Airi reports to Yuuna and Mamoru that she saw a UFO. Mamoru doesn’t believe her, but it turns out that aliens have indeed landed. Yuuna accidentally falls into their trap, but her cell phone drops on the ground as the aliens are carrying her away. After learning that Yuuna hasn’t come home, Mamoru’s mother forces him to look for her. She’s not in her usual spots, so he tries to call her cell phone. He hears the familiar banana song ring tone, and finds the phone on the ground nearby. Mamoru goes home to get Burumaru to help sniff her out, but Burumaru has also gone missing. Instead, he has to rely on Yamame’s shinobi rabbit’s sense of smell. It leads them to the playground where Yuuna was kidnapped, and Mamoru finds a piece of silver that Yamame identifies as a space alien’s scale. Mamoru is reluctant to believe that Yuuna was kidnapped by aliens, but remembers how Airi had claimed that she had seen a UFO.
Airi points them to the nearby mountain, but then insists on coming along after learning that Yuuna is missing. Hotaru and Tsubaki also get involved, and they come across the spaceship at the top of the mountain. The aliens apparently left a key for the spaceship’s door under the flowerpot outside. The group then splits up. Tsubaki and Airi fight aliens after triggering a trip wire. Hotaru and Yamame start fighting each other, but their battle draws in the aliens around them. Mamoru is wandering alone in circles when he’s discovered and chased by the aliens into the room where Yuuna is being held. Burumaru is also in one of the containment tanks, and so Mamoru, before losing consciousness, uses a throwing knife to break the tank. The aliens are eating the food that Yamame dropped earlier when the freed Burumaru comes up wanting some. When they don’t feed him, Burumaru powers up and bites the aliens until they leave. Having been dumped back onto the mountain, Mamoru wakes up to find a naked Yuuna in front of him. The other girls assume that he’s doing something perverted, and so he becomes subject to their wrath.

I think the moral of this story is to feed Burumaru or else he’ll kick your ass. That was definitely the highlight of the episode, though I wanted them to actually show Burumaru ripping the aliens a new one. The whole aliens concept, while amusing, is very out there. It removed any sense of realism that this series had (yes, I realize I’m talking about an anime here). I guess I wish that they had just stuck with ninjas and kept aliens out of this. As for next week, they’re introducing mole-people?! Oh, but maybe Hotaru will get another kiss.


  1. hrm, nothing really interesting storywise this episode.

    Im hoping for some plot developments soon, but the next episode preview seems
    to be another side adventure…

  2. So even with all their high-tech gadgets, it all comes down to capturing yunna with a basket for the aliens eh? Well, with that kinda of character it’s the simplest traps that work while for some reason they can evade the most elaborate of traps.

  3. So is the XxxHOLiC movie, but I don’t have time to write up either of them.
    I usually know when things are released, so if I don’t write about it, it’s because I don’t have the time or I’m not interested (or both).

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