The Chevaliers Solomon, Nathan, and James all gather to meet in France. Van Argeno is also there, though he’s in a facility full of people affected with D67. His subordinate reports that compared to Vietnam results, the zoanthropy problem has decreased 30%. Suddenly, a pair of Shifu break into the facility. They behead all of the Chiropteran chasing them and taste the blood, but apparently there’s been no change. The two escape through the skylight after the guards arrive. Meanwhile, David, Kai, and the rest arrive at the Red Shield HQ, which turns out to be a large cruise ship. Through the intercom, Joel tells them that Elizabeth’s naked body has been found. And since the Elizabeth who was with them was a mimic, they are to be isolated for 72 hours.
Saya and Hagi are traveling through the countryside in the back of a truck towards the “zoo”. Over the radio, they hear that an explosion on a US nuclear powered aircraft carrier has caused six casualties. Hagi tries to get Saya to eat something because she hasn’t in three days, but she refuses. Saya questions what Chiropterans are, what she is, and feels that she’s alone. Back in Paris, Solomon, James, and Nathan wait for Amshel to show up. They start talking of Diva, who is sleeping off to the side, and mention the “blood of awakening.” At Red Shield HQ, Kai asks David to tell him everything. David says that Joel’s diary, which would tell Kai about their battle against the Chiropteran and about Saya’s history, can only be read if he has the intention of continuing to fight against them. He would never be allowed to return to an ordinary life. Kai confirms that he is ready and wants to see the diary.
The conversation between the Chevaliers turns to Saya and Hagi. Apparently Hagi is Diva’s bridegroom and Saya is the Chevalier’s bride. Even though her blood can kill them, Solomon notes that if she would be the same race as them if their origins were corrected and they would be better able to understand each other. But, as the just-arrived Amshel continues, it is Red Shield who is to blame for it not being that way. Amshel, who is still in Elizabeth’s form, is patting Diva’s head as she sleeps. Back on the Red Shield ship, Kai can’t believe what he’s reading. David questions if he can still call Saya family now that he knows what he does. Kai is silent to the question and even more silent when Riku shows up.
Amshel changes back to his normal appearance and tells the group about meeting Saya and Hagi in Russia. According to him, this is the most human Saya he’s ever seen, but her blood still would kill them. He also saw Hagi, who he calls a puppy for following Saya everywhere. Amshel says that he’s invited Saya to the zoo, the place where it all started and where it will all end. As Chevaliers, they exist for Diva and cannot permit the existence of anyone who wants to kill Diva. James and Nathan agree, but Solomon is initially hesitant. After Solomon comes around, the four make a toast to Diva.
As Solomon is leaving that night, he thinks about the dance he had with Saya. The same two Shifu who had attacked the facility earlier now approach him from behind. They try to quickly kill him, but he vanishes and reappears behind them. After introductions, the Shifu attack him again for his Chevalier blood. They quickly prove to be no match for Solomon’s powers, as he’s able to even catch their blades with his bare hands. When the two do manage to cut off his bladed arm, Solomon decides that holding himself back isn’t needed. Van Argeno and his crew arrive later to clean up the mess. Solomon, deep in thought, decides that he’s going to meet Saya. Meanwhile, deep in the countryside somewhere, Saya sleeps while Hagi watches over her.

Well this is certainly a big episode in terms of plot development. Saya is revealed to be the bride of the Five Chevaliers (Karl is absent) and Hagi is apparently Diva’s groom. This puts a new spin on things if she and Hagi did make that marriage promise back in episode 17. Though the whole marriage/bridge/groom thing is still a bit confusing actually. What does being their bride actually mean for Saya? Maybe it’s related to evolution and continuing the species, especially considering that there’s the whole genealogy tree on the floor of where the Chevaliers were meeting. Not that it matters too much because Amshel is still determined to kill Saya in order to protect Diva. I am surprised though that Solomon suddenly became the candidate of the enemy most likely to help Saya. It’ll be interesting to see how that angle turns out.
Kai seems to have taken the first step in joining Red Shield. Having read Joel’s diary, he’s past the point of no return. Joel himself reminds me a lot of Riku with that boyish face of his. We also get to see Diva this episode, but only the bad of her head (which causes leaves to decay when they land on it).
But the highlight of the episode for me was watching the Shifu in action. The cloaks and the whole jumping around really quickly thing made me think that they were like Jedi or something. The different bladed weapons and the cloaks also remind me of the XIII Order from the Kingdom Hearts games. Both of the fight scenes are pretty cool, even if the two Shifu do get destroyed by Solomon (and they don’t even show us how he killed them). From the preview, next episode will feature a whole lot of them ganging up against Saya and Hagi.


  1. Solomon looks rather unhappy there. I’ve been waiting to see him fight. And yet he still looks like he’s going for a leisurely afternoon stroll. Some people get all the luck. Did it say what Kai learned from Joel’s Diary?

