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OP: 「桜キッス」 (Sakura Kiss) by 河辺千恵子 (Kawabe Chieko)
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Fujioka Haruhi is looking for a quiet place to study and enters the room that houses the Ouran High School Host Club. Ouran High School is filled with rich people with lots of free time. The Host Club serves the female portion of school. Actually, Haruhi is a scholarship student because he’s not rich. The guys in the club even call Haruhi a hero because of his poverty. As Haruhi tries to escape their clutches, he accidentally knocks over a vase and breaks it. The cost of the vase? 8 million yen. Since Haruhi is poor, the leader of the Host Club, Tamaki, decides that Haruhi will have to pay back with his body by becoming the dog of the club. During business hours, Tamaki has Haruhi go buys some things, including instant coffee. Everyone gets excited because they’ve never seen the stuff before (since they’re so rich).
Aside from Tamaki, the other members of the Host Club are the brothers Kaoru and Hikari, the tall Mori, the glasses-wearing Kyoya, and the child-like Haninozuka (Honey for short). Kyoya warns Haruhi not to try to run away because he has a private police ready to go after him. It’s only after Hikaru takes off Haruhi’s glasses that the group realizes what beautiful eyes he has. Tamaki orders everyone to help fix him up, and the result is a very pretty-boy-esque Haruhi. Tamaki tells him that he needs to get 100 customers before the club will forgive the debt. Haruhi gets to work immediately and unwittingly wins over some girls with talk about how his mother passed away and how he enjoyed doing the chores and cooking.
Tamaki then introduces a girl named Ayanokouji to Haruhi. Ayanokouji doesn’t like Haruhi for taking up so much of Tamaki’s attention, so she dumps Haruhi’s bag into the fountain outside. Tamaki ends up joining Haruhi in searching the water for his wallet, which gets Ayanokouji even angrier. She then requests Haruhi and privately tells him that Tamaki is only caring for him because Haruhi’s upbringing was so unusual. Haruhi realizes that the girl is jealous and says so. Ayanokouji reaches out to hit Haruhi, but he stands up and somehow the table gets turned over. She starts accusing him of getting violent, but the Host Club takes Haruhi’s side and so she leaves. Tamaki punishes Haruhi by raising the number to 1000 customers.
While Haruhi is changing, Tamaki brings him a towel and unknowingly walks into the changing room. He finds Haruhi in girl’s underwear and the light bulb finally turns on: Haruhi is not a he, Haruhi is a she. Kyoya had known from the beginning and the rest had figured it out along the way. Haruhi compliments Tamaki by saying that the way he acted earlier was cool. This gets Tamaki red-faced and Kyoya wonders if this is the beginning of a love.

ED Sequence

ED: 「疾走」(Shissou) by LAST ALLIANCE
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Very high energy opening and closing songs, definite pluses for this series.

This series is amazing, probably the best one I’ve seen so far this season; BONES has really outdone themselves. I’ve provided high-res pics to show just how great this series looks. And it’s not just high animation quality, I found the first episode to be pretty funny and lighthearted. By keeping the light bulb joke going through the entire episode, it became especially funny when Tamaki’s finally came on. The story is probably not for everyone since it’s a very shoujo premise, but I certainly enjoyed it.
I actually haven’t read much of the manga (not even all of volume one). From what I remember, this episode is very similar to the first chapter except with some of the parts moved around. This is a sign that I should probably go read more of it…


  1. Oh this look soooo cute… Reminds me a bit of Girl Got Game where the girl dress up as a guy and a bunch of girls think she is cute. ^_^: I am definately going to be following this.

  2. Is seems that they are following the manga closely which is very funny, I keep laughing when I was reading the manga especially the twins. I sooo love the twins!

    I wonder how many episodes are there going to be?

  3. Not a Hana-Kimi rip off. All the guys know from this episode onward that she’s a girl 😛 and not all of them are pursuing her (it’s not exactly a serious shoujo series, while HanaKimi thinks it is). Very light-hearted manga; it’s good to hear the anime is fun.

  4. after the disappointment of girl’s high this was awesome for a lack of a better word. It was a great first episode the comedy is just right and the little bits of drama were nicely done and don’t make shout emo at least for now. It almost very fruits basket-ish especially with the momiji in this one. Definitely looking forward to this and how it unfolds good replacement for magikano and noein now that they are over.

  5. hana kimi rip-off?

    Far from it.

    Hana-Kimi was a typical shoujo/yaoi fest with a boy/girl twist.

    If Ouran’s the same, Haruhi wouldn’t be exposed until like the 2nd last episode.

  6. finnaly…one of my three most anticipated anime came out. Looks like its 4:3 ratio though… I hope they change it to 16:9 when they put it into DVD.
    Also, Ouran is very unique… nothing like Hana-kimi or He is my master.

  7. If anything, Ouran is more like Fruits Basket than Hana-kimi. Its more comedish than romantic, methinks. The manga is truly amazing, you should all read it!

    I was very, VERY impressed by the first episode. The animation and art was OUSTANDING (then again, this is BONES), and I thought it was true to the manga. I think so far this is my favourite show this season (still waiting for Zegapain, NANA, xxxHoLiC and TRC2) so I cannot wait for the next episode XD

    Mori, rabu rabu, much? ^^

  8. Bleh, not big with watching/reading straight shoujo, CCS is about as far as I’ve ever gotten, but considering this *is* BONES and this blog has rarely steered me in the wrong direction, I might give it a short… assuming it gets subbed. What’s taking everyone so long, I wonder?

