Solomon and Hagi are nearing the end of their fight in the woods. Solomon leaps toward Hagi, then jumps to the cliff, cuts a slash through the rock, comes back down, and pushes Hagi directly under the falling rocks. A pool of Hagi’s blood seeps from the rubble towards Solomon’s shoes. Suddenly, Solomon hears Saya’s scream and Diva’s song. In the tower, Saya, after seeing Riku in Diva’s arms, is reminded of how Joel died the same way. Diva claims that she hated Joel for locking her up, and she thanks Saya for freeing her. Saya remembers that she befriended Diva and had unlocked Diva’s prison cell on the day of Joel’s birthday. Hagi had called her away, so she didn’t to see her friend’s face until she came back from the accident with Hagi and found everyone dead and the house in flames. Knowing that she has to kill Diva, Saya picks up a large rusty nail from the ground and stabs herself in order to get her blood on the weapon. But Diva simply pushes her against the opposite wall.
Kai and David arrive at the top of the tower, and Kai rushes to Riku’s side. When Diva says that Riku was delicious, David runs forward and shoots her right in the chest. Of course, that has little effect on her aside from ruining her dress and she responds by also pushing him into the wall. She then turns around toward Kai and Riku, but Saya blocks her way. Diva throws Saya through the wall onto the ground outside, right in front of Lewis. But the force of Saya and the debris causes the thin floor to break. Diva then pursues her sister into the underground area. The injured Saya makes her way through the sewers and arrives at a weapons and armor cache where she takes a sword out of one of the display cases. Solomon finds her there and Diva arrives soon afterward. Solomon learns from Diva that it was Amshel who brought her here. He then tries to persuade Saya that they’re not human, but Saya is too attached to her friends and family to listen to his words. In order for the people important to her not to be sad, she’ll fight the Chiropterans. Solomon admits that when he first met her, he had felt that they could walk together. Those feelings were not feelings as a Chevalier, but as Solomon Goldsmith. However, as Diva’s Chevalier, he’ll have to kill her now.
Saya takes the initiative and charges forward, but Solomon takes Diva and jumps back outside. Saya’s follows them, but her attacks are painfully slow compared to Solomon’s speed. He’s easily able to break her blade. Once again, he offers his hand and asks Saya to join them. Saya responds by cutting his hand with her sword, causing Diva to laugh at how Solomon got rejected. Unfortunately, Saya is now breathing heavily and soon faints from lack of blood. Diva takes the broken half of Saya’s blade, determined to kill her sister with her own hands. Just as Saya’s blood is poisonous to Diva, Diva’s blood is poisonous to Saya. Diva vanishes when she’s just inches away from stabbing Saya in the chest. That’s because Hagi’s cello case lands right where she was standing. Diva calls Hagi a rude Chevalier, but she then turns around to leave because she wants a new dress. A heavily armed Lewis runs onto the scene only after Diva and Solomon have disappeared.
The group returns to the tower and to the lifeless Riku. Saya realizes that her blood can save Riku. But the question is whether she wants to actually use it because she knows that it’ll stop time for Riku. Kai doesn’t care, as long as he doesn’t lose his only little brother. He’d be alone without Riku. Saya hears Kai’s selfish words, but ends up deciding to use her own blood. After she orally gives Riku the blood, she asks Kai to hold the boy down. She, of course, knows that Riku is about to go into convulsions. And as Riku’s screams of pain echo through the tower, Saya props herself against the wall and watches as the wound on her hand closes up. Meanwhile, still on the estate, Solomon and Diva run into Amshel. Solomon asks why Amshel brought Diva here, to which Amshel answers that he was answering Diva’s wishes. In turn, Amshel wants to know why Solomon was here. Diva crushes the flower in her hand and says that it’s because Solomon loves Saya.