  2. Oh wow, Solomon can fight and he can transform his arms into blades…though I doubt he’ll get pissed enough as Karl to fully transform into a chiropteran…he looks too much of a nice guy to hurt anything most of the time…his red eyes look very cool…why are the Shifu attacking Diva’s chevaliers? I thought their target was Saya. Anyway, I can’t wait to see Solomon in action!

    Oh yeah, and it looks like we finally see Joel of Joel’s diary fame…and we see Diva’s back (I bet she’s going to look like Saya with long hair)…and someone spilled wine on Solomon…!

  3. Firstly, so happy Haji is still with Saya. So happy Haji is ok. So happy. Episode seemed slow but that could be because there was lots of diologue I couldn’t understand. Don’t have a clue what is going on. I did notice there were 5 wine glasses but only the four seats for Operadude, Soloman, James and Ansel (ElizaBITCH). Could the fifth be for the MIA Karl. Weird how that leaf died just by touching Diva … eek. Ansel seems to treat Diva in a very fatherly way (so different than the less than platonic undertones between Saya and Karl, Soloman, & Haji) which is also quite interesting. Also want a better look at that geneology on the floor … could it be showing the branches between Humans, Chiropterans, and Shifu? Really curious to get to know the Shifu now that it looks like they CAN also kill Chiropteran. That was also some cool fighting on Soloman’s part … didn’t know he had it in him. I have a feeling all the Chevalier are attracted to Saya … even Ansel (who did walk in on her while she was showering!!!!) although he seems the one most in control over suppressing those feelings.
    And now Kai is in on the Red Shield info. Hummm.

  4. Can you clarify the part about Hagi being Diva’s bridegroom and Saya being Chevalier’s bride? Who is Saya engaged to if Hagi is supposed to marry Diva?? I’m so confused. Thanks. 🙂

    nietono no shana
  5. Wow, the Chevaliers are in trouble and Hagi’s even more trouble if those cloaked guys want his blood too (which is the next episode anyway). Joel is younger than expected, how can that be if his diary dates back to Saya’s past history?
    Did the Shifu really kill those Chiroptera because they don’t have Saya’s blood?
    The Chevaliers must all own personal private jets because they’re all over (except for Karl).

  6. HI! First of all good work! I saw the episode but unlucky I dont’ know japanese soo you help me with this summary!!!!THANKS!
    By the way…back in the garden of Solomon on the floor we can see a sort of family tree, if I’m not mistaken I can see the name of Haji between Solomon and the black Chevalier (don’t remember his name:P). But I can’t read the other names…
    So happy that Haji choose Saya instead of Diva and that probably (I REALLY REALLY HOPE) that Saya and Haji were and will be in LOVE…Haji is so cute when he is so protective too Saya and hold her and…Even a blind man can see that she means everything for him!
    Want more of it, more information more episodes…;)

  7. haven’t seen the episode since i’m still contemplating whether to watch it raw or wait for the subs (thanks for the summary though!). but…eh..what’s with Hagi and the piggies? it’s a cute picture 🙂
    i was kind of impartial towards Hagi when the series first started, but he’s grown on me a lot…
    the last few episodes have made me real curious about the Saya & Hagi bond, especially with the current episode’s bride-groom revelations. and i have to agree with Kaya, i’m hoping for a romantic relationship between Saya & Hagi (^_^;;)

  8. As for the bride, bridegroom thing ….. puts the Chevalier’s attraction thing in perspective. I agree with Randomcuriosity and feel that this speaks loads if the “promise” between SayaXHaji was one of marriage and quite opposed to whatever plans the Chevaliers have to continue the species or whatnot with these marriage arrangements. It seems they want Saya to be more humanlike … perhaps they want their joined offspring to be harmless humans? Very odd considering Ansel seems to feel compassion towards Diva and Chiropterans.

    Kai is now a Red Shield …. I really wonder what Joel’s diary said to shut him up for once. I have a feeling Kai will be the one to regain Saya’s trust and make her fight for the red side again. How dare he not think of Saya as family now after his conviction before – he said he would no matter what she is and what she did. Please prove to me that my faith in you, Kai, isn’t crap! Poor Riku. He still thinks after this everyone is going to happily return home ….

    Next week, I bet Haji can take them all. Or that Solomon shows up in time to help and they take the Shifu down together. That will be really odd. And then we can hear more Cello music (none since 17! I miss it!) …

  9. …Poor Saya. I hope they weren’t planning to use her for breeding experiments or something. I don’t like how “chevalier’s bride” sounds. Haji wasn’t kidding when he said she would have to walk a thorny path.
    I think I like Nathan too. He appreciates Verdi, what’s not to like about him? I hope the series takes us to NYC.

  10. Wait, if Haji is Diva’s groom, doesn’t that automatically put him above the 5 Chevaliars of Diva in the whole totem pole of Diva/Saya/Chevaliar/Chiropteran? Ansel so far is already argubly the most powerful of the Chevaliars, shown by his pwning skills that didn’t even need trans-mode.

