Disgaea is one of my most highly anticipated shows for the upcoming season (and there are a ton of them). I’ve been through the first game and just recently picked up the second one, so I’m coming in with pretty high expectations. Fortunately, this does not disappoint in terms of laughs or animation quality (the latter of which is always good in promos). All of the major characters of Disgaea are getting parts, from Captain Gordon to Mid-Boss to all of the Prinnies. This promo definitely did its job in getting me excited about the series, even though it’s over a month away. Makai Senki Disgaea is scheduled to be twelve episodes long, and the first episode premieres April 4th on Chiba TV.

Oh yea, enjoy the high-res pics 🙂


  1. Actually, they are alot older than you think. Laharl is 1313 years old after all. Flonne, the angel, is actually 1507 years old. Etna is 14## something. However, their bodies mature 100 times slower than humans do, so they do have the bodies of 13, 14, and 15 year olds. Therefore, legal lolis. Go fig.


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