As Solomon comes down the steps reaffirming that Saya and Diva are family, Hagi step in and charges. He stabs right through Solomon, leaving a gaping hole. Being a Chevalier, Solomon heals the wound quickly and properly introduces himself. He tells Saya that he only wants to talk, but Hagi tries to attack him again. This time, Solomon stop’s Hagi’s arm and asks Saya to trust him. Because Saya wishes it, Hagi backs off and lets her go off with Solomon. Meanwhile, at the gates of the estate, David, Lewis, Kai, and Riku split up to search the 100 acres for Saya. Back on the Red Shield ship, Joel and Collins are talking about the previous Joel whom the current Joel succeeded three years ago. Collins pardons himself so that he can go investigate the matter of Riku from the report that he got.
Saya and Solomon walk to a nearby bridge and Solomon confesses that he’s here to end the pointless fighting. He asks Saya if she knows why this place is called the zoo. He goes on to explain that unusual plants and animals from around the world were collected here, and there was a laboratory trying to create a new type of creature. Saya and Diva are no exceptions – they were experimental subjects meant to satisfy Joel Goldschmidt’s curiosity. Solomon knows all of this because he’s related by blood to Saya, because he’s her real family. However, Saya refuses to acknowledge that Riku and Kai are her fake family. Solomon also reveals that Saya and Diva, after they are done with their short activity period, go through a period of roughly 30 years of sleep inside of a cocoon. Hearing that, Saya is reminded of the place where George found her.
On his search for Saya, Kai comes across a metal plate labeled 1833. He’s remembers the picture of Saya’s mother that David had shown him: it was a Chiropteran. Solomon affirms the same thing that David told Kai: Saya is not human, she’s a Chiropteran. Her blood makes her the queen of the species. Saya gets especially caught up on the fact that her blood is the same as Diva’s. Solomon then starts reminiscing about the dance at the school in Vietnam, before they had known each other as enemies. He blames the resulting tragedies on the influence of humans in raising Saya. Saya once again tries to say that her family wasn’t fake, but Solomon temporarily disappears. During this time, Saya can hear his words bouncing around, trying to convince her that the humans were only using her. He reappears when Saya starts to cry and tells her that Amshel and the other Chevaliers are trying to kill her. However, he doesn’t want her to die and gives her the option of joining him. Saya almost takes his outstretched hand, but Hagi calls out to her, telling her not to go. Hagi says that he took an oath to grant Saya’s wishes and to never hand her over. Finding that regrettable, Solomon attacks. Their fight leads them into the woods, away from Saya.
Somewhere on the estate grounds, Riku starts hearing the song and gets drawn towards the ruins of a tower. He thinks that it’s Saya and starts going up. Saya, on the other hand, is searching for Hagi and Solomon, but noticed blue rose petals floating in the river beside her. She also starts to hear the song and rushes towards the tower. When she gets there, she finds a girl – Diva – sucking on Riku’s neck. She remembers that on that night so many years ago, it was the same girl who had been drinking Joel’s blood. Diva’s eyes glow eerily blue.

Most of this episode is Solomon trying to win Saya over psychologically. His words villainize the Joel that created her, but I wonder if there’s more to the story than just that. I’m guessing that each generation of Joel is trying to correct the original Joel’s mistake in trying to create a new race. And if Saya was indeed born in 1833 (as the metal plate and Kai’s memories hint at), then there have been many generations of Joels already on the job. Also, the thirty year sleep that Solomon mentions roughly fits with the timeframes that Saya was awake. Thirty years ago would be the Vietnam War, thirty years before that probably lands us somewhere during WWII, and thirty more years takes us to the Russian Revolution time period.
Riku is becoming a bit of an oddity in the series. I’m not convinced that he’s a Chiropteran, but there’s also got to be some reason that he can hear the song. Because he’s special (and because they haven’t explained what he is), he can’t die yet; it’ll be interesting to see if being bitten by Diva has any effect on him (aside from draining his blood). As for Diva, we finally get to see her face and her blue eyes. Because of the clear distinction between red and blue between Saya and Diva, I think it’s safe to say that it is indeed Saya randomly killing during the Vietnam flashback (I seem to remember someone telling me otherwise). You can hear Diva’s voice in the preview, and it looks like she’ll be getting some lines next week.