Pretty thrilling episode; kept me on the edge of my seat. Diva may just be my new favorite character. She’s a very fun, carefree, and selfish character – evil, but not so much that you hate her. And she’s already proven herself to be much more powerful than Saya, having mastered both the phasing movement and the force-push (that’s what I call them anyway). Saya needs to awaken more of her powers (I assume she has more) in order to compete. Still, I had a feeling that she wouldn’t get stabbed and kept thinking “When’s Hagi coming, when’s Hagi coming” during that scene. Of course the ever-invincible Hagi arrives at the last moment to save Saya.
So Riku is now a Chevalier, forever stuck at that young age. It was apparent that he was special before, but now even more so. The question is how whatever-was-effecting-him-before-that-allowed-him-to-hear-Diva’s-song will interact with him becoming a Chevalier. I hope he becomes more than just a mini-Hagi. And Diva is indeed voiced by the same seiyuu as Riku (Yajima Akiko)! I wonder if that’s actually going to play into the series somehow, or if she’s simply just voicing two major roles (which seems weird).
So after the big things that occurred this episode, next week looks relatively slow with Mao and Okamura arriving at the estate after everyone’s left and the rest of the episode focused on Red Shield.


  1. funny.. the ep starts with diva and ends with saya, both with blood on their mouths; one from sucking blood, and other giving it. see how opposite the 2 are XP
    just for in case: Show Spoiler ▼

    … this should be interesting -_-”
    poor hagi. he’s getting kicked around so often these days… wonder why his clothes are still so clean and ironed XD

  2. Yes, but Riku is now going to be Saya’s Chevalier, that’s what makes this so good.

    I like Diva because she’s that sort of alluring evil character who’s not quite evil enough for you to hate her. And plus she keeps her hair long, which is how I wish Saya grow her hair.

  3. so this episode we learn that diva’s blood is also fatal to saya. i don’t really think riku will become a chevalier….maybe him being able to hear what saya hears proves he’s special in some ways. also, in the when solomon got confronted by anschel, diva says ‘because he just LOVES my sister’
    also, diva’s really sarcastic…

  4. Well it looks like episode 26 will deal with Riku coming to terms with his new Haji-like abilities so…
    But I do believe he’s special, I look forward to seeing what will happen to him. Now Haji is like his big brother/dad. And as for Kai, I still think he’s a bit of a meany.
    Diva’s insanity is fun. She runs around like a child sampling a buffet. And I think she’s slightly prettier than Saya. I think it’s the long hair and fair skin. Saya needs to let that hair grow, I agree with you. But I guess the director likes the modern look.

  5. Oh my God I can’t believe people’s predictions about Riku becoming a Chevalier came true! 0_o Well at least he’s Saya’s Chevalier, too bad he’ll be stuck as a kid forever after though.

  6. Oh almost fotgot this. Do you see the reactoin of Diva when she see Hagi?! What does she say (In another page they think something like: You are preety awesome, Hagi!Impudent Chevalier…thought I don’t hate you.)? Diva is has an interesting character…something like a childish psyho stile or in a diferent way is a person that get what she want but she is evil in any case!:(
    We will see! Just want to know what relationship was between Hagi and Saya and between Hagi Diva (about that groom thing) also why is Saya the bride of the other Chevalier. Maybe is something like that the Chevailer of one of the sister become the groom of the other sister-because there is the only way how can they control one or the other respectively to prevent that one of them would kill the other-oh my fantasy in this anime is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge-so many posibility…

  7. Okay, Saya wakes up from her dormant state. She has no memory of what she was and no superhuman powers other than performing record breaking high jumps.
    Diva wakes up—has all her memories, has all her superhuman abilities, and can sing like a professional opera singer.
    How is Saya getting the short changed in everything Diva has? Why didn’t Diva control Saya with her song?

    Hagi got crushed by rocks and survived having time to rejoin every broken bone in his body, dust himself off, fix his hair, get a new change of clothes, pick up his cello case, find Saya and stop Diva from killing her. I just don’t understand how Hagi can do all of that.

    I hate Kai so much for hurting Saya’s feeling. Luv Diva though. She’s so lively and cheerful.

