In the heavy fog, Saya approach the zoo. She hesitates at first, but together with Hagi, she opens the gate. Back on the Red Shield ship, everyone’s medical tests all come back negative, meaning they’re clean. Red Shield has learned that Saya has gone to her point of origin, the zoo. As David explains to Kai, this is the place where she was born. During this time, Saya and Hagi are walking through the ruins of the estate. Saya starts to remember when she first met Hagi; Joel (an old man) had introduced him as her friend. At first the two didn’t get along because Saya acted selfishly and wanted Hagi to do servant-like duties (polishing shoes, helping her change clothes). Joel wanted her to consider Hagi’s feelings more. Amshel interjected that before long the two will…, but Joel cut off his sentence.
Even in the past, Saya was receiving treatments in the form of blood in a wine glass. Saya had decided to teach Hagi to play the cello, but the young Hagi had quickly gotten frustrated. Saya ended up comforting the crying Hagi with a hug. As the days went by, the two had gotten closer and closer. At one point, Saya had even told him that when she grew up, she wanted to leave and see the world with Hagi. The years went by and Hagi soon became better at the cello than Saya. When Saya tried to play, one of the strings happened to snap, cutting her finger. To Hagi’s surprise, the wound immediately healed itself. He had gone to ask Joel about why Saya hasn’t changed at all since he came and why her wounds heal like that. All Joel was about to say was that he knows that blood is necessary for Saya to live, but doesn’t really know why.
Saya had overheard the conversation between them, and later confronted Hagi about how he felt about her. She had stood up in the rowboat that they were in, rocking it and knocking herself into his arms. Saya had wondered why time flowed differently for the two of them even though their hearts beat at the same rate. Back in the present, Saya realizes that Hagi had also stopped aging at one point. Hagi directs her gaze to the nearby cliffs, and Saya realizes that it was she who stopped time for him. Back then, she had wanted to pick flowers for Joel’s birthday, but the type he liked (lilies) were growing on the cliff-side. Hagi had gone to pick them in her place, but had lost his grip and fallen all the way down. By the time Saya got to his body, blood was pouring out of his head. In desperation, Saya had, through mouth-to-mouth, fed Hagi some of her own blood. It had the effect of putting Hagi through a seizure-like experience, and Saya started to cry because Hagi had no heartbeat. Of course, Hagi lived, and he tells Saya that the reason he stays by her side now is because she stopped time for him by giving her own blood.
The rest of Saya’s memories aren’t so clear. When Saya returned to the mansion, it was up in flames; Joel had died that day and there was a smiling girl with blood coming out of her mouth. Saya remembers running towards a tower and asking to be friends with someone. The response was a blue rose falling from above. Saya identifies that person as Diva, her little sister. At this point in the present, Solomon appears and says that Saya and Diva are blood-related family and are the Chevalier’s mothers and lovers. Solomon asks if Saya remembers.

So Joel Goldschmidt turns out to be an old man, yet the Joel of Red Shield is very young. Aside from the same name, the thing connecting the two is the gold pocket watch. There are a number of blatant shots of it, so I assume it’s got some significance, but I dunno what. Hopefully it’ll make more sense as we learn more about the current Joel.
There’s something bothering me about Saya’s blood. How can it turn Hagi into a Chevalier, yet be lethal to Chiropterans and other Chevalier? Is Saya’s blood is lethal to Diva’s protectors and Diva’s blood is lethal to Hagi? And to further complicate things, there’s the lover/bride thing and the question of how that works into the equation. Solomon will probably explain or lead Saya to remember in next week’s episode.
As a side note, I much prefer long-haired Saya to short-haired Saya.

In other news, the next set of opening and ending songs have been announced!
3rd OP: 「Colors of the Heart」 by UVERworld
3rd ED: 「This Love」 by Angela Aki (She’s the same person who performs the Final Fantasy XII main theme)
See the Official Announcement.
I assume the new songs will premiere with episode 27.


  1. Finally, some explanation on Saya’s and Hagi’s past lives. *waits patiently for a summary*

    MORE new songs? wow, but we were just treated to a new OP adn ED recently. plus, i kinda like Hyde’s song as it is. they’re just hatching a evil plan to make us spend more $$$ for the new CD’s 😀

  2. WAW!That is getting more and more interesting…:) Haji so cute…:* I have an idea. Maybe Haji was destinated to Diva-why did he came to Joel’s house (maybe is said in the story but I don’t understand Japanes so I’m only guessing :P) soo… when Diva see the relationship between Saya and Haji she go mad and kill everyone at the party…?! The truth is that in my mind there are so many theorys and I like that!:) I also think that the other Chevalier were made by Diva-by drinking her blood (?!) MISTERY…;)

