Inside the Seireiden, the battle between Wilhelmina and Bel Peol rages on. Bel Peol gets the upper hand by getting a critical hit to her opponent’s gut. Further in, Shana faces off against Hecate. However, Shana can’t seem to break through the barrier that Hecate has erected. Inside, Yuuji knows that Shana is here and also that the city is in trouble. Back with Wilhelmina vs. Bel Peol, Wilhelmina loses her mask after suffering another hit to the gut. However, she refuses to give up. Outside, Margery and Shudonai are very evenly matched. And since they can regenerate their limbs, they could fight on for eternity. Below, Satou, Eita, and Kazumi have all noticed that the city is crumbling. Back inside the Seireiden, Shana spreads her wings for another go at the barrier. A combination of Yuuji rejecting Hecate by affirming his own feeling and his own existence, letting go of Hecate’s hand, and asking questioning Hecate’s identity, and Shana using all of her strength to break through finally results in the barrier being shattered. Shana pulls the Blutsauger out of her cape and chucks it into the gears of the machine. Yuuji breaks out of the shell that was holding him and gets reunited with Shana. Hecate laments that the thing that satisfied her is now gone, and Yuuji responds by saying that she’s always been empty. He then picks up the Blutsauger, faces toward Hecate, but then turns and destroys the Professor’s machine.
After the explosion, Yuuji apologizes because it’s his fault. Shana admits that she’s answering the request of Satou, Eita, and Kazumi to bring him back. Everyone was worried, but she was the most worried. Behind them, Hecate has Yuuji’s empty comment running through her mind. She starts screaming and wildly expelling power of existence. This causes the already saturated-with-power-of-existence city to become even more unstable. Shana and Alastor are left with only one option: for Alastor’s kengen (manifestation into this world) to consume all of the power of existence. But doing so also destroys his Flame Haze container. Shana knows that she must do this as a Flame Haze to fulfill her mission. Yuuji isn’t about to let Shana go alone though – he takes her hand because he wants to go together. As two slowly proceed back inside, Shana grasps Alastor’s pendant and says “Tenpa Jousai.” Before she becomes completely enveloped in flames, Shana confesses her love for Yuuji. A giant expanding yellow ball explodes in flames that surround the Seireiden. Before anything more can happen, the Professor escapes with Domino. Wilhelmina realizes that Shana has initiated Tenpa Jousai and falls into a state of withdrawal. Margery has to come pick her up and get her out. Shudonai, who had run from his fight with Margery when he heard Hecate’s scream, now comforts Hecate and flies off with her. Bel Peol chuckles to herself and also disappears. Alastor’s physical form then consumes all of the power of existence and vanishes in a pillar of flame and a bright flash of light.
Shana wakes up to Yuuji’s voice calling her. Alastor explains that Shana survived because her container was big enough to hold all of him. Yuuji, on the other hand, survived because of Friagne’s ring. Shana gets all embarrassed when she realizes that she’s not wearing any clothes. As she’s trying to prevent Yuuji from looking at her, Wilhelmina comes onto the rooftop and hugs her. As the sun comes up, it’s clear that everything in the city is back to normal. Margery ends up staying again there, much to the delight of Satou and Eita. Chigusa waves Shana and Yuuji goodbye as they go to school. Beside her, Wilhelmina is also waving goodbye, but she still doesn’t seem to like Chigusa. In front of the school, Eita and Ogata embarrassingly greet each other. When Shana runs into Kazumi again, Kazumi vows not to lose in the fight for Yuuji. Shana also promises that she won’t lose.

There’s going to be a Shana movie!

Boy, MOON PHASE was absolutely right when he called this episode a パンチラ祭り (panchira matsuri – panty-shot festival). That’s all I could think of when Shana was trying to break through Hecate’s barrier.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the final episode of Shakugan no Shana. It was the perfect combination of action and incredible production quality They allayed my fears from last week by actually managing to show all three fights and still having time to conclude the series. But my one complaint is that there was a lack of closure, which stems from the fact that no one died, not even any of the villains. I guess the open ending allows for the movie or even another season to pick up where they left off. But maybe even a kiss, as many people have been clamoring for, between Yuuji and Shana would have sufficed. Actually, instead of calling it a lack of closure, I should just say that it’s more like the series hasn’t ended yet.
As for do I think there will be a second season? Yea, probably. Do I know when? No, but I’d bet not until sometime after the movie is out. The official site now has an announcement for the movie along with some words from the cast and crew.

