away with that! What a crazy episode. What a defeat. First Haji, then the sword, and then Diva awaking. Geez … thats the definition of a BAD day.

    Firstly, the Shifu just confuse me – so I’m waiting for more info before making a more definitive verdict. I’ve worked out my guesses on the origins of Saya, Diva, Chevaliers, and low level Chipterans … but this new group just seems so different. If I had to guess now I’d say they are rouge Chevaliers that Diva (or other Chevaliers) deserted and banished for some reason … and they want to kill Saya to get back in Diva’s good graces?

    The younger sister thing works really well with the Diva is a failed copy of the Saya experiment theory inspired by Blood: The Last Vampire 2002 manga.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. The three mysterious chiroptera could be a religious order of Chirpotera who despise both Saya and Diva because Diva mixes the purity of their kind of infecting humans into Chiroptera and Saya because hunts them.
    They could even be weaker because they didn’t even bother teaming up against Liza because she was far too powerful (plus they had to band together to target only one human victim).
    But I’m dying to get the real picture of Red Shield. When are we going to see Joel’s diary.
    Could Joel be one of Saya’s previous Chevalier before Hagi who died and passed the torch to Hagi?
    Why not give Saya a copy of Joel’s diary or have Saya keep her own journal of her past lives?

  13. After watching this ep, i can’t help to wonder if i’m going to cheer for the anti hero (saya) again, like i did when i watched trinity blood (Abel).

    In a sense, the Chiropterans hasn’t done anything “wrong” other than to kill and do experiments on people. Think of it this way: if Chiropterans are the higher form of life (above humans) then what they do/did are no worst than what we humans did to lifeforms lower than ours. We kill animals for meat, just like Chiropterans for blood; we perform experiments on animals to test effects of drugs, like the chevilars for D67; and above all things, we manipulate animals to become more like humans (dogs: training them to sit, apes: teaching them sign language… need i say more?), just like diva is trying to make more Chiropterans out of humans.

    If Diva is the “mother”, if you will, of the next generation that will populate the earth, then saya is the destroyer of such population. Diva=gives life, Saya=takes life.

    Probably the reason why Saya is against diva is because she doesn’t want a world populated by Chiropterans. Instead, she believes in a world that has humans and Chiropterans coexisting (remember Abel?).

    anyway, just a moment of thought~

  14. i thought about it again. since in 18 they said delta 67 was the drug to preserve diva’s blood– then it’s like that’s how they can use diva’s blood without harming diva. Saya’s blood isn’t effective unless she uses it–delta 67 was prob a way for the other side to counteract the prob

    delta 67 is far more effective for diva’s plans–if they even are her plans

  15. Well Chiroptera and humans are co-existing.
    Van Argeno and his research team are helping the Chevaliers “take over”. And Saya and Hagi are the Chiropterans trying to help the humans protect themselves from being devoured.
    However, the Chiroptera aren’t exactly natural as the humans because it seems like they’re unable to reproduce without infecting humans (haven’t seen a pregnant Chiroptera or Chiroptera eggs).
    It looks like there’s a third faction too in this episode.

    I feel bad for Saya. She’s outnumbered in so many ways that she isn’t the hunter but the hunted.
    It seems like the Red Shield and even Hagi will be no help to Saya when she really needs it.

  16. I liked this episode, I liked it very much.

    I have to say this, I really, really have to, so please, bear with me, as I’m hijacking this right here. I just rewatched Blood+, and in the picture shown at the end…the five Chevaliers are there, correct? I’d assume Diva is also there, as well as two other women, but look at that little kid…doesn’t he look familiar?…tlv_saya082.jpg

    Diva’s probably the woman to Saya’s left, but whatever.

    Anyways, if you look closely in that picture, there’s a little boy in that picture…and doesn’t that little boy look oddly familiar? It looks like freakin’ Riku! I’m sure of it, it explains why he was able to hear Diva’s call and use that Vampiric-sense-thing in the earlier episodes. He’s one ’em, or he was with Saya and Diva way back in 1892! I’m positive, this’ll be revealed later in the series…that kid looks way too much like Riku to be anything else.

    If anyone has the movie, or can find a full-view screencapture of this picture, please post it here.

  17. Saya cant be a Chevalier, i reckon #1 is lying, Saya is created like Diva (sisters) , a balancer, like black and white. Her powers are endless, while the other 7 are protectors of the Diva…. created so their powers are below the Divas, #1 is just tackling Saya mentally. Plus Saya is the main good-ish character here, so we’re gonna expect unexpected power from her

  18. This was the most amazing episode. Everything was touching and informative and everyone was badass. There was a really nice shower scene and everyone had some action. I think Diva and Saya’s sisterhood is a loose term as they seem to be individually created. They are different than chiropterans, there seem to be many types. I always figured chevaliers were half chiropteran or something. Anyway, that possessed liza is no good she really ripped hajis heart out. Theyll get her soon.


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