  1. wow . so saya’s mother was chiropteran ? i would have toutgh that she would be the original chiropteran. hum..this is starting to look like the manga of blood the last vampire . well..sorta . ..that would be cool if it ended the same way de manga did 😀

  2. Just some random musing but I was just thinking how Saya whose eyes turn red works for a group called the Red Shield. If Diva had a group working for her would they be called Blue Shield? 😛

    What I don’t get from this episode is how did Diva get to the Zoo? In episode 21 we see Solomon heading to the Zoo but was Diva with him in the car? Somehow I don’t think the other Chevaliers would let Soloman take her with him unless she wanted to go. I really want to see what kind of a person Diva is. I’m hoping the writers won’t make her a nut ball villain, that would be too easy and cliche for a show that has so many great characters.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    BTW does anyone know anyone who’s doing the scanslation of the Blood+ mangas or has the raw manga avalible for download?

  3. Why was Riku all alone? How irresponsible of David to just allow Riku to wander off like that?
    How did Diva wake up? Maybe it’s not Diva but Anshel, Nathan or James in disguise because Saya is still dangerous against the real Diva. Anshel’s planned trap???

    I can’t believe Hagi still allows Diva’s Chevaliers play with Saya’s head with their stories. Solomon more dangerous than all the Schiff/Sifu combined. Solomon could have captured Saya or something could have happened to Saya in a second there.

    Joel’s watch is cracked. What happened at 5:10???

  4. ChuChu: Yes, Riku was alone because David needed everyone to split up to search for Saya. In addition, he calculated that Kai and Riku (because of their “family” relationship) were best to bring back Saya to their side. I’m sure he didn’t know that there would be the danger of Diva or her chevaliers being there.

    As for Haji allowing Saya to go off alone… he’s a very obedient puppy these days; because Saya wished so, he let her go. But he did keep an eye on her.

    I believe Joel’s watch cracked when he and the guests got slaughtered by Diva at his birthday party (remember episode 22?).

  5. I been thinking if chiropterans are the result of some experiment gone wrong. basically some dumbassed humans playing god and then it comes back to bite them in the ass.

    As for where do saya and diva get there human features who knows maybe chiropterans are made from splicing animal with human dna.

  6. to ophelia
    well , in the manga at the end Saya and her twin fused . and Saya return to the HQ and killed everyone because human have used her for too long . in other word , she joined the dark side of the force . or you can say she became evil . lol 😀

  7. no she only killed those that treated her badly in the manga since the only human that cared about her was david(i assume he died in the line of duty) her new superior treated her like trash so she just got even.

    She now is gonna restore things to the way they were vampires being the shadow existance once again.

  8. Even David from the film didn’t treat that well. This TV series is kinder to Saya. In the film and inspired comic she was pissed off all the time. And she didn’t have Haji nor a family of any sort. Anyway, I liked this episode but it’s a tiny bit sad that it’s so predictable. There are still so many unanswered questions. For instance, what gives Diva the right to steal Saya’s chevalier and claim him as a husband? And why is her voice so obnoxious?

  9. I must be going krazy because I swear I have heard that song diva sings in an other place, not just this series. Mabye I just heard it so many times that it is ground into my brain. Anyone else have a clue if that song is sung elsewhere or mabye a profesional opinion if I am krazy. ^.^ (just kidding in the krazy part 😉 )

  10. O hey, also… I have a hard time understanding solomon saying they are “blood” related. Since he didn’t rekognize Say in ep. 11 when he danced with her. He was drawn to her but when the girls all ran to saya and said her name after they danced he was surprised. I think the blood related thing means they share the same blood. If saya and diva are twins (feternal etc) and their blood is used in the making of the chavilers then it would be a natural conclusion to assume they are “related” in a vampire sence not a human phsyco way. ^.^ but i havent even seen this ep yet so i am just guessing.

  11. Show Spoiler ▼

  12. To what chuchu said:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. If this is like the manga(Kukuku)

    Then the Diva will go back to Saya’s hometown and GET-DOWN with Kaori.

    She will think her Saya but she is Maya.

    When Saya comes, they fuse and alas. Saya/Maya = Kaya, will go on a journey with Kaori left in the hospital.

    Demon Eyes
  14. I cannot stop thinking that maybe Diva has appointed Riku to become her new groom, however, if that should be the case, then she should also had given him to drink her blood.

    Either Riku became an unfortunate victim for Diva or Diva finds Riku special, someone who she views as a possible equal.

    The last pic that features the eerily, blue-eyed Diva quite tells me that she obeys no master but her own desires. Henceforth, I do think neither that Diva will put through much what the Chevaliers are preparing for her fate nor allow them to do as they please for very longer.

