It’s New Year’s and Haruo gives everyone in the family, including Ayumi, New Year’s presents. Yuri and Marin arrive to join the festivities. Yuri has her usual delusions and Ayumi is still sabotaging the other girl’s efforts to get close to Haruo. After eating, it’s time for the first temple visit of the year. Ayumi keeps everyone waiting, but finally comes out with the cat doll Haruo gave her in her jacket pocket. On the way there, Haruo is thinking to himself that he’s currently the secretary of the student council and that his dream of the future is to be the Prime Minister. However, the thought that ruling the world would be good creeps into his head and something in him starts to stir. Unbeknownst to him, both Hongou-sensei and Michiru are watching. A young girl comes running in the group’s direction, but she trips and the balloon that was in her hand starts to float away. A black shadow emerges from Haruo, grabs the balloon, and gives it to Haruo to return to the girl. After the incident, Maika knocks Haruo out, but he doesn’t forget like he’s supposed to. Michiru confirms what she had learned from her father: Haruo possesses the Demon King’s powers. If she could get that power, then she could rule the entire world.
The group braves the crowds at the temple, but then Ayumi comes to the realization that since Haruo has awakened his powers, she can now get rid of her curse. She grabs him and starts running, but a flying kick from Yuri eventually stops her. In the process, the girls have arrived at a “Miracle House,” and the clown in front lures them in. Of course, that clown is really Michiru and it’s all a trap. She separates Haruo from the girls and then reveals herself. She tells them that Haruo’s power goes above just getting rid of Ayumi’s curse, which is why she’s taking him. And to kill the girls, she summons a horde of monsters. They manage to defeat the first wave, but more keep coming. While they’re fighting, Michiru introduces herself to Haruo, but then envelopes him in darkness. Back in the fight, the monsters start using magic and it appears as if the girls are finished. Before the monsters can attack a second time, Rika arrives to save them by blowing the entire place up. Michiru briefly shows up again to taunt the girls by kissing Haruo. She’s not about to give up the Demon King. Everyone is surprised that she refers to Haruo as that, but then she and Haruo disappear.

Lots of funny facial expressions in this one. It almost felt like they had a different art team. They’re also working the plot up so that Haruo is the Demon King. That kind of makes sense considering how evil he looked back in episode nine when he used his powers. But I’m honestly not too fond of either the AyumiXHaruo plot or the Demon King plot. As I’ve said before, that’s mainly because I view this series as a wacky harem comedy more than a show with a substantive story. The laughs and the action keep me coming back though.
As for the final episode, I think that Michiru won’t be able to control Haruo and his own desires to rule the world. Ayumi (and that cat doll) will probably play a big part in stopping him.


  1. Well, they’ve competely deviated from the manga at this point, although this ‘demon king’ plot looks interesting. It may explain the color of his magic (Ep 10 had that red magic circle, while everyone else’s has been yellow or white)… as well as the manner of his awakening in Ep 9.

    Makes you wonder if Maika might think Ayumi set this up, or if she’ll start thinking that it would’ve been better letting Ayumi get her claws into Haruo… rather than trying to hammer him into amnesia, as this may have let Micheru… ah… ‘wake’ him up properly (read: the way she wants him woken as a mage).

    At least they went the full-blown SD route again. 😀

  2. ahhhh… no Yuri drooling? Ah well.. hope they don’t go too serious in the last 2 episodes…. excitement is okay…. still wonder why they bothered with ep9 since they reset everyone’s memories

    (waves for more Yuri screentime).

  3. The Yuri scene was the funniest in this episode. Somehow she’s not as pure as she seems to be ^^;
    anyway, why does I have this feeling that Ayumi’s dad is the person behind all of those wacky gadgets that Hajime uses………

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