Nina is getting dressed and notices the Coral Robe in her closet. She remembers once telling her father that she’d never get married and would stay his daughter forever. In Windbloom, the armies and Otome of Remus and Florence have gathered to ally with Nagi after they were given a demonstration of the Harmonium’s power. Meanwhile, masked Cardair men have carried Kazuya away from a love motel and Akane. But Akane is then approached by Maya Bryce, one of the five Columns. In Airies, Haruka is furious that their own plans have been slowed because Remus stopped trading raw materials. Fortunately, another one of the Columns, Sara Gallagher, comes bearing presents from Zipang.
Back in Windbloom, Rosalie Claudel, Laura Bianchi (Otomes of Florence and Remus, respectively), Miss Maria, and Yukariko are discussing the impending war when Nina appears with the Valkyrie and makes it known that they’ll be under her command. Miss Maria gives Nina a letter that was found in Erstin’s stuff. Tomoe starts giving Nina a hard time about the war and Sergay, but Nina claims that she’s doing this to realize Nagi’s ideals. Tomoe tries to tempt her by mentioning a loophole when it comes to men, but Nina slaps Tomoe in response. Tomoe goes crawling back to Shizuru’s arms to get comforted. Unbeknownst to Tomoe, Shizuru has gotten a letter from Irina and Natsuki.
Nao and Natsuki have come back to Windbloom and are hiding out under the BACK STAGE store with Irina and the stripes group. Natsuki’s plan seems to be progressing, and it includes something that Irina has been working on using Yohko’s computer and a book left behind by Eristin. In a molten pit somewhere, Miyu remembers Alyssa and, for Arika’s sake, she pulls a giant box out from the lava. Over at the Aswad village, it seems that Lumen died and Rado isn’t doing so well after the Cardair fight. Rado doesn’t want Midori to be sad because he’s already technically dead. However, Yohko shows up and says that she doesn’t want to lose him a second time.
That night, Chie visits the bedside of Aoi. In her own room, Nina reads the letter from Erstin. Erstin knows that if they’re reading it, then she’s already gone. She had understood her mission and had wanted to stay a loner. But then she met Nina and Arika and had so much fun with everyone in the class. She had loved the two of them and had always wanted to say Sorry and Thank You to her two precious friends. Sergay comes looking for Nina and finds her in tears from the letter. He struggles with how little he can do for his most important person when she’s suffering. It is at this point that Nina stands up, takes off her clothes, and asks her father to take away her Otome capabilities. Sergay initially refuses, but Nina starts crying because she cannot become her father’s blue star. This jolts Sergay into hugging her, and, as he remembers her growing up, he leans down and kisses her.
On a balcony somewhere in the city, Natsuki asks Nao what she thinks about the existence of Otome. Nao’s reply is that they are a necessary evil. Natsuki then tosses Nao a jewelry box, inside of which is Nao’s Column GEM. Back in Nina’s room, Sergay leaves a pleased-looking Nina in bed as he gets dressed and heads to the chamber where Rena’s capsule is. In going against Nagi in order to protect his most important Nina, Sergay raises his gun at it. However, John Smith catches him and when John Smith tries to pull a gun, Sergay shoots first. But before Sergay can complete his task, he’s shot in the back of the head. The gunman is no other than Nagi himself. And it is Nagi who tells Nina that Sergay suffered a lot of brain damage and is going to die soon because of a gunfight with John Smith. However, Nagi then tells Nina that using the Harmonium can revive him. In her grief, Nina’s GEM reacts and activates the Harmonium.
Finally the day has come: Natsuki initiates the Windbloom liberation operation. The Artai forces spot three red flares – a declaration of war. Haruka launches the Super-Class, Sand-Lurking, Aircraft Carrier Suzushiro. It comes crashing through the Artai forces and deploys its guns. Inside the Harmonium room, Sergay is now floating in mid-air with a green field around him. For his sake, Nina would make the entire world her enemy. Nagi knows that the battle has begun, but his own preparations are also ready. And finally, in the Black Valley, Arika and Mashiro are ready to leave. Mai is reluctant to let them go, but Mashiro says that everyone has started fighting to regain her country, so she must also go. Miyu warns Arika that there will be lots of Otome along with the Ultimate Black Diamond and the Harmonium blocking her way. Arika responds by saying that she’s going to make a country where everyone smiles – that’s her dream right now.