    I really need something to look forward to tomorrow. Gotta go speak Spanish in front of a couple dozen people… 😛

  9. I don’t think she intentionally posed as a guy, she just happened to be dressed that way. At the end, Haruhi says that it was ok with her if everyone thought she was a guy. She thinks that her consciousness of being a boy or girl is lower than most people.

  10. Ouran is definitely NOT yaoi nor a HanaKimi rip-off. It is a hilarious nonsensical shoujo comedy. I love the manga and I’m glad to hear that they did a decent job at the anime.

    Can’t wait for Beary to appear! ^-^

  11. This is a great series. There have been deviations from the manga already, like how Haruhi was discovered a girl but it’s still ok. I just hope this series is as good or better than the manga. I wonder how many episodes it’s gonna have.

  12. Just watched it! So funny! I really liked it! The character styles aren’t really my cup of tea, but the characters themselves are hilarious! I’ll have to find more of this series!

  13. Ouran Host Club was an awsome manga series~
    Glad they made it into an anime~
    thou the characters slightly remind me of Tsubasa… cuz how they’re drawn…
    from some srceenshots, it looks like the characters are sticks [kinda like how Tsubasa was…] and other times they look normal~
    maybe it’s just me….

  14. Almost gave up on this series totally after getting hold of the cast list and noticed that they changed all but one seiyuu from the drama CDs (Hisakawa Aya, Midorikawa Hikaru, Suwabe Junichi, Hoshi Souichiro were all being replaced in the anime and only Suzumura Kenichi remained).

    After seeing a lot of positive reviews, I downloaded and watched the first episode and I am pleasantly surprised that the animation and script are both excellent and it is quite fun to watch. The anime seiyuus did a good job, it is just that the original cast of the drama CDs are very good and it is a tough act to follow.

    If only they can keep the original cast, then it would be perfect ;–;

  15. I remember reading about the upcoming anime of Ouran, and was so excited, and when I found it, I immediately downloaded it. After a little thinking, I was scared to watch it because I might hate the voices or the animation or all of it, but I was really surprised. I was fully satisfied, and even rewatched it a few more times. ^_^ The opening kind of disgusted me since “KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE” blared into my ears, but it grew on me. The ending is fantastic though! It’s cute how Beary made an appearance. I love how they used the lightbulb joke throughout the episode, and Tamaki’s reaction was hilarious. It’s such a lighthearted comedy that you forget there’s supposed to be some romance in there. XD It’ll come, I hope. Even if it doesn’t show up, I’ll still love the series.

    The animation if smooth and amazing that I gawked at my screen. However, it’s very pink, but still cute, ^^

    I was disappointed that I didn’t hear much of Mori’s voice. >__> Like many others, I loved the original seiyuus on the Drama CDs, but the voices in the anime are top-notch as well. I loved Haruhi’s voice, and how well it suited her. My favorite one is probably Kyoya’s voice. So smooth, cool, and sophisticated. *_* But then again, I didn’t hear Mori’s much. ^_~ I nearly squealed hearing Honey’s voice, knowing it was the same as Momiji’s in Fruits Basket. Excellent, excellent casting. *thumbs-up*

    Hah, I can’t wait to see Renge’s appearance. I hope they keep up the whole “OTAKU!” line with the exagerrated shock expressions from [most of] the Host Club members.. That is still my favorite part of the manga series. XD I’m definitely following this series.

  16. heh, looks like BONES could pull anything if they wanted to. Pretty impressive ep. Funniest part has to be how Tamaki realizes that he has been exposing his true self in front of Haruhi without realizing that Haruhi is a girl.

    Sakamoto Maaya’s second lead role (first one being in Escaflowne as Hitomi, which was also her debut role) hasn’t seem to lose her edge. The only real but minor problem I have with her is that anger isn’t seem to be her strong point as Haruhi.

    Animation is is pretty much above quality.

    In closing, I would like to also mention Miyano Mamoru (who voiced as Kiba in Wolf’s Rain) did an outstanding job as Tamaki. I was very impressed with how he made the character very cocky and confident.

    I guess I’ll mark this one as one of my must see for this season.

  17. I finally got to watching this and its really great! I wouldn’t have checked it out if I hadn’t seen it here though. This is probably my current favorite of the season now. I was wondering what would be my ‘Mai’ for the spring was going to be. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Angel Mercury
  18. I love this series! At first glance it doesnt seem very original with all of the guy characters being so stereotypical, but then i figured out that they were actaully making fun of that.
    The twins remind me of george and fred from harry potter. And that mean girl DID remind me of Fllay from gundam seed…same personality too >_

  19. It’s nice, Ouran high schol is one of my best manga titles alongside with Skip Beat! and Anne Freak, stil I’m finding some changes between the manga and the anime in the manga TAMAKI FINDS OUT THAT Harui is actualy a girl by looking at her Student pass ( then what was that. fan service?) anyways altough the episode differed from the manga it was really good it caught the essence of the manga and was indeed funy,
    by the way thanks it is really good that this kind of sites exists
    thanks =^^=

  20. Hey! Awesome summary and nice caps. ^_^ would you mind, terribly re-uploading the opening? The file for rapidshare is not there and the megaupload one has expired. I understand if you don’t want to. ^_^ Thanks!


  21. I apologize if I offend some people but I’m surprised none of you saw how Haruhi wasn’t a “typical” shoujo heroine like she not whiny, a crybaby, utterly useless, and can stand on her own to feet. Even though the typical shoujo heroine personalities doesn’t bother me in the slightest bit Asa long as they can protect themselves. Ouran rocks!!!

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