In the dark of the night, Mao and Okamura wander around the estate where Saya and Diva faced off. Mao accidentally touches a tree with a blood stain on it, which leads them to discover a trail of blood. They also find the broken katana blade on the ground. Meanwhile, on the Red Shield ship, Saya and company are watching over an unconscious Riku. Kai is relieved that Riku is alive, but Saya wonders if she did the right thing. David then calls Saya into a strategy meeting with Joel and Collins. After updating Joel on Riku, Collins reports about an attack on the research facility in Iceland. This facility was providing genetic data to a company that wasn’t the Cinq Flèches Group. Joel then asks Saya about the Shifu, but she’s unable to provide much information. After the meeting is over, Joel and David meet privately. Joel brings out the diary and explains that each generation of Joel writes in it, but there’s a blank for the day of the zoo tragedy. As a result, Red Shield was created back in 1883. The one who gets the Goldschmidt inheritance takes on the name of Joel and the role as head of the Red Shield. It is because of the Joel of six generations ago that Chiropterans have spread across the world. And it turns out that David and Joel are the only two people in Red Shield whose families have served two or more generations; David’s father died in Vietnam.
Saya almost runs into Kai looking into Riku’s room, but hides herself before he sees her. Talking with Hagi, she is still wondering if she did the right thing. Hagi says that Riku will become Saya’s Chevalier and will be able to live a long time with his feelings only towards her, just like Hagi does. Meanwhile, Julia reports to Collins about a base (as in the chemistry term) that she’s discovered in Riku’s blood. As it turns out, Julia used to be a student under Collins back when she was in college. When Collins returns to his room, he gets a phone call from Van Argeno. Van wants Collins’ cooperation and suggests that they meet in Paris in seven days. Back on the deck of the ship, David approaches Saya. She’s made up her mind not to run away until the fighting is over, until Diva is defeated. Hearing this, David presents Saya with her new “fang” – a katana with a red gem at the base of the blade. This crystal of the Chiropteran is for the sake of never forgetting everything; Saya’s crystal is from George. Saya confirms her determination to defeat Diva and Hagi pledges to carry out her wishes until that time comes. Meanwhile, Okamura has stayed up all night reading and finally connects the Goldschmidt and Solomon Goldsmith. He decides that they need to go back to Paris to investigate. As morning dawns on the Red Shield ship, Riku wakes up.

As I had predicted, this is a slower-paced story development episode. We learn a lot of Red Shield, and Saya even joins the organization. I’m a bit cautious when it comes to Joel and Collins though because I can see both of them becoming bad guys sometime in the future. Especially Collins, who the producers haven’t really given any reason to like as a character. And if he goes to meet Van Argeno, who knows what’ll happen.
I loved the scene where Saya gets her new sword. It’s been a while since a scene has been accompanied by such a rousing song. And Saya’s new sword looks really cool, though the reflection from the crystal may be a bit extreme. It’s also interesting that the sword has a connection to George through the crystal; it probably means that this is the weapon Saya will carry through to the end of the series.
Riku wakes up at the end of this episode and next week seems to be about him realizing his new powers and about an attack by the Shifu. I wonder how long it’ll be before we get to see Riku in action…


  1. About David’s dad, that really ties in well with the Last Vampire movie. Maybe Saya meet David when he was a kid and they both forgot each other. Or Saya could have killed David’s dad when she lost control in Vietnam and David doesn’t know about it.

    Saya can hurt her eyes with that jewel. It glows. Maybe when she uses it, it’ll leave cool trails of red and blue. How about a new look for Hagi too?

  2. Saya had better kick shifu ass with her new sword… it would be a terrible letdown after that dramatic scene where she unsheaths her blade. It would be like Gundam Seed Destiny.

    A kid chevalier… doesn’t need to drink, eat, sleep…but still needs warmth…

  3. I always wondered if there was a connection between Joel Goldschmidt and Solomon Goldsmith since their last names sound so much alike. Now I’m just wondering if Collins and/or Joel will turn out to be the villain or if Solomon and maybe Van Argeno will somehow be the good guys (which I seriously doubt though). Still, can’t wait ’til next week to see what Riku’s reaction to being a Chevalier will be.

  4. Maybe Collins values his research more than anything else. Thus him being in cahoots with Van isn’t a shocker.
    Did Kai really say something positive about Haji?
    Saya’s new sword is cool!

  5. That one scene where she’s holding the sword and its reflecting the red onto her right eye, her shadow in back actually makes it look as if she had long hair again.