  8. Saya doesn’t drink blood like diva, she can, but she chooses not to. this weekens her.
    People are being too hard on Kei, Kei loves Saya. why do you think they were in in the Zoo in the first place? The thing is that when someone die you don’t think clearly. I believe Kei will clear things up with Saya in the future. Did you notice how Kei knew he hurt her. Give the guy a break, he abandoned everything for Saya, but losing his little brother was too much.

  9. In the previous episode, I posted that maybe Diva would turn Riku into her new groom because sucking and giving her blood, and someone else commented that would be some sort of loli-fetish if it turn true.

    Well, it is
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. to guido:
    I don’t think that is really Loli fetish or using the more correct term Shota-fetish :).
    We know the reasons Saya did it. A crying Kai and she also wanted him back.

  11. I think that the conception that Saya is physically subordinate to Diva is just erroneous. If you were to assess Saya and Diva’s abilities and decide who’s superior you have to do so comparatively:

    periodic sleep: wakes up, has only hagi to revive her memories and to “train” her.
    blood consumption: I’m assuming very very low, considering that she avoids taking human blood–this explains her ridiculously slow fighting speed and capacity

    Periodic sleep: retains her memories and accompanied by five or more chevaliers
    blood consumption: very high volumes, psychotic consumption–particularly during her waking moment

    So if you’re talking about intrinsic capacity, everything else being equal, then the question of whether Saya or Diva is stronger remains unknown.

    nietono no shana
  12. Kai selfish? He’s given up everything for Saya, who he’s accepted as his sister. His home, his dad, and then his little brother. If you didn’t crack under the strain then I don’t know what would make you crack. Of course he wants his little brother back after all he’s been through. I really hope this event has a real effect on his personality. I mean I don’t want him to become a jerk, but give a little more edginess.

  13. Kai didn’t give up anything. He was kind of sucked into Saya’s world.
    I’m mad that he’s lost his connection to Saya as family.
    By saying Saya’s not a part of his family, that’s like saying he doesn’t want Saya to have anything to do with Riku and him. And David was betting that a family bond would control Saya. I guess that’s why he told Kai to leave if he thought of Saya as a monster.
    It’s probabily the moment that drove him that way. Can Kai still look at Saya and not be afraid if Saya’s face is the same face of Diva?

    Hagi and Saya—less blood = weaker. Got it.
    What will give Saya an edge then? More Hagis???

  14. to Chuchu

    Kai was given a way out by David, he could have gone home and live with Riku happily.
    He chose to follow Saya, the reason that Riku was kidnapped was because Kai was determine to find Saya. I do believe Kai will make up with Saya, both of them were stremely emotional at that time.
    Kai just saw his little borther dead.

    Saya just found out that all this has been her fault, that the happy world she once lived in was destroyed because she was too kind. She also got her behind kicked by Diva. she took Kai words too literaly, by being emotional. Check Kai’s eyes when she spat those words back. I would have said the same thing. Didn’t she already abandon them once when she went on her own to the Zoo. I think that is where Kai’s words come from. I hope he gets to explain to Saya how he felt when she left them behind and she went on her on.

  15. After watching this a second time, I have to disagree with everyone about Kai. He’s not being selfish. Look at it from his POV. His younger brother is dying in his arms, the situation is more than enough to actually break anyone, mentally and emotionally. He’s desperate, Saya has the solution, and he takes it, after asking — almost begging her — to save Riku. He isn’t thinking too clearly. He doesn’t even care about what the consequences of Saya’s blood will do to Riku, all he wants is for his brother to be saved. I’m certain he and Saya will have a talk in the later episodes, to make it up for what he said. Kai isn’t the type to go back on his convictions and words. I know he isn’t.

    As for Diva, she’s playful, sweet, giggly and yet so very physchotic. She’s not that evil enough like Amshel for me to hate. I find her rather loveable. Crazy loveable.

    Next episode better tie up the impact of Riku being turned to Chiro or else I’ll be one unhappy person here.

