Shinji reveals that he put up the force field as a defensive measure against Rin. After Shirou follows him home, he also swears that he wasn’t responsible for Ayako. Shirou is amazed to learn that the Matou family has magic in its roots, even though they aren’t mages anymore. Shirou is concerned about Sakura being involved, but Shinji doesn’t have any information about her. He only knows that when there are two children, the elder son is chosen to be the successor. Rather, Shinji’s own concerns are with Rin, and he proposes that the two of them defeat her together. Shirou then realizes that if Shinji isn’t the other mage in the school, then there must be someone else, meaning that there are four Masters going to their school. Unwilling to fight Rin, Shirou gets up to leave. As a token of goodwill, Shinji tells him that there is another Master at the Ryuudou temple (Issei’s home), supposedly a witch who’s collecting souls.
Shirou ends up asking Rider about the validity of what Shinji told him. She confirms it and tells him to be careful about going up there. Shirou then runs into Issei and Issei mentions a beautiful woman at the temple. When he gets home, Shirou finds both Saber and Rin waiting and worrying about him. He tells them about his meeting with Shinji and about the Master at the Ryuudou temple. Shirou had felt that Rider was a bit different from the other Servants he’s encountered so far. Rin suggests that Servants are similar to their master, and what Shirou felt was Rider’s murderous intent. In any case, Saber thinks that they should attack the temple, but both Shirou and Rin oppose the idea.
Rin happens to have a duffle bag with her because she’s actually moving in with Shirou. Rin settling into her new room causes Saber to start insisting that she sleep in the same room as Shirou. Somewhere in the middle of it, Shirou realizes that Rin has started to address him by his given name. While Rin starts cooking dinner, she proposes that they ignore the Master in the temple for now and focus on Ilya and Berserker. Sakura and Fuji-nee then come home, and neither takes too well to Rin staying there. Rin tells Sakura that she doesn’t need to look after Shirou anymore, but Sakura refuses to listen. Rin tells Fuji-nee that her house is being remodeled and how Shirou suggested that she move in with him. During dinner, Saber starts to sense something. Afterwards, she once again approaches Shirou about the witch, but Shirou still won’t allow her to go. Because he’s her master, he won’t put her in danger and doesn’t want a repeat of what happened with Berserker. She eventually decides to obey her Master. But later that night, as Shirou and Rin are sleeping, Saber sneaks out towards the temple. Standing on the temple gate, a Servant waits impatiently for his enemy to arrive.

Rather than spend the entire entry talking about what parts of this episode I didn’t like, I’ll just simply say that the first half of this episode is slow and move on.
Actually, the second part wasn’t too bad. Shirou’s harem is slowly growing now that Rin is living with him. Her relationship with Shirou and her rivalry with Sakura are half the reasons I watch this show (the other half being the action). And past all of the sitting around talking, there are some interesting points. Rider actually seems a little more human after her conversation with Shirou. Shinji helps Shirou realize that there must be another magic user in the school, a fourth Master. Out of the current list of characters, the two main candidates seem to be Issei and Sakura. If I had to choose, I’d say that Sakura would be the one. And there’s also the new Master/Servant combo that Saber is defying Shirou to go fight. I’m cautiously optimistic that the next episode will have lots of action between Saber and the new Servant (Assassin) and between Rider and whoever she’s fighting.


  1. Gotta love how Shirou ends up being ‘forced’ into a Harem existence, and how Saber looks rather pissed by the fact that a competing Master has now shacked up with her current Master. 😀

    Now we just need Ilya to show up with Berserker, and they can all go Highlander on one another. “There can be only one!”

  2. You know, 80% of my warm feelings for F/sn all stem from Rin. As I said before, she’s stolen the show and is running away with it.

    And I’m standing by the sidelines and cheer for her ^_^

  3. Mentar, you just haven’t seen enough of Rider yet 😀 and we haven’t even seen Caster either.

    I am looking forward to harem anime obligatory Hot Spring/Beach swim suit Episode 😀

  4. well, from what i’ve read, shiro never really gets to be the main charachter, atleast not in the game:

    the first scenario *which is fate/stay night* he’s saber’s master but the lead isn’t him but Saber.
    in the second scenario the main char is Rin and she’s Sabers master.

    the third scenario i can’t remember.

    but none of them have shiro as the lead.. he’s always a lousy sidekick that gets his ass handed to him.

    well, i didn’t acually play the game, i only read its story so i can’t be sure

    *sniff sniff* poor shiro


  5. anza, you aren’t the only one. fate/stay is by no means terrible, but it just feels like its lacking. its really too bad becuase i was looking forward to it because of how much i enjoyed shigetsutan tsukihime. i keep watching in the hopes that it will draw me in more, but each time i am pretty much proven wrong.