The Love Motel – Akane and Kazuya seem to get interrupted yet again because of the whole Cardair succession ordeal. Perhaps Akane still has her Otome powers? There’s gotta be some reason she’s being approached by Maya Bryce.
Hey, they spelled it right – I’ve decided to switch over to Columns instead of Pillars. For me, they’ve given the name a lot more credibility now that they’ve spelled it correctly (as opposed to “Colums” back in episode 17). Anyway, I kind of wish they had developed Sara and Maya a bit more, so that the producers are not just using the two as more firepower on good guy’s side. That is, assuming that Sarah and Maya decide to fight next episode.
The best laid plans… – So let’s see, on one side we have Nagi’s armies and Otome along with the power of Nina and the Harmonium. On the other, we’ve got the rest of the countries, along with the help of probably all of the Columns (Shizuru included). Oh and Irina’s planning to do something – I bet she’s found a way to start up Fumi so that the Columns can use their Robes.
Ok, and..? – So Lumen died and Rado isn’t doing so hot. Yohko arrives to save him and will probably succeed someway or another. What I want to know is how this will relate to the main story. I hope that Yohko hasn’t just developed a miracle cure and the Aswad don’t just swoop in to turn the tide of battle next week. I want something a bit deeper story-wise than that.
They didn’t…They DID!?! – Well, I was very wrong when I doubted that Sergay would do something with Nina. For the record, I almost felt like I was writing a porno or something while I was typing up this summary (sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve had this feeling). As for if Sergay accomplished his “duty” in taking away Nina’s Otome capabilities, it doesn’t seem to appear that way because her GEM still reacted and started up the Harmonium. It begs to question if the “loophole” that Tomoe mentioned was somehow used. Oh, I also want to point out that Nina had switched to “Sergay” instead of “Otou-sama” by her last scene.
Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighborhood Spiderman – Since Nao’s got her GEM, Spiderman can’t be far off 😀
Dead or Alive – Ouch, a bullet to the head that causes extreme brain damage. At least he got John Smith out of the way before Nagi got him. And here I was thinking that the body count was rather low. As for whether Nina can revive him or not, I don’t think he’s going to come back to life. Maybe he’ll get to say some final words of goodbye, but in my opinion, Sergay is a goner. Keeping him around would be way too awkward for both Nina and Arika. Oh how I hope Nina doesn’t wish for a reset or something….
Declaration of war – I think Haruka is having too much fun in her new ship. But with Otome on the battlefield, what’s the point of even having all that expensive hardware out? I can see any of them easily slicing through the battleships, the same way a Gundam would in any of the Gundam series.
Onward, to the one-hour finale! – It worth repeating that there are a LOT of characters in Mai-Otome. In the final battle next week, it’s possible that every single one of them (from Mai to Takumi to Shiho and so on) will have a part to play. Or I should say that’s how I want it to turn out. There have been so many separate story lines going on at once, and hopefully they’ll all converge nicely in the final episode.


  1. I remain puzzled about why Sergay chooses to sleep with Nina. Does it deprive her of her otome powers; although she seems to resume her role afterwards as Nagi’s otome? I’m so perplexed…

    nietono no shana
  2. very very very bad choice….in realizing this nightmare incestious phenomenon…I initially greatly anticipated this episode..this episode deterred me from even finishing off the series…ahha

    nietono no shana
  3. Wow, a lot seems to be happening here. I hope Smith is dead, and Tomoe will die next episode. Looks like Sergey’s in a coma or something, which suits his invinicble nature I guess. The blonde-haired, black-attired Pillar looks like a great character.

  4. Ok, stop flaming that Sergay sleeps with Nina…
    WTF???! He sleeps with.. *got unconcious*
    The other Otomes look so cool *-*
    Now I’m really interested what happened in this episode!
    I wonder, will Nina be able to fight after sleeping with Sergay?

  5. Now, Sergay… You have lost all your pride to be calling a father now. And Sunrise is quick enough to senf him heaven(!?) too. Rest in Peace man, you have done a marvulous job here in this show.