  16. The expression on Diva’s face when she replied “But she looks delicious!” when Solomon said he had to kill Saya, was great.

    Go Diva, down with Saya. Happy psycho > Emo swordsman

  17. Wow, Diva is so interesting and pretty…Why do I have to find the antagonists more likable than the preachy heroes? Why?
    Oh and : “Knowing that she has to kill Diva” How nice of you Saya, but I’m so wishing the contrary.

  18. I’d say that Diva is a likeable villain in that she’s just classic evil. She’s selfish, without regrets, and a good enemy to have so that you can kill her without regrets.

    If she was a vague evil character, Saya wouldn’t have the heart to kill her.

  19. Christy:
    What do you mean with the “The funny thing is she kind of killed Haji already.” thing?

    Wow… Haji got killed in the manga… I hope those were just rumors, or that I don’t understand that very well…

    Kaede Kei
  20. OK, so I was a huge fan of the Blood movie, HUGE fan, so when I heard that a series was being made I couldn’t have been happier. The main thing I loved about the movie was the myserious character Saya. I loved how forceful and fearless she was, Saya was mean but you knew she had a reason for it. I really like the series, but I hope when Saya “fully awakens” she turns back into the Saya from the movie. I just don’t want her to get all her memory back and remain “goody” Saya, I’m just dying to see that girl from the movie again.

    Now on a different note, this episode was AWESOME, kept me hanging on every word, and that was hard since I don’t understand japanese LOL I’m actually looking forward more to the inevitable fight between Saya and Anschel, than the fight between Saya and Diva. I know Anschel may give Saya a run for her money.

  21. Well Haji is alive and well in the manga.
    But Saya in the anime was responsible for him falling off that cliff because of her silly request.
    I like Haji in the manga. I wish the manga official Blood+ was given more attention because in many ways I think it’s better that the anime. Not that the anime is lacking, I love both.
    I just think Saya and Haji interact better in the manga.

  22. Saya, haji and now riku better start feeding on some blood otherwise they stand no chance against diva or her chevaliers. Humans and vampires aren’t so different like for example human bodies require something to sustain them food water without this we grow weak. same goes for chiropterans without blood they grow weak and unlike humans vampires have the luxury of being able to feed without killing they can just take what they need and stop before they kill something.

    saya doesn’t have to worry about becoming like Diva as long as she remember what she is fighting for.

    Francisco Vampire Warrior
  23. Good episode this run. Diva is a creepy little thing. There’s nothing more disturbing than a character that while sounds like a selfish little child with dangerous intent. And of course that tune that plays not the one that she sings but the other one that plays. This is also the same tun that played when Karl lured them to his little fortress for his little game. Saya went mad on that note because of the music. Now the question is will Diva be the only one that needs to be defeated, or will there be someone else. It’s hard to tell if they are the same size.

    Well, you know that Hagi was going to have to show up sooner or later. After all Saya can’t die yet. We still have 20+ more episodes to go.

    Poor Rikku, this should be interesting.

  24. that’s like not FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( while i’m dl-ing ep22, the others watched ep 24….*me so saaaaaaaaaaad* anyway…it’s pretty interesting, not interesting, DAMNED INTERESTING!!!!!!! ^_^ okidoks, nuff of my spamming..XD

  25. What’a a chavelier? Some type of servant to chiropterans? But what if the chavelier bit someone? Then, we would have a string of masters and servants, with the first-blood chiropteran being the most powerful, correct?

    It’s like the feudal system…

    Kai…you need to shut up sometimes.

  26. I think Saya feels she needs to kill all of the Chiropterans before she dies. It freaks me out… Diva’s split personality. It’s not fair! Why does Diva get all of the love and spoil now, even though Saya was the one who was raised to be human?

  27. Diva’s so much more awesome than Saya, she’s like a pshyco killer mixed with a spoiled little girl. I love her! Corse my friends all say I look like her. (I have bright blue eyes and long dark hair, and apparently a creepy laugh)


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