Utada Hikaru’s latest single, 「Keep Tryin’」, has been on the top of the Oricon charts for a few weeks now. I first listened to the song in passing sometime last week and it’s now stuck in my head. The song is about wanting more and trying harder. The PV has Utada Hikaru doing various jobs in order to emphasize the “Keep tryin'” idea. It’s a fun video with bright colors and cartoonish feel; parts of it remind of her 「Traveling」 PV. Now to find a way to get myself to stop listening to the song…
YouTube Link: Keep Tryin’ PV


  1. The song is definitely great! I think I’ve been listening to it every day since I saw the PV. Did you catch the references to all her older PVs? (ie- Sakura DROPS dress, FINAL DISTANCE poses)

  2. Wow…I usually don’t care about Hikki’s songs and PVs but this one is just WOW. It has a really nice beat to it and the song is more interesting than her other songs…sorry, not a big Hikki fan.


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