    PS. And then he will POP BACK again in next week… Mr. Invincible

  6. lol im not sure if this is entirely correct…so if im wrong..sont flame me..but i think nina WONT lose her otome powers because if i remember correctly…some number of episodes ago when arika became a coral..natsuki said that she would lose powers if she had XXX not just by sleeping with a guess nina sleeping with sergay wont do nething to rid her powers…but unless they did it… clue

  7. lol, the preview picture of Tomoe is hilarious!!! Does Shizuru or Tomoe have that kind of hobby? or is it Shizuru’s prank? Either way it’s been something Tomoe’s got comin since this series started!!! LOL, baby wants her bottle…

  8. Well, he had a reason to do it… although I don’t know that I’d have been able to go through with it in his shoes, even if I can understand how he might rationalize it by saying that if it wasn’t him, it could be someone even worse depriving Nina of her Otome powers. At least Sergey gets to shoot someone before being shot, which was more than I was expecting of his character at this stage.

    Now why does Nina want to remove her Otome powers?

  9. .. and a baby bottle? Oh, dear sweet lord, the fetishes they never show us on clean anime, now revealed to the world at large. I knew Shizuru had some.. habits… but I wasn’t aware they went like this. And it appears Erstin was just a flashback… which probably explains why Nina wanted to ditch her powers. Interesting gun-arm Miyu’s got there; it looks like she jacked it off Barrett. 😀

  10. so They Fu**ed for on reason… omgf.. that sux ass.. Sergei probably did this to take her otomee powers away.. god i hope he doesnt die so he and arika can get there things on the right path.
    Stpid ass NAgi.. uh die bitch…

    omg Shizuru your hAving to much fun with Tomoe.. haha..

    Nina.X sergei suck….. i hate the fact they did it.. but w.e… i hope aRIKA still has a chance

    Screw u Sunrise!

  11. Wow.. I guess only some otome loose their powers if they have sex, or they loose their powers completely if they get pregnant? Or maybe the contract between her and the master are broken, since they have to dedicate themselves to them completely except for having sex with their master. Also if there is a loophole in the otome thing then there should be one about the master and the otome contract, because i don’t want nina to die.

  12. Gah, all this brings up is more questions:

    WTF there’s a loophole? Is that why they’re trying to recruit Akane again? (or is that not her in pic 4?)
    The new characters in pics 5 and 6 are the last two pillars, as they’re in the OP, but who’s the lady in pic 7?
    Is the girl in 14 related to Arika? Hmmm…

    Sunday can’t come soon enough…

  13. This loophole thing is messing with my head…I have a gut feeling that Nina and Sergey did indeed have sex (I really hope not as I am a fan of Sergey). If they “finished” I am not so sure. I would really like to know what this “loophole” Tomoe spoke of is. *sigh* I can’t believe the main thing I want to know about is the details of Nina x Sergey…

  14. Think about the nature of the ‘loophole’…Natsuki said that sex would do it but I think it was the ‘consumating’ part she meant as in – man takes the ‘money shot’ INSIDE. I suppose that the nanos have an automated ‘self-destruct’ mode if they detect the man’s ‘lil soldiers’ making their march.

  15. “Think about the nature of the ‘loophole’…Natsuki said that sex would do it but I think it was the ‘consumating’ part she meant as in – man takes the ‘money shot’ INSIDE. I suppose that the nanos have an automated ’self-destruct’ mode if they detect the man’s ‘lil soldiers’ making their march.”

    That was my idea as well. Then of course there are “ways” around that as well which could be the “loophole”. It is obvious that the loophole has to do with being able to have sex without losing ones Otome powers. It very well could have to do with who Nina is and how the Harmonium is connected to her.

  16. Hmm….who’s the glowing haired girl!? OMG….Sergay really slept with Nina….and Nagi shot Sergay!? I somehow have a feeling Nagi’s gonna push the death of Sergay to Nina.

  17. The glowing haired girl is an older Alyssa, apparently.

    And Sergay gets shot through the head…. And survives? The invincibility of the man never ceases to amaze me…

    As for the sex, he did it to “protect Nina” apparently… So I didn’t think he would exploit any loopholes if the purpose is to get rid of her powers. But maybe he just didn’t know.

  18. sergey gets a BOOM headshot! and lives…what kinda bs is that…but still….a shot to the head..and hes only getting the bandage treatment….isnt that sad XD

    and where/what are the stars in the last pic with arika for?

  19. Nina’s gonna die, I’m sure….
    She ain’t otome anymore after the sex you know….
    Sergey’s going to get it? not likely…
    War begins huh?


    arika do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BlackValley Necromancer
  20. So Sergay f****d Nina…

    But Kazuya had been taken away by a bunch of masked men from a love hotel? And nobody even knows if any hanky-panky had been done between them? NOW THAT AIN’T RIGHT?!

  21. and where/what are the stars in the last pic with arika for?