  3. I think Joel brought Haji to the mansion with the expectation that he would become Saya’s husband. If Saya was part of this large scale breeding experiment it would only make sense for her to have a mate to keep her company. Maybe they did promise to get married after taking care of Diva.
    It may be the case that Saya turning Haji was inevitable then. Or maybe Joel had something else in mind. Saya even in the flashback doesn’t seem to be aware of what her purpose is. She seems like an ordinary, but obviously talented, girl who likes to dress up and pick flowers. Not slaughter monsters. We are given no indication that she knows she has a crazy sister locked in a tower until we see her later ask her if she wants to make friends. Maybe the fire and Joel’s death marked a turning point for she and Haji. It looks like she unleashed Diva soon after. We aren’t really shown what’s going on at Joel’s estate but apparently beneath the bright and serene surface there must have been some shady, underhanded things going on. Ansel looks to have been in the know even then.

  4. New opening + ending already? What the hell is going on here?
    UVERWorld is good and all, but I hope their lyric for the new opening doesn’t have to do with girls. I’m kinda getting tired of them, although I love their beats.

  5. New opening + ending already? What the hell is going on here?
    There’s nothing strange about it. They’re introducing a new OP/ED every 13 episodes, just like every other big-budget show that’s been in this timeslot (GS, FMA, GSD).

  6. After episode 26, a new opening and ending are definitely needed.
    The story’s left Russia and the series is probabily going to move to a different part of Saya’s past.

    I’m really trying to interpret Hagi as Saya’s cool older brother but those pedo/incestous tones really hurting. Saya gives Hagi her blood. And from then on, Hagi feeds Saya his own blood???
    How’s that ever supposed to help her cope with the discovery that she is a Chiroptera?
    Then there’s the discovery that she made Hagi a Chiroptera. Then later Saya discovers Diva who’s her twin. So many mind games.

  7. I don’t really get where everyone else is seeing these “pedo/incestous tones”. After all, Hagi and Saya aren’t related in any way, and Saya is close to Hagi’s own age (if not actually older than mine) despite the fact that she is not aging.

  8. Ok, thanks for the summary…
    So Diva appears to be the cliché female protagonist who is just jealous of the heroine and the fact she stole her “husband”.
    If it’s that, I’m disappointed.

  9. I doubt Diva cares much that Saya “stole” Hagi. It seems like it’s just her chevaliers who are all bitchy about it.

    And I don’t see how Hagi/Saya is incestuous in any way. They’re not related at all. When Solomon said “mothers”, he just meant that Saya and Diva were the ones who made them chevaliers. Since Saya giving her blood to Hagi turned him into one, and it’s impossible for that to suddenly make him her son. That just doesn’t make any sense. :B

  10. This is a possible theory about Chevaliers:

    Drinking Saya’s Blood = Saya’s Chevalier.

    Drinking Diva’s Blood = Diva’s Chevalier.

    We haven’t seen that Hagi is actually afected by Saya’s blood. He is a Chevalier but is Saya’s Chevalier, not Diva’s.

    Since last episode pointed that Diva’s was to be Hagi’s bridge. And Saya was meant to be the Chevalier’s. Then we can say that they are different kinds of vampires. Like two different species. That would explain why he was suposed to marry Diva, he is quite different from the other chevaliers. It wouldn’t make sence that he should mate with Diva if he is exactly the same as the others Chevaliers.

  11. Maybe I’m just not as open minded about Hagi and Saya’s relationship. As long as they’re happy it doesn’t matter. Episode 17 kind of teased that they did have a intimate bond which can be interpreted as brother/sister or romance. Then there’s that promise which seemed like a proposal but doesn’t have to be.
    Now Hagi and Saya actually grow up together in the same household family which supports they’re like family, not lovers (or are). Then Saya actually exchanges her blood into Hagi, and he returns the blood back to Saya (which is romantic). That’s like exchanging bodily fluids and Hagi prefers kissing to do so.
    Saya’s now back to the mind of high school girl and Hagi’s still carrying possible feelings for Saya.
    Those undertones are there but nothing is definite. It’s very intriguing.
    Undying devotion, secret romances, and family rivalry.

    I can’t wait for Diva’s perspective.
    But if the Schiff/Sif/Sifu mess up a beautiful story arc with their tackiness, I’m going to be mad. I don’t who they are and where did they come from, stay out of the story.