    As for Riku, maybe Diva marked him, and he’ll come to seek her again because of her song or Diva holds a deep, intimate hatred towards Saya and wants to take everything that’s related to Saya.

  15. I don’t think the relationshio between Diva and Saya will resemble that in the Blood 2002 Manga. Well, because in that manga Saya is a clone and so is Maya. Neither are original anythings.

  16. Please excuse my ignorance but… in the manga there is a Haji right? and if that is right then, what happened to him? and how does Saya’s fusion affects him? or Am I wrong and you are talking about a no Haji manga?
    However, I like Diva’s eyes too, but I still like both Saya’s and Diva’s, but… in the flash back I swear that I saw Diva’s eyes as brown.
    Thank you guys~ ^^

    Kaede Kei
  17. to Kaede Kei
    we are talking about a no haji manga. the manga with haji is the blood+ tv manga . we are talcking about the manga that is a sequel to the “blood the last vampire” movie .
    to Guido
    if Diva appointed riku to be her new groom then she’d be some loli fetish because if she does make riku be a chevalier then he’d stay a kid forever..and that would be odd
    to ~*wikiblah*~
    yea..i’m pretty sure myself that the bad guy in the story in no one else the Red shield. i do not like them and never liked them from the beginning.

    anyway ..there seem to be something about Riku . one of my friend said that Riku might have for mother someone who was affected by delta-67 but not transformed yet into a chiropteran. that could explain some things…perhaps. lol

  18. Good summary! This helped me follow the raw. Seems like there is a lot going on. I don’t know if you noticed the little symbolism in plain view. In the castle where ‘Diva’ is being held. When Rikku sees what looks like Saya and runs to find her there are 2 scenes to consider that tells the viewer what’s to happen next. The first scene is a “butterfly” trapped in a spider’s web. The next scene which is right afterwards, shows Rikku standing in the hallway. As he moves away you’ll notice a rose vine that is blooming 2 roses. One “red” one “blue”. So your thoughts on the eye thing may be on the mark.

    I have to admit this is one strange series. Again talking about experimenting and creating organisms… Not to mention the word ‘Diva’. The name alone rings a twinge of a higher species. Not to mention experimenting with “plant-life” always rings a close connection with it. But the one thing you do know is that ‘Diva’ is important. Or else the ‘Chevalier’s wouldn’t be so hard to protect her.

    She’s a creepy little thing. Not at all like ‘Saya’. She loves killin’.

  19. Show Spoiler ▼

  20. I have a lot of questions…. so… saya’s mother that Kai saw in the zoo was like… a Chiropteran that is not in human form~ and Saya is in Human form??? How come Saya is in Human form anyways????

    Is the Joels now trying to use Saya? or to kill Saya? Cause it looks like they used her in the Vietnam war, and if so are the Joels tryihng to use Diva too???

    And according to last ep. Diva was in a room or something but Saya ( which i assume to be created/ born at the same time) was like in the house and not in a room. Joel seems to let Saya have freedom and stuff while Diva was in a room or something.

    I think is Rip Riku but but but Saya is going to give Riku some blood and turn him a Chevalier

  21. To CountessMorgana

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. To mangaka-chan

    Show Spoiler ▼

  23. to CountessMorgana

    Show Spoiler ▼

  24. damned it..^-^ i shouldn’t have read the review of this ep coz i’m still waiting till i can download ep 22.. sigh, i’m blood+ obsessed, and so curious that i just read it right now..damned,, but hooray now i know what will happen and it’s soooooooooo exciting and i can’t wait to watch it..hehe..^_~

  25. Wow, how depressing… But I think the only way that ending could happen is if Kai and Riku died because well she still considers them her family. Either that or all that psycological attacking could get to her first.

  26. So if Riku does become Saya’s chevalier, won’t that make Riku a family member like Hagi that will follow Saya from generation to generation without getting old. In that case, Saya should start giving her blood out to everybody so Hagi doesn’t have to get impaled so many times being outnumbered.
    From how Hagi turned out, it’s all plus to be Saya’s chevalier, no drawbacks.
    He can’t die from anything and has super-human abilities.
    And if Kai wants to be with Saya, he mind as well be a chevalier too. David should give Saya’s blood a shot, unless he’s against it. Saya should make David to be one of her chevaliers to give her numbers to fight against Diva’s numbers. And Riku can have more in common with Hagi and even relate to half-turned Mui.

    “Nankurunaisa” says George. Go for it, Saya.


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