    That was just part of the transition into the ED. I just found it cute and kept it in the caps. If you go back and look, they did the exact same thing back at the end of episode six.

  22. Wow, that was a really good episode. Best in a long time actually. I was actaully trembling a little near the end thinking of how great ep 25-26 is going to be next week.

    Oh and a side note, Sergay is my fucking hero. I mean he sleeps with Nina and gets shot in the head and manages to stay alive. Whats this dude made of!

  23. Apparently, being Hound of the North = THAT IS NOT DEAD WHICH IS SERGEI, WHATEVER HAPPENS TO HIM!

    Where the girls spent all their character point on powers, he bought NOTHING BUT ENDURANCE, WHICH IS THE MIGHTIEST STAT!!!!!! (Amber DRPG joke)

    John Biles
  24. Sergey sleeps with Nina so that she would lose her powers and not have to fight (especially against her friends).

    I don’t know what the loophole is, but obviously neither Sergey didn’t know about it beforehand. Possibilities for the loopholes that I can think of:
    1. The male protein thing doesn’t work anymore with Fumi gone. This would also explain why the pillar is recruiting Akane, even though she probably already slept with Kazuya many times already.
    2. Nagi and the Shwartz figured out a way (drug or new nano machine or something) to get around the problem. This would enable them to get themselves more valkyries.
    3. Nina is special since she activated the Harmonium.
    4. Crappy random Sunrise explanation.

  25. sergay & nina…. kazuya and akane… so did both couple do what we think what they were doing???

    Yeah… the other 2 pillars appear.. i wish otome extend more than 26. definitely can extend another 10 episodes with mai, and the 2 pillars appearance, though things might be cheesy this way.

    sad to know it ends next week, excited to see what’s reveal next week. Probably arika would be the saviour

    fisherman horizon
  26. I hope Mai leave the black valley and fight too. I’m really hoping for some good action, it better not be one of those typical short fight scene….

    Arika gets ass kicked by nina, powers up, kicks nina ass. =O

  27. ok ..i watched it
    it was definitely the worst ep ..just coz of the sergay/nina…as if it was not enough they added the ‘otou-sama’ flashbacks..;sick

    too bad the rest of the ep was great but that moment killed my moe moe love…and the way they rush it..

  28. Shooting the capsule wouldn’t have cancelled Nina’s contract w/ Nagi, just set Rena free from her prison and possibly take the Valkyries out of the picture.

    I feel for you Omni, just thinking about what Sergey did/might have done makes me not want to see the entire episode again…it’s just wrong. He raised her since she was NINE YEARS OLD!!! Statutory, STATUTORY!!! It was bad enough w/ Arika…

    No more talk of male proteins…my eyes burn… ow ow ow…

  29. After reading Omnis summary I am now very sure that Nina and Sergey did indeed do “the deed”. I was honestly surprised by it. I do think though that when Sergey said he did it to protect Nina he was serious. The way he would have “protected” her is by having sex and by the means of sex destroying her nano machines and ridding her of her powers. Now from the looks of it Nina was still able to activate the Harmonium and her GEM. Of course this could mean nothing happened but I don’t see how simply sleeping (sleep as in zzz) with Nina would accomplish “protection”. Then again this may sound strange but in a way it seems as though Nina actually tricked Sergey into having sex. Perhaps she found out about the loophole. She certainly wouldn’t explain this to Sergey, and by telling him she wanted him to rid her of her powers he wouldn’t think otherwise. We know that Nina had wanted Sergey to treat her like a woman and this could be excactly the oppurtunity Nina was looking for. I for one would like to think otherwise but it certainly is something to ponder.

    I for one am a fan of Sergey and don’t really see him in a negative light on this. It isn’t incestual (they are not related) it may very well be loli but it was certainly consensual. As for the rest of the episode I can’t wait till next week! I would really like to see Shizuru and Natsuki team up again before the series is over (Shizuru has been having too much fun recently). We should expect a large battle of some sort from Arika and Nina (depending on the actual closure on what happend in this episode). Once again here’s to the finale!

  30. The loophole probably refers to Nina’s royal heritage. I believe someone said (in an episode) that the Harmonium was used by Windbloom’s royalty as a weapon. Because Nina is the princess (supposedly), she can still use the Harumonium’s power. Also, I’m guessing that the nanomachines are in an Otome’s bloodstream, so the Pitch Black Diamond’s contract would still work because the chromosome from the sperm would not have traveled around Nina’s bloodstream yet.