  12. Really heavy dialouge episode. I understood some of what is said in the previous episode but try as I might, I can’t get what’s being said in this one. The word for friend keeps popping up, though. Saya was such an apathetic bitch to Haji. She forced him to pick the flower furthest from him, even after watching him slip a few times. Maybe she wanted to kill him sooner. XD

    I like the subtle hints they throw in between them, and it’s up to us to inteprete them to what we think. Personally, I don’t feel it’s pedo/incestous. Or maybe it’s just me. I’m still rooting for the lovers thing.

    Saya’s blood turned Haji to Chevalier. What about the other Chevaliers? Who turned them? Saya? I don’t think she goes around offering blood to everyone. Or was it Diva’s blood that turned the others? If so, that will explain why Haji is Saya’s Chevalier and Amschel and the rest are Diva’s.

    Joel of Red Shield could be the descendant of Joel of the past. They have the same watch. I could be wrong here as well. Unless Joel of Red Shield is a Chevalier but that is almost impossible.

  13. Wait are people saying Hagi’s a pedo, cause technically wouldn’t Saya be the pedo being the one whose older?

    I don’t mind personally, since Saya and Hagi are ageless now that their time’s stop. When you live 200 years or something a 10 years difference is nothing.

  14. I think their relationship is so nice…And hope that they were in love (at the time when they were after Diva) or that they will fall in love in the present. Surely they are connected in a special way also the way he watch over her, he talk at her…hope this is not only some brother-sister feeling…So cute when they are on a boat

  15. I know this question was asked already, but I have been wondering why Diva is “prime” and Saya is “second” if Saya was born or created first, making her the elder. Do ya got to be Phsyco to be first or somthing…

  16. so i m tinking of this “Saya, Diva is dif type of vampire and a person who drinks saya’s blood is = Chevalier of saya(Saya’s son), and who ever drinks Diva’s blood is = Chevalier of Diva(Diva soon) and according to theory u can’t marry ur own mother so u get marry to the other one

  17. I kinda agree with “Wikiblah” … about the whole blood thingy…
    besides… in reference to episode blood+ 12 when
    “Kurara asked David why doesn’t Red Shield drain
    Saya’s blood dry, he replied… its in the
    heat of the moment that Saya’s blood kill Chiropterans,
    Its simply useless without Saya’s UbEr Change, hence why
    Hagi survived from her giving him blood.

  18. That makes total sense..

    But in episode 20, I have this feeling that solomon has this interest in saya, which makes my blood boil and it feels like a love triangle which is hot… lol

    like hagi is in love with saya (from episode 20 perspective, amshel (sp) stated that hagi ran away with saya, breaking the vow of the chevaliers or something and wanted saya all for himself.) but solomon likes saya and what that effminate chevalier dude– (the guy who is an opera director) said that Saya is our future and that he’s our bride (which could be any of the five brothers (including karl)) but amshel concluded that they should all just kill saya who opposes the diva; of course, solomon hesitated when amshel once said that, he asked him, “brother, you aren’t going to SEDUCE saya, are you?” and amshel replied with a no, then solomon was relieved. This is getting intensely hot.. and stuff lol

    at the end of episode 20– solomon was thinking.. or.. talking to himself outside in the dark– about saya.. and hm.. him .. then the stupid sif people attked him.. >:( .. I wanted to know what he felt!!

    especially the time in episode 21– solomon was in a hurry to find saya and all.. looks like he had something important to tell her– :S …

    but this episode, it’s weird– I thought solomon would be more intimitated … cuz he says that Saya and Diva are blood-related family and are the Chevalier’s mothers and lovers. Solomon asks if Saya remembers.

    so, I think solomon has a thing for saya– and hagi can’t marry saya cuz he’s saya’s son (or in some kind of a relation that rejects the two if they wanted an offspring or be together.. they could bond together but not like.. u know.. be together lol)

    but it doesn’t really make sense, because if diva and saya were to be blood related and are sisters— THEY SHOULD BOTH have the SAME BLOOD… meaning if they bite or offer blood to other people, it wouldn’t matter, now would it?

    lol I just realized that -_-;

    anyway, have fun!

    need more blood+ +__+;;

  19. One of the few episodes that remind me that Hagi and Mai Otome’s Sergay are voiced by the same seiyuu. Maybe because we get to hear more lines from the usually mute Hagi?

  20. The instrument speaks it words
    The birds is singing
    Dance with the maiden
    struck through your heart as ice
    He´s sadness premoil itself and you can see the entire time in his eyes.

  21. WAIT a minute..
    hagi was suppose to be DIVA’s bridegroom not saya’s???
    and Chevalier’s make VOWS?!?
    and whats amscel talking about VOWS thaT hagi broke anyway????
    would a kind soul explain so that my pathetic monkey would understand?


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