Final Thoughts: Shakugan no Shana is a series that started off on rather shaky ground. There’s a huge list of vocabulary terms to get used to, and I remember the second episode in particular being just plain boring. But once they got to develop the characters more (especially Yuuji, who was the wimp everyone hated when this started), the series really started to get good. I think I was finally hooked after the Margery arc (episode eight). I’m very glad I stuck with the series because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, I’m still a Kazumi fan, but I’m leaning more and more towards Shana. It’s a shame the series ends here (for now anyway).
Now to wait for the movie…


  1. is dat ? in the opening they show as a big Shana vs the guy that tranform ( forgot his name ) and i was really really lloking forward to it…but…naaaaa…not at all..! dammit ! >_

  2. What a great ending for the first season 🙂 … it definitely surpassed my expectations. Very very well done!

    I think it’s evident that after the movie, a S2 is likely. Too much of the background story remains unresolved (Shana-Yuji-Kazumi-Ike, Ogata-Eita, Ramie, the whole “Silver” arc), perfect for a sequel, whenever it may come out.

    Also, Shana movie? Nice! Especially if they continue to improve over the already impressive TV series animation.

    It was quite a ride. In my personal rankings, (++) for the whole show. Way above the average.

  3. SUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 10/10 That episode was amazing, like the whole Anime. I can’t wait to watch it..

    Shana Movie-coooooooooooooool. I hope that will start a second season too…but we will se about that.

    I was hoping about kiss btween Shana and Sakai……but…….damnit…..not…!!!!

    Do someone know whn will be released the movie?????

  4. “question: how the hell did yuji lift that heavy sword ? lol”

    Power of existance. That’s how Shana is able to use Nietono no Shana to the full extent anyway.

    Did anyone notice how Yuuji’s narration in the end said,
    “We’ll continue walking…Even in this world that’s about to collapse”?
    I think that could be a possible hint for a second season 😀

    Also, animation was indeed amazing. Especially the part where Alastor manifests. That was totally movie quality. Good stuff.

  5. “question: how the hell did yuji lift that heavy sword ? lol”

    Like Kazumi said in ep 23, Yuuji is probably closer (in terms of knowledge and abilities) to tomogaras/flamehazes than he is to the average human now.

    That said, he blew up the whole room using the Blutsauger, and survived Alastor’s appearance (which had Margery and the Ball Masque running for their lives) using the ring. Both of those probably required very large amounts of PoE. Maybe he retained some of the excess PoE generated by Reiji Maigo, and became much stronger that way.

  6. w00+!! finally ended…..
    Kinda sad tho because this si the only loli anime that I ever watched through to the finish……
    A sequel is a must. and i must say, the ending is quite allright as it will certainly make ppl want to watch another season.

  7. It ENDED. ;_;…

    Oh well…There’s still the movie to look forward to, and I’m pretty hopeful they might release a subbed version of SnS (VCD or DVD) iny my country. I guess at least we should simmer down on the talk for a second season till it’s slated.

  8. For people who read the novels(its still being written right?) , how closely do the anime follow it?

    And if it does follow quite closely, in which volume of the novels do episode 24 take place?

  9. >_> I’ll say it on behalf of everybody…


    Well… it rawked that much to have me write like that. The only problem was the ending was only just completing the arc, not doing much for a resolution for the entire series itself. I like how Yuuji’s love for Shana grows stronger, and the whole Hecate thing was pretty sad T_T We shall see the Masque once again! 😀 This is extremely a series worth watching. Either way…

    KAZUMI FTW!1!!! (I hope T_T)

  10. I m going to miss this series. Yuji’s mom and the maid is extremely hot. I couldn’t stop laying my eyes off of them. What will make my day would be- seeing both of them flirting together muahahahha naughty!!! ;D
    P.S. Ummm what happen to Yuji’s dad maybe he couldnt handle her beauty 😀