    But most likely, Sunrise will refer to some random quote that some random person mumbled under their breath to plause the loophole on.

    P.S. Nina did not trick Sergey into sex. She OFFERED it as a way of taking away her powers. Sergey knew (at that point) that that was the only way to stop Nagi from using Nina, and so, dived in.

  31. “P.S. Nina did not trick Sergey into sex. She OFFERED it as a way of taking away her powers. Sergey knew (at that point) that that was the only way to stop Nagi from using Nina, and so, dived in.”

    Haha yeah. I just thought it was interesting. Believe me I would hate for that to be the case and I really do want to think that both Nina and Sergey were thinking the same.

  32. Wow…. awesome look forward to the final episode!! I as person that ought this wasn’t great I grown to love the story. I’m big fan boy to new and old school gundam anime and other mech anime. Its seems just guessing that one of two things will happen after the show:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    As for Sergay I not happy what happen but tough choice that had to do but its Nina use him so I’m more mad at her then him. Sergay guessing that he will live but turn out like rado because its seem like easy way if didn’t lose brain cells from that shot “Still kick ass that he live” hope the final fit things well can’t wait.

    Awesome screen caps as always!!

  33. FINNALY ! Sergay is dead ! ( sorta i guess…but stil… )
    i was waiting for this moment ever since he almost kissed Arika .
    i’m so glad he is dead . Sad he ins’t like his Manga version . Sergay’s manga version actually does rule and his not a lolicon , nor someguy who esitate between evil or clearly can see the guy is evil .
    And in the manga version , he inst Nagi’s lackey . anyway , manga his better. somehow Mai hime was better in manga as well .

  34. I think some of you are missing a few pieces of information. Tomoe’s infantilism fetish (,
    has NOTHING to do with Shizuru. It is NOT Shizuru’s fetish or obsession, she is merely indulging
    the whims of a disturbed teen in order to stay alive for now. As for Sergay and the loophole,
    I have a feeling that Youko managed to work around the possibility of incest and that Nagi guessed
    this situation might happen (and was thus prepared). Granted, it still nauseates me, but I can
    see what Sergay was attempting to do. Oh why can’t Sunrise simply posit more sane, less squicky
    plot development?

  35. I don’t think Nina can activate her robe. Normally her robe gets activated when she enters the Harmonium, but this episode it didn’t. => no robe for Nina. She’s simply still able to use the Harmonium without robe (not necessary I guess).

    greetings. estella

  36. Thanks for the link! This illness is very interesting.
    I don’t hate Sergey, and he is not related to Nina after all. Maybe it’s all a bit loli, but he wanted to save Nina from Nagi after all. In my opinion the one person who really deserves to die in this series is Nagi who causes the pain of lots of people. But there is still the problem: What will happen to Nina when Nagi dies?
    So they have to find a solution for it, or maybe it’s already done because Nina and Sergey had sex. We’ll see..
    Note: It’s really funny to see how some of you guys discuss this topic;) The more you write, the more I will lough, go on^^

  37. Yes, it is indeed interesting, oh btw, to all of you nauseated people, what they did IS NOT incest, as the two are not actually blood related, so no problem on that front… And on top of that, it was obvious froma bout epsiode 1 that it was going to happen anyways, so why is everybody so suprised and scandalised O_o?

    ciao 🙂

  38. Everyone is so concentrate on Nina and Sergay da man that you all over look something.

    What is inside that box Miyu pull out of a volcano.
    In the preview theres this shot of everyone face being shock as something is shot at the school. i am guessing Miyu had soemthing to do with that little shot.

  39. I just don’t want Miyu to come with some device that 1) saves the world or 2) resets the world. Basically, don’t make her the all-powerful character who can do anything any more than she already is.

  40. The battleship–I’m guessing that Haruka took the battleship so as to make a stealth approach possible and quite possibly to lure in the enemy–when they come to destroy her ship, she and the two other Otome on board will launch and engage whoever is drawn in.

    John Biles
  41. I repeat….
    hah, it’s about darn time Sergey got some…hehe… You people act like a grade schoolers when it come to sex….really the world is gonna end because Sergey and Nina..well, you know… what about Tomoe and Shiz…. the age difference is there also….. I believe Sergey , Mai, Natsuki and Shiz are about the same age…. I don’t here people crying foul there….oh well….you don’t like it, then don’t watch…. I for one love it…

  42. I think I know what the loophole is.


    If you pay attention to the early episodes of Mai-Otome, Natuski stated that an Otome WILL lose her powers if a male s**d enters her body. This is proved when Rena Sayers gave birth to Arika because some guy that Sunrise wouldn’t give a clue of who he is, impregnates Rena.

