Shirou gets a phone call telling him that Fuji-nee is up and well. On this day, Saber doesn’t want Shirou to go pursue Shinji because his body hasn’t recovered yet, but Shirou wants Shinji to take responsibility for what he did. Along with Rin, the three start talking about Rider’s Noble Phantasm and how it’s anti-army instead of anti-personnel. An anti-personnel Noble Phantasms (like Saber’s) can be used limitless times in one go, whereas an anti-army Noble Phantasm like Rider’s is a one-shot missile. Shirou realizes that they need to defeat Rider before she uses her Noble Phantasm. But Rin won’t be going with them to search for Shinji because she has her own things to do. Shirou and Saber go to the Matou home, but Saber is unable to detect anything. The two figure out that they shouldn’t be looking for Shinji, but rather a barrier.
While they are searching the city, Shirou starts showing signs of fatigue. Saber takes him to a park and sits him down. She spots a couple on a nearby bench – with the guy’s head in the girl’s lap – and so she offers her own lap to Shirou. He’s of course too embarrassed to take it and ends up sleeping on his arm. Shirou again dreams of that day 10 years ago when his father found him. He wakes up one hour later; Saber hadn’t woken him because he needed rest. Shirou tells her about the past with the great fire, his old house burning down, and his adoptive father finding him. Saber thinks that Shirou want to prevent there being more victims of the war because he was a victim himself. But Shirou knows that it’s because he was the only one who survived that day and he wants to repay the dead by preventing it from happening again. Saber says that Shirou should think more of himself.
The two eventually sense something and follow it to an isolated area. A projectile comes flying out of nowhere, but Saber is quick to defend Shirou from it. They see that the aggressor is Rider. Saber tells Shirou to stay put and launches herself up the side of the building, transforming into her battle armor in the process. Saber doesn’t fare so well fighting on the side of a building, but then Rider leaps towards the roof. Shirou isn’t about to do nothing and heads into the building. The elevator stops short of the roof, so Shirou runs the rest of the way up. In the shadows, Ilya and Berserker are watching. When Saber reaches the rooftop, she sees a bright light surrounded a winged-horse on top of which is Rider. She eventually comes to realize that Rider isn’t the spirit of a great hero, but is instead the spirit of something more malicious. Saber gets hit by one of Rider’s swoops down, but avoids the next one.
Shirou eventually gets up top, but then he hears Shinji’s taunting voice. Keeping himself hidden, Shinji orders Rider to first destroy Saber. Rider rides high in the sky on her Pegasus as Saber starts channeling the power of the wind. Like a meteor, Rider charges downward while yelling “Bellerophon.” The winds gather around Saber’s sword and then dissipate to reveal a long golden blade. While yelling “Excalibur,” she fires off a yellow blast towards Rider. Before Rider gets vaporized, her mask shatters, revealing her eyes. The resulting explosion is huge and leaves a yellow trail in the night sky, one that is seen by Rin. For whatever reason, Rin seems to be at the Matou house. Sakura is inside, looking out of her window. She says something, but we don’t hear what it is. Back on the rooftop, Shinji’s magic book – and thus his command spells – goes up in flames. But before Shirou can go after Shinji, Saber collapses. Shirou cradles the heavily breathing Saber in his arms and screams “Saber!!!”


If it weren’t for the first quarter of this episode, this would have been absolutely awesome. Instead, it’s merely very awesome 😉 So yea, I really enjoyed watching the two Noble Phantasms go up against each other. The great animation made for some great fighting that eventually led to Rider’s demise (probably). I loved the music this episode too.
I kinda hope Rider didn’t die because I rather liked her character. I’m as curious as everyone else to what Sakura was saying though. Initially I thought she was saying “Rider,” but her mouth was moving too long for that, so I dunno what it really was. On the other hand, we do get a major hint about who Saber’s real identity is by the name of her Noble Phantasm: Excalibur. I won’t explicitly say it until they do, but if you don’t already know, then I’m sure you can figure it out fairly easily.
Next week, the focus switches back to Ilya and Berserker. It looks like Ilya will be kidnapping Shirou. Either that or Shirou enjoys being tied up while Ilya sits on top of him lol.


  1. Wait-a-minute… did Saber just pull out her Noble Phantasm that time? That HAS to be it – it’s not the invisible sword… and it’s just like the one in Episode 1.