    So, what’s the preview for the next episode anyway? For some reason, Bitcomet really hates me these past 10 hours.

  11. One thing though since chiropteran don’t really die without blood why is it they need to live anyway. In the original blood its evident they would die without blood here they just hybernate. also the d67 bit what is that all about are they trying normal humans into vampires perhaps the whole human race? maybe the shifu are trying to stop that considering normals are there food source and turning them all would screw up the balance what deacon frost never though about in the first Blade movie

    Francisco vampire warrior
  12. maybe but what are they doing with the humans infected with d67 in those cages. Also why did diva as the old guy in ep18 said gave her blood willlingly to humans(remember he said she was a donor)what are chavalliers even diva herself are planning? Gotta be something big if it brings the shifu to attack them so fiercely considering both are chiroptera.

    wonder who is the good guy or the bad guy is in this?

    Francisco vampire warrior
  13. Has anyone checked out the character page of BLOOD+’s official site lately? They’ve added Joel and 3 Shifu members Moses (leader), Karman and Irene. What I’ve realized is that the Shifu actually wear a spiffy military-looking uniform underneath their black cloaks…they seem like such a sophisticated organization compared to Diva’s chevaliers!

  14. Yay thanks for the review it was really useful (I barely understand japanese).
    Hm well I think Hagi and Saya long before turned against the Diva (too many evil plans, or she loved Haji more and didn’t want the other chivs, etc), or some sort of secret was discovered at that french castle (cheatau de duel or what the label says of the wine they always drink) that made Saya and Hagi turn agains them. Hurray for love triangles and dark secrets.
    Hm the shifu maybe attack Hagi and Saya to test them if they are worthy enough to join sides with them and fight against the Diva, but they surely survive, and Saya gets her fightingspirit back and they give her a new sword or something.

  15. Joel is really young :O
    Especially since…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. I wonder how the Shifu’s weapons are able to kill Chiropterans without Saya’s blood?
    I kind of want the Shifu to be bad guys or even the worse of two evils instead of one of the good guys making Saya’s role that much important.
    How long will it take for Saya to “choose” and accept her destiny?

  17. After watching this episode, I am convinced that the 5 chevaliers brothers are modelled after the Rothschild’s five brothers. The Rothschild dynasty was started by Mayer Amschel Rothschild from Frankfurt. He had 5 daughters and 5 sons (Amschel, Salomon, Nathan, Kalmann (Karl), Jacob (James)). Rothschild is German for red shield. The family emblem is represented by a bundle of five arrows (Cinq Fleches is French for 5 arrows) representing unity of the five brothers. The wine bottle in the show is also modelled after Chateau Rothschild Lafite vintage, from Pauillac near Bordeaux. This may suggest that the Red Shield (under previous version of Joel) and the 5 brothers were part of the same group 100 years ago.

  18. Someone hit the nail on the head. This is really about the Rothschilds family. A family that was discussed in depth in the Blood the Last Vampire: Night of the Beast novel by Mamoru Oshii. If I remember correctly, Joel is in the book and Saya’s orgins and connection to the family are revealed therin. It suggest strongly that the series will draw from the book and film. The graphic novel, I’m not so sure about.

  19. I am glad someone agrees with me. I think that unlike the novel, the producers probably feel that portraying the chevaliers directly as the Rothschilds may create problems in marketing the show abroad. Nevertheless, the allegory is still obvious even without mentioning directly the name. Given Oshii’s interest in Christianity, the name Joel is probably chosen based on the book of Joel in the bible. (Chiropterans=Locust (Christianity)=Gaki(Buddhism), war=wicked ways?). It’s interesting in this show, so many characters with name chosen with specific references. For example, the journalist Okamura’s father is obviously modelled after the Japanese Vietnam War photo-journalist Akihiko Okamura, Mao Jahana from Noboru Jahana, an Okinawan intellectual during Meiji period. The two Shifu assasines in this episode were named Dismas and Gestas (in the credits), the two thieves crucified with Jesus.

  20. Solomon is in love to Saya, I think there are going to be cracks, def a 52 episode thing, plus KARL isnt here and he cried for Saya….so yeh 3 of teh 3 current Chevaliers are into saya…..hmm a battle off i reckon…

    Saya was created as a perfect weapon/suitor for the Chevalier’s….i mean perfect for all five…. while Hagi was created for the Diva…however i reckon Hagi is a very weak Chevalier, as he is like 3/4 humanish and cannot transform….i think. all the Chevaliers are able to trans form completely…can Hagi?

  21. Where’d you watch them?? I watched them online umm.. keiichianimeforever website up to ep.42 right but umm some of them aren’t translated and some are missing and I want to watch the rest!! =S. So where’d you get the eps???

  22. I’m happy Haji and Saya are still together though since they make things way more interesting when they are together. One thing that could be better is if Saya wasn’t so stubborn

    Blood is my Life`

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