Because of what Fumihiko had said the night before, Aka is having trouble concentrating at work. When she gets home, Fumihiko wants to apologize to her, but all he can say are more mean things. It gets even worse the next morning when he suggests that she move out. She leaves, but then yells “Baka” at him from downstairs. In the office, Hatada cheers Fumihiko up by reminding him that he’s the neko-ki’s creator. They go drinking, however Aka and her co-workers also happen to be there celebrating the start of their TV series. The two hear Aka’s voice and barge in on the celebration. Hatada mentions that Fumihiko is feeling down because his proposal got rejected. The guys there try to cheer him up, but it’s Aka’s speech about how she started to love her job that really reaches him. Fumihiko then tells everyone about how angrily he acted towards the girl he loved. Hearing this, Aka replies that she doesn’t think that the girl will think he’s angry because she’s worried about him. Fumihiko apologizes, and after the party, he hugs Aka tightly. Fumihiko asks Aka to become his girlfriend, and she agrees. They kiss and head home.

Well that was a happy ending, pretty much what I expected. I wish they had given a closer-up shot of the kiss, but oh well. Now that think about it, I don’t really think that the series needed to be any longer because they did a fairly good job exploring Aka and Fumihiko’s relationship (which is contrary to what I had thought back around episode two). Fumihiko was once again an ass-hole at the beginning, but he gets redeemed by the end.

Final Thoughts: REC focuses on the budding relationship between two people that started from a random encounter on the street that led to a one-night stand. For me, that one-night stand was really the hook for getting interested in this show. My favorite character is Aka’s manager Yoshioka, which may be partially due to the fact that she reminds me a lot of Ayuki from Kashimashi. Anyway, REC is rather short, but the nine fifteen-minute episodes are enough to tell a good romance story.


  1. This was a nice little series. I hope somebody at TBS took notice and it comes back in some form in a full length series and with full length episodes. The Manga is great if you have not read it . . . .

  2. I thought it was a great place to stop. Romance animes/games tend to get boring when they get dragged for too long because they tend to have less interesting conflicts after the main characters make up.

  3. Personally I think the series was a bad idea, they should have waited for the manga more and would have more material to work with, A full length series would have been a much better choice. OVA’s seem to be trendy this season so we’ll see what happens.

  4. The whole fun starts in the manga. But it was a nice little series. Something different because of it’s length, but I think this is also a good possibility to tell a romance story.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the DVD bonus episode (Episode 10) when it’s released mid-May… The DVD will also have the ED that got cut for the TV broadcast. There was also talk at one point of this being a multi-season deal (three seasons was what they were saying…), so we’ll see how sales go…

  6. I really like REC alot compare to some other series I been watching lately, some of u suggest Fumihiko & Aki doesn’t make the best couples, but I have to admit they are so cute together. Wish this series a bit longer.

  7. A really cute little story (I may go hunt up the manga) …. it seems like the anime people are doing better with many of these short stories than the “bigger budget” 24 ep series.

  8. “some of u suggest Fumihiko & Aki doesn’t make the best couples”

    BETTER THEN NEMUXJUNICHI =.= I just rewatched Da Capo cuz the song of kotori missed me. and then I was like STUPID ASAKURA WHO LOVE NEMU =.= llololol grr. I hope de DC2 wont mess up.

  9. Well, take away the first episode and you have a fairly realistic love story about two people establishing careers and young adults and trying to find themselves. They made a lot of mistakes and they weren’t perfect but they did find ways to make things work out and they had to work together to build up to a relationship.

    I enjoyed this series, it was short but sweet.


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