Fumihiko wakes up late and accidentally catches Aka on the toilet in his rush. Today is the first day of the advertising campaign, and Aka will be voicing the Neko-ki suit that Fumihiko has to wear. But however much they do their performance, no one shows up. Fumihiko blames it on the bad location, but Aka is still sad because of the lack of response. On the way home, Aka tries to call her manager Yoshioka, but can’t reach her. Aka decides to go check in at the office, and Fumihiko tags along. Yoshioka barely pays any attention to Aka, and Aka attributes that to how she’s only a newcomer. But Aka still feels that she’s doing important work. Fumihiko buys them some roasted sweet potatoes to eat, and Aka recites a line from Breakfast at Tiffany’s while admiring a jewelry display. Aka herself hopes for a sparkling happiness. The next day, the two go back to work and this time, a young girl and her mother come by. The girl seems to love the Neko-ki and knows the slogan because of the CM. She’s especially taken with the fact that she can hear the same voice from TV. After they leave, Fumihiko finds Aka crying over the fact that someone actually knew her voice. It seems that Aka has found her sparkling happiness.

This episode actually ends up being quite similar to the second chapter of the manga, except with the recurring Audrey Hepburn theme. I believe the lines that Aka is reciting from Breakfast at Tiffany’s are from: “Isn’t it wonderful? See what I mean, how nothing bad could happen to you in a place like this. It isn’t that I give a hoot about jewelry, except diamonds, of course.” Not quite what Aka says, but the point of those lines is to show that Aka wants to find the happiness that comes with her job.


  1. Very very satisfying 12 min episodes. So far, the 4 episodes thus far give that touch of quality which is just a bit more “grown up” than typical slapstick. I am really liking it. And wouldnt you be crying if someone recognized you by your VOICE from a commercial/tv show? I wonder what those VAs from the US kids’ cereal commercials think with everyone quoting them >P


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