Over breakfast, Aka suggests that she and Fumihiko eat out, her treat. They agree to meet at 7PM that night. At work, Fumihiko’s business proposal gets rejected, whereas Aka learns that she’s got the leading role in a TV series. Fumihiko is very happy for her when he learns the news. However, his own work frustrations get worse as Hatake’s idea gets chosen instead of his. The only bright spot on his day is his date with Aka. He buys her flowers and waits for her at the restaurant. However, she never comes because her work keeps her away. When Aka tries to call him, she’s unable to reach him. Fumihiko eventually leaves the restaurant and goes home. Along the way, he’s gets rained on, a car’s splash further soaks him and his business proposal with water, and another car runs over the flowers. Needless to say, when Aka gets home Fumihiko is unable to control his anger even as she’s apologizing. He’s sore about her standing him up and ends up calling her a “queen”. She guesses that something happened at work, and he accidentally pushes her down. She quotes “My Fair Lady,” but it only gets him more angry and he asks her to stop quoting movies.

Well, Fumihiko certainly knew how to ruin things. The gap between him and Aka is widening in terms of how successful she is and how unsuccessful he is. But I find that to be hardly an excuse for the way he acted towards her. She was already so apologetic and yet he still blew up on her. And after they had just made up too.
Oh well, next and final episode should resolve things and end this short series the same way volume one of the manga concludes. Or so I hope…


  1. Well to be honest I wouldn’t blame him for blowing up like that. I mean consider: work stress (particularly the rejection of his work) + getting stood up on a date (that basically Aka invited him to) + two near run-overs + rain = one very hot tempered guy on the brink of insanity (in short, Murphy’s Law gone straight to hell). In fact I’d be surprised say if he didn’t assault her or like go “Jigoku Shoujo” on her (okay maybe that one’s stretching it). Been there done that (or at least I came close to something like that when a similar incident did happen to me a few years ago).

  2. The way I see it, REC’s just continuing what it’s been doing all along: Putting a realistic twist on things. This is one series where it takes actual time for problems to be resolved, where honest mistakes are made and people feel awful, but sometimes the other party doesn’t want to fix things (or at least takes awhile before they do). I like it.

  3. I can’t believe how mature Aka’s gotten. It’s normal to return someone’s outburst with an outburst of your own. But there she is, calmly trying to talk to Matsumaru while he’s over there giving Aka attitude because he’s mad at himself. I still think FumihikoxAka is the most mismatching couple ever -_-;

  4. still i hate aka for not letting in fumihiko more. i mean, he’s a MAN afterall. i feel kinda sad for him. poor sod. lousy work, many unfortunate events, got stood up and aka’s still not his ‘girlfriend’


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