    AT least Saber got to fight without Shirou’s influence. Can’t wait for someone to sub it… 😀

  2. Did Rider actually take off her mask, or was it ripped away by Excalibur’s blast?
    I’m assuming it was ripped away since you can’t possibly survive with Rider’s mask off…

  3. The funny part is that the shot is almost straight out of the game. 😛

    So, this is about where the first and third scenarios (FATE and Heavens Feel) split. I’d personally be amazed if they used/did much of anything with UBW’s plotline. Any idea whether or not they’re just going to stick to the FATE story, or try to merge the two a bit? With how little focus Sakura’s gotten so far, it doesn’t look good, but I could be wrong.

  4. Well, as a whole, HF is out, but I don’t see the point of even giving Sakura screen time unless they’re going to later bring in the whole Shadow deal. *shrug* Whatever. I thought the same thing about Satsuki in Tsukihime. Then again, that was something of an abortion of about seven plotlines.

  5. Errr… no. The series is 24 episodes long.

    Do you guys think there is a possibility that some elements of UBW (the Archer/Shirou part) will be included in the anime?

    And do you think Shirou will be able to fully use UBW or will they stick to Fate parth no matter what?

  6. It’s strange about this series, if it were 13 eps, it’d be too short to show the story. Yet 24 eps seems a little long and would need quite a bit of fillers, which it obviously has. *Sigh* we need some balance or better story telling for this series.

  7. My theory was that they would morph the plot (at least for the fights) from FATE to UBW somehow after the Berserker fight. However, if they keep the slow pace of the first 12 episodes, then they are probably just going with FATE. A lot of good 24-26 episode animes speed up the pace at around episode 10 though (Mai Hime, Noir, etc), and the last two episodes already have a somewhat faster pace, so I am still hoping that my original theory is correct.

  8. So we’ll have to wait for ep.14 I guess since it’s the eppy in which we’re gonna have the Archer/Berserker fight. Can’t wait for it even though we just got a wonderful episode.

  9. Whose says Rider is out. Their probably not going to follow the game exactly. They may find some way to keep her around. My feeling is that their going to try to show as much from the 3 storylines as possible.

  10. Cool….I’m actually worried that the fight between Saber and Rider will span 2 episodes but it seems like I’m wrong. What is Berserker doing there? Is it spying or something? If that’s so, then Ilya should be able to figure out Saber’s identity through Excalibur.

  11. 24 episodes is too long? Nahh..i dun think so, we’re already at episode 12…and he just eliminated Rider from now…we didnt event see the fight with Acher vs Berserker…we didnt even see the master of Lance. Assasin still alive…a long way to go lol….and about sakura..i have no idea. What’s Ilya doing at the last picture LOLLL…looks hentai xDD..

    About Rider…O.o we see often her ass LOLL.

  12. Well, if there’s 12 episodes left, then perhaps there’s a lot of stuff still likely to happen. From what I’ve seen, they only spend half an episode fighting. So perhaps that’ll happen in other eps as well? As for Rider, we don’t know if she’s gone since…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Guess we’ll have to wait for future eps then.

  13. Omni wrote:
    It looks like Ilya will be kidnapping Shirou. Either that or Shirou enjoys being tied up while Ilya sits on top of him lol.

    Yep, I saw the same thing in the first episode of Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~
    Kouhei all wrapped around by vines on a rock while Hazuki (in all of her Goth-Loli glory at peak) plafully approaches him.

    “Being you tied up and unable to move isn’t it exciting.”

  14. If you don’t know the story, and you don’t mind being spoiled, go to Wikipedia and type in ‘excalibur’. I wasn’t expecting this because Show Spoiler ▼

    I wonder who Archer and Caster really are. I think I know who Caster is, there aren’t that many famous enchantresses.

  15. “Onii-chan, let’s play! You can be the hostage, and I can play hostage-taker!”

    … that expression in the first screencap of the preview does NOT look at all childish. It’s intent, and it’s almost like an evil gloat… but it does NOT belong on a child.

    Anyone else a bit worried about how this show’s gotten two female protagonists or antagonists who seem to enjoy tying people up or wearing S&M gear? 😀

  16. The identity of Archer would shock you, that is if you haven’t played the game. Also, In the game Show Spoiler ▼

    I think Sakura said “Rider” considering the HF root.

