Yuuna is digging a hole in her backyard because of an article in the paper about someone digging up treasure from the Tokugawa period. Furthermore, their teacher had mentioned a legend of gold buried during the Sengoku period. Surprisingly, Yuuna actually digs up something: a door handle. Mamoru accidentally breaks it off, but manages to open a door that connects to a dark tunnel. Mamoru suggests that they have the city come investigate tomorrow and warns Yuuna not to go in alone. That night, while playing with the handle, Mamoru discovers that it’s made of all gold. He calls Airi to ask more about the story that the teacher had told, but Airi doesn’t remember and suggests Tsubaki instead. Tsubaki tells the story of a Sengoku general who had hidden his treasure in a huge maze. What’s more, this maze was guarded by mole monsters.
The next day, Mamoru’s mother tells him that Yuuna is missing after having gone outside sometime last night with a flashlight. Mamoru rushes to the tunnel and finds only a flashlight and Yuuna’s slipper on the ground. He calls Burumaru so that he can follow her scent, but Burumaru apparently has caught a cold. He then visits Yamame’s house to borrow her rabbit, but Miminosuke has also has a cold. Hotaru saves the day with a secret ninja art that will sharpen his intuition. She tests to see if it worked by having him close his eyes and telling her how many fingers she’s put up. After he answers correctly, she realizes that he’s got his eyes closed, so she tries to steal a kiss, but Mamoru notices. In any case, the two enter the tunnel in search of Yuuna.
With Mamoru’s intuition, he and Hotaru walk through the maze until they reach a room containing all the gold. But Mamoru is actually looking for Yuuna, not gold. Before the two can continue their search, they are attacked by the mole monsters. The two run away, but the ninja art on Mamoru wears off and they end up at a dead end. After getting surrounded, Hotaru uses the opportunity to cling to Mamoru and push him to the ground. Tsubaki and Yamame, who were told about the situation by Mamoru’s mother, catch the two together. Mamoru uses Yamame’s flashlight to blind all of the moles. But before Mamoru can find Yuuna, an earthquake starts to shake the place. Mamoru refuses to leave without Yuuna, so Tsubaki knocks him out and pulls him outside just as the tunnel gets buried in dirt. Thinking that he’s lost Yuuna, Mamoru frantically digs, but to no avail.
Of course, Yuuna is actually right behind him, wondering what he’s doing. It turns out that the night before, she had lost her slipper during a dream. In looking for the slipper, she fell, dropped the flashlight, gave up, and went back to her room. And as for why she was missing this morning, Yuuna apparently feel asleep on the toilet. Yuuna then gets a phone call from Airi saying that Airi’s house had collapsed in the earthquake. But as Mamoru learns the next day, Airi also had found all of the gold (worth ten billion yen). Yuuna still wants to make her own discovery, so Mamoru makes up a story about there being treasure hidden at school. Mamoru thinks it’s all a lie, but Airi relays a story from their teacher about there actually being a fortune on the school grounds. Indeed, Yuuna is now being chased by a horde of ant monsters.

Pretty funny episode. Lacking anything more cohesive to say, here are some random thoughts on it:
-Tsubaki looks so much cuter with just-out-of-the-bath hair.
-Horiyama-sensei is a crackpot.
-Nice try Hotaru, better luck next time. I’m rooting for you!
-Yuuna needs to learn to stay the hell away from the restroom. It always gets her in trouble.
-Next week is the one hour finale! From the preview it looks like Yuuna’s going to be writing a love letter, Mamoru’s going to read it and probably realize her feelings for him.


  1. “Shouldn’t Mamoru know that Yuna has feelings for him?.. I mean… he’s a ninja who pretty much stalks Yuna”

    Yuuna’s nerve cells are not normal. She doesn’t think normal, and she doesn’t act normal. You know she’s not notmal at the point she makes a crazy song about bananas.

    I’d rather see MamoruxHotaru or MamoruxYamane. Yuuna is not a likeable character for me. I mean, a little bit of witlessness is cute, but it’s too much in Yuuna’s case.

  2. I always liked the idea of Tsubaki getting Mamoru, but that’s not going to happen… which is a bit of a shame, really. Hotaru was a second choice, due to her relative normality and lack of otherwise credibility-stretching link to Mamoru (outside of that Ninja Olympics incident)… although it seems that Yuuna, as clueless about everything as she is about Mamoru, may get him after all.

    Oops. 😀

  3. man, I knew it was going to be a cliched anime, I just didn’t think the personality of Yuuna would be that ditzy and the character design for her to just look like that. It’s her eyes, they give her a spaced-out look, which I guess reflects her personality.


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