With the Seireiden floating above, the city is still frozen in place by the fuuzetsu. Wilhelmina and Alastor are watching over a resting and bandaged up Shana. Alastor feels that Shana’s current state stems from them not having taught her feelings back on the Tendoukyuu. Meanwhile, Kazumi starts to panic after Tanaka suggests that the Tomogara are going to kill Yuuji. Satou and Tanaka want to try to save Yuuji themselves, but they’re still unable even to lift the Blutsauger. Kazumi says that they’re too different from Shana, Yuuji, and the others. Feeling powerless, she wanders the city, seeing for herself the world of Shana and Yuuji and how mortifying it is. Inside the Seireiden, the preparations are finishing so that Hecate can gain her eternal existence. Yuuji, in a blue-colored void, doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing there. His feels that he’s forgetting something.
Shana wakes up with Yuuji still on her mind. With him captured, Alastor tries to figure out what the Bal Masqué’s plan is. Midnight approaches and the three members of the Bal Masqué gather in front of the machine that’s holding Yuuji. Apparently Hecate is able to combine containers (of existence), so she goes into the blue void and asks Yuuji to open his container. As the clock strikes midnight, a bright glow envelopes both of them and Hecate starts to moan from the power of existence. Outside, Bel Peol reveals that the Professor’s machine will be able to suck the power of existence from the Reiji Maigo forever. The power of existence starts to overflow out of the Seireiden, resembling something like a fountain. Both Wilhelmina and Shana notice this and start to realize what’s going on. With the balance of the world threatened, Wilhelmina once again believes that they must destroy the Misutesu.
As Shana thinks about Yuuji, Satou and Tanaka pull up below with a cart carrying the Blutsauger. Since they themselves are unable to fight, they beg Shana, who they know as Hirai Yukari, to save Yuuji. Without waiting for an answer, the two then rush off to Haridan. After Shana puts the sword into her cape, Kazumi shows up and says that if she were Shana, she’d go save Yuuji. But she has faith in Shana because feelings of love don’t change and Shana still likes Yuuji. At this point, Wilhelmina interrupts because it’s urgent that they destroy the Misutesu. Before Shana goes, Kazumi requests that both Shana and Yuuji come back. Alastor tells Shana that she must choose her own path. Back inside the Seireiden, Yuuji finally remembers what he forgot – Shana. His memories of her enter Hecate. And just as he’s thinking about her, Shana is flying with Wilhelmina up to the Seireiden while thinking about him. Everyone’s minds dwell on what’s going to happen and even Margery has become interested in what’s going on with Bel Peol and the Seireiden.


Well Shana sure recovered fast. She gets impaled, but is back up and going after what seems to be a relatively short period of time. I was kind of hoping for something a bit cooler than just super-fast healing, but oh well. Shana does have the Blutsauger with her now, though there’s no reason she needs two swords. She’s probably going to give it back to Margery or give it to Yuuji; I’m hoping for the latter. It would be great to see Yuuji actually do some fighting.
Hecate gets a lot more lines this episode, but every time she opened her mouth, I expected her to say one of Enma Ai’s lines. But Noto Mamiko (Hecate’s seiyuu) also gets to do some moaning this episode, which doesn’t help the fact that everything in that scene could be seen in sexual way. I personally found that more amusing than ero.
Next week looks like it’ll be the big battle episode, and I imagine that’ll cliffhanger for the finale the week afterwards. Only two more episode of Shakugan no Shana left!


  1. Yuuji can die if someone dried out his flame, becasue him always could die, for example, when Wilhemina tried to kill him several times. Remember, Reiji Maigo doesn’t make him invulnerable, just gave him a full charge of his flame at midnight. The question is now… Yuuji is going to recover the Reiji Magio?

    Syaoran Li
  2. she did not extract the reiji maigo- she just unified their containers so the hougu would
    fill them both up.

    Apparently this is a pleasurable experience:

    Yuuji: “It feels…. so good…”
    Hecate: “I can feel it… It’s filling me up…”

  3. QUOTE:
    If they’re good, they’ll leave it open for a second season

    Maybe Kaito, like Megam-sama of School Rumble, but I don’t think so

    As everybody knows to this point, Shakugan no Shana is far away from novels, making more enjoyable these last two episodes. Maybe Shana decides to live with Yuuji, if he can do something abut being a Torch, or maybe Yuuji, if he recovers Reiji Maigo, become Shana’s partner, at the same time lover.

    I got a good feeling about this.

    Syaoran Li
  4. Don’t know how this will go… but I’ll look forward
    Since they jumped off the track, We can’t predict much how it will end

    Hope it will be a good one… but so far… it looks ok to me

  5. I would like a second season.

    But sometimes it’s best to leave an anime just how it is after it’s done so well. Some directors/producers make another season/series for the anime and sometimes how it was before isn’t necessarily how it will continue to be in the future.

  6. First of all, hi everyone. This is the first time I’m posting here, even if I visit this blog a lot. Nice to meet you all.

    The true I that I’m enjoying Shana very much, and since I’m always reading what you say, I thought that the least I have to do is telling my opinion.

    With only two chapters till the end, the fact is that there are some possibilities for a second season. The moment when Kazumi ask Shana to bring Yuji and herself back is almost a “take everything to how it was before”, which is a good start-point to a next season. We will probably see Shana and Yuji very “near”, but if we don’t have a kiss or something like that, the triangle thing would be still open.
    Another interesting point for a second season is the fact that we have not seen the “Silver flame” Tomogara who haunt Marjory dreams (and since Remi was talking about him, there is a good chance that is an “unfinished” matter for a new series).
    Of course, I don’t know how the novels are going, and if the actual facts of the series would make impossible to go on with its script (I mean, everything going back to “normal” for a time), but it would probable be done to fit (ahaha…. Is even possible that Yuji will use the Blugesauger in the next series after getting it from Shana).
    So, from this point on, I think that the story would be left “open” for whatever it takes…

    Sadly, even if all this will point well for a second season, the “ultimate true” is that the only important thing for this is the audience levels; If things are going well and Shana is profitable, is very possible that we see another one in a near future (well, when we have 7 or 8 more novels, of course).

    So after al this nonsense and gibberish that I have said can anyone tell me the main “differences” between the actual series and the end of Balle Masque ark? (I don’t speack about Fires and Johan ark in the Nobel XII, but the battle against Bal, Sydonay and Hecate?.

    Thanks for everything

    PD. Great work with Random Curiosity! I think that is one of the best Blog pages. ^^


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