    Well, incest is bad. But if the result of the incest would be Nina got pregnant, THAT will be majorly bad. Besides, there’s many ways of having a physical relationship, right?

  43. i think that nina still has her powers is because
    she is not “Pregnant with a boy” …
    go re-cap on ep 4
    It talks sbout Y chromosomes entering the body and then the nano-machines would desolve away…
    as i did som research and learned partly from science class

    females have XX chromosomes
    males have XY chromosomes
    when the two mate the out come of the fertilized egg is determened by a gene SRY on the Y chromosome that determines maleness; others use the presence of two X chromosomes to determine femaleness.

  44. The harmonium working cause Nina is the true queen and not because she’s an otome seem’s plausible.

    Also in theory, she had to lose her otome powers. Well has to. Nagi just has to die in the finale, and if she was still contracted to him, his death would result in hers too.

    I’m really looking forward to the finale now. I just hope they explain all the necessary things.

  45. I think that sergay just knocked nina unconcious or drugged her or something. It’ll be really wrong if he did. And omg Tomoe is a perverted b***h. Was she baby raped or something when she was younger?


  46. Don’t think they are connected. But going out on a limb the Searrs foundation is probably the original organisation/colonists who populated this desert planet. Kinda reminds u of Trigun and Gun X Sword eh?

    There seems to be remnants of old technology left, like Miyu the guardian cyborg charged with overlooking the advancement of humans on the planet, Mikoto, some unlimited materialiser or something…the harmonium , which i think is not really a super weapon but more like something that will terraform the planet once peace between the kingdoms are maintained. Hence its name the HARMONIUM to bring harmony to the world. I guess it would require opposing sides to play it in harmony for this effect to be realised. Seems the key players would be Arika, Nina and Mashiro for now.

    Shrug…just goin out on a limb here. Fun to make theories as it goes along.

  47. according to Tomino Yoshiyuki, ” ‘ Z ‘ was meant to be 2nd Gundam series “, so in the same way ‘Z’ HiME represents 2nd HiME series
    OTOME is short for something ( forgot what it was ) and one need not be a virgin to be OTOME …
    to quote one example, Rena bore Arika but still performed her Otome (Meister) duties … …

  48. hate to say this , but the Harmoniun does the will of those who control it , to the point of sending you to alternate locations, worlds … it’s the most terrible weapon , tool , gizmo created by man ( or if you refer to HiME , brought there by Interstellar beings , perhaps …)
    frm that perspective, we can safely assume it was thru the Harmonium they recreated ( or ruined ) the Earth … since the Moon looks eerily to be the same as before…

    Mikoto is the last surviving member of the original Crystal Formation of HiME , in MIYU’s words … the Five Columns (Elements) are what make up our entire cosmos ( or at least that’s what Ancient texts describe … thus we have druids , shaman , alchemists , and now rudimentary nano-technology )

    FuKa literally got trans-literated as WindBloom & Mashiro’s appearance at the height of the disturbance … hmm ( remember MIYU’s words )

    Frm what i gather , the Millenium fight is a recurring theme that decides the fate of man-kind and as it approaches, the various HiME re-surface … wonder how much more they will stretch the plot … there’s much Five-Element literature quoted in NegiMa manga as well

  49. ZeroGX:
    “1.) another show in the works”

    What are the chances that show features Arika in the My-Hime timeline? Nagi did say that the Harmonium warps time and dimensions…

  50. During the ending sequences of Mai-HiME, Arika appears for a few seconds as a new student enrolled into Fuka Gakuen. And then there’s the “Mai Hime Movie Trailer” omake where she appears to be the bad guy.


  51. Arika is daughter to Rena Searrs … !!! direct descent ! … that lead’s back to Alyssa Searrs …
    now it hits me …. what a miss , oh boy

    Searrs in katakana is written as セヤーズ or セアーズ , so it did not sound like how it would be read in english , but as ‘ Sayers ‘ to our untrained ears .

    Nagi and Mashiro re-appeared abt the same time too , during the disturbance 15 or so yrs ago

    apologies for seemingly acting wise … but i was deprived of the Internet for the past 2 months ,so pls bear with me , if you will


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