OP Sequence

OP: 「夢想歌」(Musouka) by Suara

A man wakes up from having frightening visions to the sound of a girl telling him that it’ll be ok. This girl introduces herself as Eruru. She had apparently found him collapsed and wounded in the forest. The man, who doesn’t have any memories of who he is, soon realizes that he has a mask on his face. With nursing from Eruru, he gets well enough to get up and start moving around. He notices that there’s a girl who keeps peeking in on him; Eruru introduces this girl as her sister Aruru. It seems that both the girls’ parents are dead. The man and Eruru go out to town, and along the way, he notices that Eruru has a tail. When he touches it, Eruru gets startled and pushes him away. He then meets a man named Teoro, who takes a liking to him, and then meets Teoro’s wife. The two walk around the village and then rest under a tree. As they’re getting ready to head back, Eruru hears a growling sound.
That’s the sound of raptor-like creatures which are used as mounts, signifying that Nuwangi is here to collect taxes. What’s more, he tells the villagers that the land tax is going up. Nuwangi has a clear interest in Eruru, and tries to take her by force, but the unnamed man steps in and stands up for Eruru. He has no problem stopping a punch from Nuwangi and driving him off. In frustration, Nuwangi goes and destroys a shrine to the forest god, but then gets scared off by a rumbling noise and an animal’s roar. Eruru’s grandmother identifies it as the call of Mutikapa. After Eruru dresses the man’s wounds, he has another vision of a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Eruru thinks that if regains his energy, then his memories will come back. Sometime during the night, Aruru’s ears perk up, and she lifts herself out of bed even though her eyes seem not awake. A white tiger-like creature – Mutikapa – continues to roar into the moonlight.

ED Sequence

ED: 「まどろみの輪廻」(Madoromi no Rinne) by河井英里 (Kawai Eri)
I love the way the OP sounds, but I don’t really care for the ending song.

By popular request…
Actually I enjoyed this episode and think this series has a lot of potential. Given that the war scene from the OP got me the most excited, I felt that the first episode was a little on the slow side. Good animation and music, though I was a big confused at why fur at the end got the full CG treatment. The premise (feudal Japan with fantasy elements) didn’t seem that appealing at first, but I kind of like the concept now. Again, I’m most hoping for a war scene like the one shown in the OP. Anyway, this is definitely something I can commit to watching the first few episodes of.
Oh, Eruru and her tail are just too cute.


  1. I still have the H-game OPs for this series and didn’t even know they were making it into an anime. At least, I think this is based on a game, don’t know about the (H) part though. Anyway, I hope someone plans on fansubbing this because I really liked the characters and the tribal-like setting.

  2. Damn, can’t wait to see these new series translated. Got a whole list I want to see this season – I’m just hoping that all of them will be covered by the fansubbers. Utawarerumono interests me, it seems to have a very rich setting. Nice character designs – it would be a tragedy if something happened to those cute cat(?) girls in that war.

    …anyway, how typical of a h-game protaganist to have no face, but this is taking it one step further. haha…

  3. “Anyway, I hope someone plans on fansubbing this because I really liked the characters and the tribal-like setting.” – Robin

    Static-Subs are planning on subbing this.

  4. I quite enjoyed the first ep. I knew what was going on, thanks to some game summaries someone else posted, but I await the fansubs. It’s supposedly 26 episodes, so they’ll probably have enough time to tell the whole story.

    The tail-touching part was funny. :p

    As for the setting, I’ll just say that it’s not what it seems. So look forward to more of the plot as it gets shown. 🙂

  5. Glad you decided to watch it ^^

    The game made me cry, but it has a nice balance of happy times and sad times. I wonder if they are going to focus at all on romance parts…After all there’s no multiple endings for different girls in the game.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. the girl is quite popular, there is a lot of fan art of the two sisters every where i’ve got quite a few backgrounds my self. I didnt know where they were from untill recently.
    the game being an action rpg it seems.

    Anyway looking forward to whatching more of this and Haruhi.

  7. Looks pretty interesting and at least it isn’t yuri, which seems like every show this season has so far. I’ll probably pick this one up for my Tuesday show along with Bleach.

  8. If anything, Utawarerumono is more on the line of harem. It’s like Shuffle!, where all the heroines like the main character.

    I hope we’ll get to see Hakuoro’s face in the anime…It was never revealed in the game X(


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