  17. Saber is:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Caster is:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    If you really REALLY want to know who Archer is (and god, don’t get pissed off at me)… venture within.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Did they reveal who Lancer was yet ??

    Can use a spoiler or just tell me what past Episode gave his name…

    If I’m correct they didn’t tell us who Assassin was right ?

  19. UBW (Unlimited Blade Works) and Heaven’s Feel are 2 other storylines in the Fate/Stay Night game. Heaven’s Feel was the Sakura storyline, and Unlimited Blade Works was the Rin storyline.

  20. Man, Shiro’s an idiot. He would dare to decline Saber’s lap?!?!!?!? If it were me, I would not only take it, I’d rest my head face down. But hey, I’m just a little perverted.

  21. “Did they reveal who Lancer was yet ??

    Can use a spoiler or just tell me what past Episode gave his name…”
    Show Spoiler ▼

    “If I’m correct they didn’t tell us who Assassin was right ? ”

    They did. The episode when Assasin fought Saber, he did introduce himself as Sasaki Kojirou.

    I was really looking forward to Heaven’s Feel scenario. It has the biggest scale of the three scenarios and I thought it was the most heart touching. The good ending in the game, it’s superb. Only because Rider is my favorite Servant though. It did anger a portion of Saber fans…

  22. So… Spiderman… ejem Rider is dead

    Everything looks like we’re going to fallow Fate scenario; I think is a little difficult to unite the three scenarios in one history. But if that were the case, predicting how this series is going to end turns more difficult to say.

    What a shame, Rider never reveals hr true identity (some of you know who is she), but if indeed Sakura did something to save Rider, maybe we have the chance to know her truly identity in the series.

    I remember a doujinshi about the same scene in the park, a little funnier than this one. I hope with have time to see romance around Saber and Shirou (that could be a good way for one filler episode, if they do like the game), but if that doesn’t happen, I’m okay with it.

    About Saber’s heroic spirit, we could say a lot about her, but for the moment that doesn’t matter. My question is; did Shirou guess Saber’s heroic spirit with that hint? No one else could use Excalibur in the past…

    Subarashi! Hontoni Subarashi! If Shakugan no Shana wouldn’t finish this week, my vote on today poll would be it for Fate/Stay Night

    Next battle set: Shirou/Saber Rin/Archer vrs. Ilya/Berserker

    PD. I was wondering…. Never mind, that was a h-scene in the game.

    Syaoran Li
  23. i hope this anime should end like Fate/Hollw Ataraxia open, Everyone survive and i hope Type-Moon will make Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Anime Too, This Episode is awesom for me. @>.

  24. I’d say Sakura said Sayonara… Eitherway I’d preffer it if Rider stayed dead since an UBW death for her sucked. While the other arc wouldn’t cater too well to fans due to a certain character being too popular for death.

  25. For sure

    Only the jerk of Shirou would reject her kind offer (I have an urgent feeling of hitting something). When Saber ask him about his red face, that moment was priceless, and then when she uses her Nobel Phantom (Excalibur), magnificent.

    From now on, I think we’re going to follow only Fate scenario, if they keep a slow peace of course.

    Syaoran Li
  26. Lancer
    [spoiler]I’m fairly positive in the first episode Lancer said who he was or Archer guess who he was by his weapon. Cuchullain the Irish hero who wields the Gae Bolg spear.[/spoiler]

  27. Hmm, I’ve just finished playing teh game ^^; and I think it’s now closely following the first 2 storyline. anyway
    Show Spoiler ▼

  28. I’m sure they’re fallow Fate scenario only, because UBW is too fare after Rider’s death, and HF… same there. I’m only hope for wonderful fights and manouvers from Masters and Servants, and maybe a little of romance over here and there.

    Syaoran Li
  29. After reading HF arc, I don’t think we have the chance to see it here, the same thing goes to UBW.

    The only thing that bugs me is, how slow they’re going to take for being capable of fit the remaining fightw in 12 episodes.

    Good question

    Syaoran Li
  30. So, lemme get this straight…

    (Hope i don’t screw up the spoiler tags) *crosses fingers*
    Show Spoiler ▼

    pls dun let me screw up on the spoiler tags…

  31. About Rider
    Show Spoiler ▼


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