  6. Sorry for double post. George really is more than what he appeared to be. It couldn’t have been easy to get the gem. Maybe, he’s like a caretaker for Red Shield, watching over children with special abilities. I can’t remember if they ever explicitly stated that George was Kai’s and Riku’s biological father.

  7. intriquing, won’t you say.

    so it was one organisation after all, except that a great schizm developed between rival members after the Diva incident that brought abt the formation of Red Shield. there’s more than one Goldschmidt, as the one who gets the inheritance also inherits the Joel name, regardless what their original names may be. Solomon obviously did not inherit it cuz he became one of the chevalier himself… but this is plot heavy stuff so i won’t go on that much more than has been aired so far …. one grp turns the world into a zoo while the other serves to contain the scourge.

  8. Ya know, I just had a theory.

    In Blood: The last vampire, Saya had blue eyes, but in blood+ it’s Diva that has blue eyes. That would tie into one of the mangas I read that Saya had a clone made of her.

    Any takers?

    Just an idea to play around with.

  9. i have also thought about why saya had blue eyes… it appears that her and diva are twins i believe identical and not feternal. so it questions why saya’s eyes are different. my idea is she dislikes diva that she tries to be the oppisite of her. she cut her hair we seen since the russian rev. diva leaves her’s long. that as we know they have the power to change themselves. but if she could do that why doesnt she make herself completly different… eh i donno

    the other idea is that maybe she wanted to fit in. sub-conciosly(however u spell that). I’m also just throughing ideas around.

  10. the original movie and this TV series are two different stories, that much i can assure you, frm what i read of an interview with staff as published in ShonenACE mag early last year …
    Blood+ is their second(?) major step away frm doing one-off short films …
    after the success of Ghost-In-The-Shell …
    the movie Saya was more a Vampire vigilante while the tv Saya now has a sister, Diva … in the way girls in the same dance troupe or sorority refer to each other as sisters … just look at Mai-Otome (hee)

    where experiments are concerned, Diva looks to be the control element in the experiment, kept in isolation, while Saya is brought up thru close contact with humans(? or are they).

    wait a sec… why has no one asked how many 30 year cycles there had been prior to 1883… Anschel and the others seem to have been around for ages before Diva killed Joel in 1883 … has Saya always been so forgetful … this is getting to me … (chills)

  11. Red shield is in great need of skilled soldiers like RE4’s leon S kennedy and jack krauser. Saya is good but she and hagi are only two against diva 4 chevaliers and a possible army of chiropterans(i don’t include riku cause he is a rookie chevalier)

  12. And, about the whole Diva/Saya thing, Why the heck is Dive so powerful compared to Saya? Seriosuly, even in flashbacks we don’t see her use any of those powers the Chevaliers have, even though she’d have to have them if it’s her blood.

    Hell, even back in the 1800’s she didn’t even know about her blood, while Diva was killing people left and right.

    Did they just not tell her?

    And her whole memory thing, it’s apparent that she didn’t forget all the other times, since she mentioned Hagi being there and all that durring the flashback episode (in Russia) so I don’t think she just cleans her slate each time, ya know?

    I’ll come back with more information.

    I’m determined to crack this mystery!

  13. I think Saya lost her memory due to some sort of trauma or something during the Vietnam War after she went on the rampage we see in the first episode. Maybe when she came to after killing so many people she just shut down mentally and went into her sleep cycle.

  14. That might be it. Also, she took a lot of hits durring that fight. I mean, look at all the gun fire! It could’ve been a combination of physical and mental trauma.

    But it’s pretty obvious that her not remembering is odd. Since everyone’s like “Wait… You don’t remember?!?!” and, honestly, I just kinda want her to already.

  15. when someone said it was saya agaisnts Diva and 4 cevailer
    u can make that 5
    the phamtom or what evey his name is still alive
    only lost a leg…….
    but on the other hand i think saya can win cause she has like 100 humans with good guns with her….
    anyone think the new cevailer will be strong??????

  16. Why does she have two different swords? ive only been able to catch bits and peices of this series, mostly just episodes 29-45.. and maybe a few of the first ones.

    When looking for a replica of the sword i noticed that there are 2 different versions, the more curved one and the one with the red gem. It seems i have to buy both now (lol). But im just curious as to why there are 2 different ones.

    i probably wont check back here so just hit me up on my aim f4rs1de =)

    Jake g

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