    The Stan-man
  6. Actually Shirou is pretty strong later in the game. He’s never been trained, that’s why he sucks. But his abilities later are pretty good. The three story lines in the game are meant to reveal each girls past. Sakura is the third story line by the way. In addition, you learn more about Shirou in each story, so you really don’t get the whole story unless you play each all three storylines. It may not seem like it now, but Shirou is the main character.

  7. Hmm…I never played the game but from what I read, Shirou will indeed become strong. Speaking of each girl’s past, the one that I’m most concerned of is Sakura. Hopefully the anime won’t follow Sakura’s storyline. I find it….very disturbing even though I’m rooting for Shirou x Sakura.

  8. i like fate/stay night =] action and its like…love too. its cool. and cmon man this is the 8th episodes and they havent introduce all caracthers yet soo keep patience for now…fate/stay is not bad at all =]

  9. “Am I the only one who’s really not enjoying this anime?

    Honestly I’m greatly disapointed… ”.

    You are not the one . I’am the another one who really disappointed with this show.
    It’s so boring.

  10. How many season is FSN stated for??? if it is 2 they probably will pull a shuffle on us… intwining all the different storylines… but if it is 14 i guess they will probably hit a Rin end or a Saber end… Sakura, most unlikely

  11. actually, am not really watching this anime, am only following its blogging :p

    once i read the storyline from the game, i lose all interest in this show.

    btw, i hate spoilers, i read the games story line before they made the anime..

    so watching a show that i have a pretty good idea how it’ll end isn’t my idea of enjoyable

  12. It’s too bad for those who can’t enjoy it. I do agree the parts about explanation are boring, but I find it alright so far…Not one of the best, but still good enough to watch and follow anyway.

  13. Ditto.

    I enjoy this anime and I actually like the characters and music and drawings and everything. Granted, it’s going pretty slow, but some animes are like that and they become better and better throught the series.

  14. For those that are not enjoying the show, I think part of the reason is that you expected it to be an action anime. I for one treated it as a romance anime from the very start (it is based off of the game after all) and I’m enjoying it.

  15. My major problem with the situation is Shirou being so averse to the idea of having two beautiful womenz living with him. If I were him, I wouldn’t think twice about letting them BOTH sleep in his room. What a wuss.

  16. tsukihime was very similar in nature to this, but it was paced much better (then again it was only 12 episodes). i love tsukihime and i enjoy many animes that have a slower pace to them (mushishi, etc) and never expected this to be an action anime, but fate/stay just doesn’t grab me as much. yes, it has great animation, a slick art style and presentation, and isn’t a bad anime per se, but like i said, it feels lacking for some reason. perhaps this will change as it goes along. it is certainly by no means bad, i just dont find myself eager in atticipation to watch it each week like i do with other series. it’s just something to kill time for me while i’m eating. i’m sure i will stick with the series just to watch it when i am bored. this may be one of those series that is better to watch as a marathon.

    The Stan-man
  17. Hmm….one of the reason why I like Shirou is because he’s a real gentleman. I myself will feel pretty disturbed too if a girl wants to stay in my room. In fact, I think I’ll have trouble sleeping.

    Back to business. Its surprising Saber decided to go against Shirou’s orders but I guess she did it out of her concern for Shirou’s safety. Anyway, I’m pretty surprised that there are people feeling disappointed with the anime. I didn’t play the game myself but I thought the anime is pretty good as it is now, or am I the only one hoping that the anime won’t follow the game 100%?

  18. “I didn’t play the game myself but I thought the anime is pretty good as it is now, or am I the only one hoping that the anime won’t follow the game 100%?”

    They don’t have to follow the game, in fact it’s pretty much impossible for anime to follow the game’s storylines. But for game players, the anime is lacking the “WoW” factor the game had. They fail to correctly present the goodness of the game. However if you haven’t played the game, this is probably an eye candy for you, although I doubt the staff can cover the whole series within 24 episodes (The game is LONG – I mean it).

  19. “hey i was just wondering, who was saber’s past identity? cuz you know how berserker was hercules and like lancer was cuchalann or something like that…”

    Major Spoiler
    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. …Don’t worry about Shirou. I mean, have you *seen* what he can do in the game?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    But yeah, I’m a bit disappointed. The pace seems kinda slow.

  21. hahah dudes.. take a chill pill.. I don’t follow the game nor the manga,but I’m enjoying the anime.. honestly just watch it.. you can’t expect all the cool action to happen in the first few episodes,then it’ll lose the balance in being a cool anime with a storyline to a action no-brainer killing anime..

    yeah Rin is hogging the limelight,but more Saber please!! ^_^


  22. Rin should hog the limelight more! If they leave her in the cold after all the growth they’ve fed us I’ll go BERSERK. And I hope there’s more Rin x Shiro. So far they’ve been so good for each other XD


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