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The limited edition of KOTOKO’s being came with the PV, the “making of” video, and a Shana video. The Shana one had a short version of the song playing with scenes from the first few episodes of Shakugan no Shana mixed in, so nothing really new there. I made the mistake of watching the “making of” video for being before watching the actual promotional video. It basically how they had shot every scene of the PV over the course of two days, showing stuff like how cold and hot it had apparently been at their desert shoot. I laughed at how ridiculous the water scene looked when they had KOTOKO first do it. There was also that random white guy who advertised himself to the girls towards the end of the shot. Oh, and KOTOKO’s teeth still bother me…
Anyway, the entire limited edition set of videos is really a treat to watch considering that Shana ended yesterday. Recommended for both KOTOKO and Shana fans alike.


  1. I have never cared much these “making of” things, it’s usually just boring talking how great we are and similar. But now i actually have to consider, after all it’s KOTOKO we are talking here…

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