A couple of quick, important tidbits:

  • If you haven’t heard yet (news travels so fast on the Internet), Mai-Otome is getting a set of four OAVs to be released this autumn. The article, from Megami Magazine, thanks the fans for their support and says that they’re using new characters while still considering which of the current characters to use. Since the TV series explores the training of Otome, the OAVs will cover the next crisis that befalls the world of the Otome System.
  • MOON PHASE notices that there’s a lot of series getting extra episodes in the DVDs including Kashimashi (episode 13), IGPX (episodes 25-26), SOLTYREI (episode 25-26), Yomigaeru Sora – Rescue Wings – (episode 13), Binchou-tan (episodes 10-12), and Mushishi (episode 21).

    1. frm the text alone , Ohara san affirms the two series are indeed connected as hinted/revealed in the final episodes ( frm ep 23 onwards … ) tho I noticed we are often led to think otherwise …
      no wonder MIYU serves Arika … we always knew her mother was Rena , but now her full name is known – Rena Searrs !
      wonderful plot twists , intrique , betrayals , forbidden triests between teacher and student …

      Abt this OVA series,
      ” … in this world where they have the OTOME system ( yes , that’s how Ohara puts it ) , a new crisis has befallen … ”

      my own two bits:
      OTOME is refered to as a system ( not the planetary system ) , meaning somewhere in a bygone age , man had replicated the entire MATERIALISING .. stuff and used it to their advantage , or disadvantage

      after-thot :
      moeruze-!!! ( this is HOOOTTTTTT !!! )

    2. kasimasi please… cause the ending is to blurry….. is it true that hazumu choose yasuna ??? in the last episode of the series hazumu tells something to tomari but it can’t be heard…..

    3. That Mushishi comment is a bit weird… how can episode 21 (and beyond, I bet it says) be DVD bonus episodes when episodes 21-26 are slated to air on BS Fuji starting in May? An error in Moon Phase? Well, I guess they’re DVD bonus episodes to people who can’t watch the broadcast on the other channel…

    4. “shakugan no shana ep 25-26?”

      Well, that’d have to be announced as seperate OVAs in that case, since all 8 DVDs have been solicited and the second box (like the first box) will only hold 4 discs. I think they’re just going to focus on the movie which, IMO, should be even more interesting than two bonus episodes. :p

    5. Soltyrei Extra! Can’t wait. Just finished watching ep.24, and for the last half year, that has been the favorite of my wife and I, despite some unneccessary violences. I hope it deals with Solty’s return and the recoping with the new situations on the surface, which changes. Roy and Miranda will still be associated with the hunter so undoubtably there are plenty of problems and bad people still around.

    6. I’m really looking forward to episode 13 of Kasimasi, i’ll buy it the moment it comes out.

      But I personaly think that Yasuna asked Hazumu to marry her, and in the last scene she goes to tell Tomari, keeping in mind that those two scenes takes place in summer with Yasuna’s “Ano ne…” and Hazumu w/ Tomari saying her “Ano ne…”

      This leaves two possable outcomes of what the 13th episode could be, given that they will marry:
      1. It will take place at the moment Yasuna asks Hazumu, and she hesitates to answer or doesn’t know how to tell Tomari.
      2. It takes place after everything is said and done and they start out at the wedding or something like that, and maybe Tomari happens to have a difficult time couping with it, (but I don’t really think so as Tomari seemed to do fine with them together).

      Also there is a possabilty that it may just be a recap of all the episodes like what happened with ‘Elfen lieds’ extra episode.

      That’s all I can think of at the moment, anyone’s welcome to add there opinion, of course.


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