  11. I still loves this serie, or else I wouldn’t have finished it in less than a day (believe me when I say I’m not the type with the patience to do that), although I expected more when I saw the first couple of eposides.
    I both love and hates Margery Dew’s relationship with her boys. I hates the fact that they are sort of slave-like to her, I still don’t understands why two people like them would show so much devotion with not much of a reason (even if I could understand why they have them). And there are two of them…now how’s that ever going to work out if that other girl didn’t have a crush on one of them X( ? Other than that I like the idea of their relationship since I likes Margery Dew and I likes the boys, I just wish it was developed better.
    I really got into the whole concept of existence with the first three episodes, so I wished they have went into that question more (in the end, the moral struggle leaned more toward “love or duty”) – along with the actual plots, the pasts instead of focusing so much on the love triangle. I think Shana and Yugi’s relationship would’ve been more interesting if it has been a tiny bit more subtle (although this kind of plot is effective on keeping viewers interested in the pairing, cheap, but effective)…and I’m just not the biggest of Yoshida and sometimes Yuji, and I have the right and reason to not like them.
    I do not care if Yugi didn’t know about Shana’s feelings (if he wasn’t so engrossed in himself he would’ve noticed, and he definately knew about Yoshida’s feelings). He went on a date with another girl, didn’t reject the said girl and wasn’t there for Shana when she needed him – after telling Shana that he wants to be with her forever and trying to kiss her.
    I loves Shana but I admit she is immature and lets her emotions led her into making bad decisions. But I forgave her, not only because I think she can be rightly a bit immature because she was never allowed any emotional development while growing up, but also because she always makes the right, mature decisions in the end.
    As for Yoshida:
    1. I don’t think I’d like a girl who’s most commonly used phrase is “XXX-kun!”.
    2. She did try to come between something that was already estabilshed. Shana and Yugi’s relationship was to the point where they had some claim to each other and she knews it, yet she was still agrassive toward Shana and tries to take Yugi.
    3. When Yugi decided to leave the city, she was so engrossed in “I was finally getting close to him Why?!” to even noticed YUGI’s struggle, especially when he already told her why.
    I likes Wilhelmina and I loves Chigusa. I understand Wilhelmina/Alastor’s decisions because I think they are sort right in a more grand aspect, as cruel and cynical as they might be.
    Anyways, this definately didn’t end, can’t wait for more of SHANA.

  12. *typo
    “1. I DON’T think I’d like a girl who’s most commonly used phrase is “XXX-kun!”.”, was suppose to be “1. I DIDN’T think I’d like a girl who’s most commonly used phrase is “XXX-kun!”.”
    It means the same thing but the last one might have came off badly.

  13. u know the way they ended the series led me to believe that it is possible for the creators to continue on with a sequel. i liked most of the fight scenes especially that last one and the artwork was grat and so was the animation

    eventhough the series was overall good something about it just didnt seem right like some things were missing, some things didnt finish, like the whole silver arc, and wats up with guy who said he was “tuning” the city?

    oh yeah the book marcos he made me laugh along with the interpreter of condelence and their arguements and i was * SPOILER* surprised that when shana confessed and everything was over nothing much happened except for some tears of joy

    Infernos of the Forgotten Darkness
  14. i kinda feel stupid saying this like more than a month after the last reply but w/e….

    i watched this whole series with subs and i think this series is one of the best series’ i’ve watched. i think the end where yuji narrates was pretty kool cuz it left me sitting there just thinking of what he meant by “We will continue walking, as always, an inch from where the world gets dislocated”

    btw, i think shana has a much better chance than kazumi for many reasons. also, i never really liked kazumi in the first place 😛

    i really hope for a second season because shana rocks! 😀

    oh, and about the movie, if you havent checked the site its coming out in 2007…

  15. Going into theoretical stuff…

    1. “Reiji Maigo” replenishes PoE that a person has lost during midnight.
    2. When Yuuji synchroed with Hecate the yuuji/Hecate’s PoE dropped by an infinite amount
    3. “Reiji Maigo” started producing PoE
    4. excess PoE was transferred to machines
    5. so after everything, if Yuuji had a LOT of PoE stored in him……
    6. He’ll be very, very, very powerful

  16. The BEST anime i’ve ever seen, i’ve watched bleach, naruto all the mainstreams, THIS IS THE BEST. Too bad there are so less eps.

    I don’t think there will be a sequel though, if there were to be a sequel they would have announced it as it did with the movie.

    Free yews
  17. I start to feel annoying why people keep thinking that this is a best one.
    IMO, it is just loli anime that use long word to address sb name and not so logical
    anime. Many plain and uninterting characters expectially the antagonists. I like shana and yuki. Alastal is ok too but for that two gays they are really annoying. comedy parts are mostly suck. Talking about antagonist, sofar I know the most dangerous is the first guy , called Hunter or sth… that two twins they are suck. and the three main antagonist don’t me feel that they are strong at all.Look like shana can beat them without too much difficulty(just grab yuki’s hand and blast the fire…). If there were second season( there should be because there are still many questions left), I hope the antagonist should be more stronger and cleverer….

  18. I agree.

    The second half of this series really ruined the first half which was better. The ending was just there for the sake of future continuation, thus the entire event during the last ep felt pointless. yeah, villains totally suck

  19. So we have confirmed for sure there will be a sequel series, 2 new characters, and the return of all the good guys. Apparently the king of guze that made the reji maigo is looking for it because her lover is trapped within it.

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