Hiroki and Kiri are sent to Sendai for a first-year teacher training conference. Yanagi had called Kiri wanting to do something on the weekend, but she turned him down because of work. Everything seems to go smoothly in Sendai until the Kiri and Hiroki get stuck in traffic on their way to the train station. They end up missing the train and are forced to stay for the night. They find a traditional inn to stay in, but the old lady running it at first mistakes them for a married couple. Although they clear it up and get separate rooms, Kiri gets freaked out by the doll in hers. She gets so scared by the place that she has Hiroki stay in the changing room keeping watch while she’s in the bath.
Back in her room, something almost happens between the two, but a well-time phone call from Elis interrupts them. Kiri goes to bed after Hiroki returns to his own room, but she wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a crying girl. Hearing her scream, Hiroki comes and comforts her. He takes the doll back to his own room, but when he comes back, he finds Kiri asleep again. Sugihara, who Kiri had tried contacting earlier, returns the phone call at this time. Because Kiri is sleeping, Hiroki picks it up. Having figured out who Hiroki is, Sugihara makes it clear to him how important he is to Kiri. After hanging up the phone, Hiroki gets up to leave the room, but the sleeping Kiri keeps him there by holding his hand. She wakes up in the morning to find Hiroki next to her in bed, and her hand resting on his hand. Though the two are closer now, the trip back on the train is still a bit awkward.

Canvas2 meets Jigoku Shoujo…well, not quite, but it’s fun to think about it like that. I kept expecting the doll to come to life or something, but this is the wrong show for that. Anyway, this is a KirixHiroki episode, and while they do technically end up sleeping in the same futon, their relationship didn’t really advance that much. Though he knows how she feels, Hiroki still seems to be playing it safe, which is a bit frustrating for those of us viewers who want to see them get together.
But….next week will Yanagi makes his move. I, like many of you, still believe that Yanagi is the key to getting Hiroki and Kiri together. If he does indeed confess to Kiri like the preview hints at, then maybe it will finally force Hiroki to do something big.


  1. I don’t care about drama. I just want Yanagi gone and Hiroki awake to his feelings for her and her feelings for him. I enjoyed ep19, but I got the usual feeling of frustration over anime leads’ inability to recognize their feelings and act on them to the benefit of all.

  2. oh nooooo please god another boys be complex NO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!that yanagi loser someone please shoot down that bastard!!!not even that f….king caracter stells hiroki´s art project in a love frustation but also come back…everyone acepts him and even after what he did the bastard not satisfied try to stell again the girl!!!where´s a sniper gun professional when we do need one around!!T_T

  3. On the road, typing on blackberry… Dang, I want to see this episode. Still hope left for Kiri, which is what I wanted to see. Looks like a good episode, but now I can’t wait for the next episode! I knew Yanagi had to come back to cause more trouble. I wonder if this’ll be like the game and force Hiroki to solve his painting issue and hook up with Kiri? Hard to say when the anime is SO friggin’ different from the game…

  4. Yanagi is an essential character. Without him, Kiri and Hiroki will NEVER make any progress. Yanagi is like the lvoe cupid in Canvas2. If anybody should be shot, it’s that random character. Uh, what’s his name again? Shorty?

  5. 1º – blame my keyboard man, I was so angry that I forgot to see what i was writting!!T_T
    2º – OH come on man ” Rasmiel” so you do like animes like boys be??come on writers surprise me making stories like doing that cute school director making her first move on hiroki and pushing Kiri towards hiroki faster!!I mean i hate this slow paced old fashion animes, because you already know what´s going to happen….surprise me!!@_@

  6. Eh, you could go watch something else if the pace is killing you.

    Hiroki is more perceptive than most male leads. He’s holding back on Kiri because of Yanagi, most likely, although they’ve gotten close a few times.

  7. Strange… I happen to like well-paced shows …. its like a waltz .. you may know what the next note is going to be but its the perfection of the rhythm you enjoy. Lamune comes to mind.

    I will say I find the addition of Yanagi in this feels kind of forced. But since Hiroki turned Kiri down back in high school because Yanagi (his friend) had expressed a desire for Kiri and he felt enough sympathy for Kiri to do such a thing (triangle friendships)…. its kind of important Yanagi be involved in the resolution of all the unfinished business.

    Part of the problem with many relationships is the way people “rush for the orgasm” rather than let it unfold naturally. Must be an infestation of short-attention span.

  8. Thanks, Omni, for the additional detail on the preview you added to the summary. Things are picking up fast. Kiri’s still in the game, and still seems the strongest, although I wonder about Hiroki… He did almost kiss Kiri at that school outing early on (but Kiri pulled back, remembering her rejection in high school). Now that Shie has confirmed to Hiroki what Kiri feels (although in roundabout words), I want to see what happens next.

    Certainly, Yanagi’s confession to Kiri was a big part of the game plot and kickstarting Hiroki. But the anime is so different, they could use it as an excuse to lead towards Elis, I suppose (Elis has been the only one to really confront Yanagi so far).

    Just like this episode, I can’t wait for the next episode. To me, that’s a sign of a good series, my own impatience at seeing what happens next. However, I suspect that next episode will lead into a cliffhanger of its own… Can’t wait either way.

  9. This series is really picking up ^^

    I wonder if Hiroki has a real low self value of himself, like some tramatic event in his life that makes him think hes worthless / underserving. He just seems to never stick up for himself… he lets others seem to walk all over him like Yanagi stealing his work, giving up on Kiri in the past even though its aparent he has feelings for her and giving up painting / drawing (still for some unknown reason) even though he was so good at it. Hiroki always seems so nice and good when helping others yet fails miserably when it comes to himself.

    Yanagi on the other hand is completely detestable… talk about some friend, the scum steals / copies his friends painting, wins an award with it and gets noticed by prestigeous art schools for it and on top of it all the moron is still passing it off as his own to this day. Yanagi once said that painting made him who he is today… well sorry moron but your life is based on a LIE!!! As far as I’m concerned he stole a potential good life away from Hiroki. Only thing he can really do to make a mends in my eyes is to make a public statement of his deplorable action and come clean… it probably wont go so far as to kill his career completely but it sure will hurt him in the eyes of the artist communeti… personaly I think he deserves to loose it all. For the love triangle he has with Kiri and Hiroki… well in the end its Kiri’s choice who she picks regardless of the past, I just hope Hiroki just doesn’t roll over and play dead this time.

  10. Finally watched the whole episode. Fan-foogu-tastic. I hope they release an OST for this series soon. It has a lot of nice music.

    Actually, I’m surprised one of the bumper pictures didn’t make it into Omni’s screencaps – it’s one of the few times they’ve had a bumper with the heroine of Canvas 1, Amane.

    Dang that Elis, though. Interrupting a perfectly good moment. Actually, that’s a kind of annoying thing about a lot of series – convenient (or inconvenient) phone calls switching the flow of the plot. Got to do something, I suppose, in the absence of giant robots or magic.

    Interesting though that only with Kiri does Hiroki actually make a romantic move (like in the summer field trip), only to have an interruption… Although I suppose he started to make a move on Hagino a couple episodes ago.

  11. Kiri could have solved all her romantic problems that night, with a couple of litres of sake and some sexy undies. If she couldn’t land Hiroki using good bait like that, he obviously should be in a shounen-ai series instead.


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