Airi catches a burglar in her house one night. The thief escapes through the window with a dolphin ornament worth 15 million yen. However, he drops it when he gets caught in a fight between Yamame and Hotaru . Burumaru wanders onto the scene and picks it up. Airi’s really pissed off about it and gets a security system installed. A few days later, Mamoru and Yuuna visit her house and hear construction noises from inside. When Yuuna shows Mamoru a photo of the stolen ornament, he rushes off because he realizes that Burumaru had it all along. That night, he and Burumaru go to the Sawagashi house to return the ornament. However, the new security system, with Airi at the controls, gives them all sorts of trouble. Mamoru manages to throw the ornament back into its rightful place just as he’s getting ejected from the house by a trap.
Mamoru’s mother gets angry at him for being repelled by a security system and sends him back to get revenge. She even gives him a diamond to return so that he’s got a reason to go back. This time, he’s joined by Yamame and Hotaru, but the two girls fall victim to the same ejection trap that got Mamoru last time. Airi’s having too much fun with her security system and accidentally spills her drink on the controls. The security system starts running wild and Airi notices too late that Yuuna is wandering around the house looking for the toilet. The laser traps are about to shoot her, but Mamoru saves her in time. With Airi’s help, Mamoru finds his way to a safe room, which turns out to be the room with the vault. However, Airi’s forgotten that this room also houses the security system’s robot. Mamoru can’t hurt it, so he goes after its weak point: the power plug. With the robot defeated, Mamoru replaces the diamond, but then finds and picks up Airi’s diary. However, the robot self destructs and the explosion once again sends Mamoru flying with the diary still in his hand.
Mamoru ends up reading an entry inside the diary about Airi arguing with and ridiculing someone she actually has feelings for. Mamoru doesn’t think much of it and sneaks the diary back into her bag the next day. At home, Airi puts a photo into her diary – Mamoru’s.


This episode proves to me that Airi has waaaayyy too much money to throw around. With such a hi-tech security system though, she should have gotten a better robot, one without a power cord lol. I would have liked to see Burumaru play a bigger part in fighting against the security system, but that’s only because I think he’s such a cool dog. The moral of this series is quickly becoming: don’t let Yuuna go to use the toilet, because it’ll only get her in trouble. And speaking of trouble, it looks like she’s getting kidnapped next episode by aliens. Ninjas AND aliens? All they need now is to throw some pirates into the mix…
Note: Just like Mai-Otome, TV-Tokyo is airing the final two episodes (eleven and twelve) of Kage Kara Mamoru! together in a one-hour finale on March 25th.


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