Rin, Saber, and Archer enter Ilya’s home and retrieve Shirou. Still feeling weak, Saber falls down while the group is making their escape. When Shirou tries to help her up, Archer tells him to stop because he can’t do anything for Saber. The group tries to leave through main hallway leading out of the house, but Ilya appears behind them. Rin figures out that Ilya has never actually left the castle, meaning that the Ilya they’ve seen is only an imitation. Ilya brings out Berserker, and since Saber is still too weak to fight, Rin has Archer step up to delay Berserker so that the rest of them can get away. Archer asks Rin if it’s ok for him to defeat Berserker and she replies by telling him not to hold back. Before his fight begins, Archer gives some advice to Shirou. Shirou can do only one thing, but he should master that one thing. Shirou must not to forget to image himself as the strongest. Archer then throws one of his swords into the ceiling, bringing it down and forming a barrier between the fight and the three running away.
As the battle gets underway, Archer is unable to hurt Berserker, so he ends up on the defense. After getting knocked into a wall, Archer jumps back up and says, “I am the bone of my sword.” He summons a bow and arrow and fires it at Berserker, but it does little more than temporarily slow his enemy down. Archer then jumps through the hole in the ceiling and manages to trap Berserker on the roof. “Steel is my body, and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades.” He summons four swirling blades that explode when they hit Berserker. “Unknown to death. Nor known to life…” The next attack uses two large wing-shaped blades in a downward slash. But after all that, Berserker is still standing. Archer then takes a hit that sends him into the wall. He briefly remembers Shirou’s face and walks back in, only to be hit again.
Archer’s body lands back inside the castle, but he’s still alive. When Ilya orders Berserker to hurry up and kill him, Archer responds by saying that Ilya is as merciless as ever and Ilya is surprised that he calls her by her first name. Archer knocks out the lights and reappears in a spot of moonlight. “Have withstood pain to create many weapons. Yet, those hands will never hold anything. So as I pray, unlimited blade works!” Ilya and Berserker are transported to a place with giant gears floating in the air and infinite swords in the ground. Archer and Berserker then make a final charge at each other. From outside, Rin suddenly stops running. The crescent symbol on her arm has disappeared. She wants to press onward, but Saber then collapses. Back in the castle, Archer disappears in a wave of sparkles. Ilya seems surprised that Archer was able to kill Berserker five times. At Ilya’s urging, heavily injured Berserker quickly regenerates his wounds. After those two leave to give chase to Rin and the others, we see that Archer’s red clothes also disappear, leaving behind only Rin’s pendant.

Special ED

ED: 「ヒカリ」 (Hikari) by 樹海 (Jukai)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 and Mirror 2


I thought this was a fabulous episode, with some terrific action sequences. I’m really sad to see Archer go because he was one of my favorite characters on the show. It’s a shame he didn’t get more screen time. The special ending just made it even more poignant. The music in general was used very well this episode, contributing quite a bit to each of the scenes.
They don’t explicitly say who Archer was, but there are a LOT of hints given, from his fixation on Shirou to the pendant he leaves behind that’s the same one that Rin used to revive Shirou back in episode two. My policy remains to not say anything that they don’t explicitly state in the anime, so I’m not going to say it here in case they decide for whatever reason to bring him back or something (who knows, it could happen, especially if they plan to diverge from the game storyline). If you really want to know, the comments below state Archer’s real identity several times.
And in case you’re wondering, Berserker supposedly has 12 lives, one for each of the labors of Hercules. Archer here took off five of them (I believe it was six in the game, dunno why they changed it).
Next week is the episode I’ve been wondering about for a while now. Supposedly Saber’s mana needs to get replenished before she can fight again. The way they do it in the game is, well, not something they’d be able to get past TV censors. I’m curious how they’ll handle it, especially since the preview shows Rin and Saber together in bed…


  1. And here I was hoping Rin would be owning in this war. I’m going to miss my favorite pair 🙁

    Beautiful ED, it would be great if they’d actually add more general animation to it and use it from now on.

  2. No. Archer survives in UBW. It looks like we’re firmly rooted in the Fate scenario, and worse, Archer used UBW against Berserker. It’s been implied he *didn’t* use it in the game, so while cool, it makes him look a tad pathetic. Gods, my opinion of this series has tanked with this episode.

  3. Pathetic is the absolutely least thing he looked like. A bit tragic, maybe, but absolutely not pathetic.

    This was an utterly awesome episode, and especially the second half rates among the very best anime episodes I’ve ever seen. Especially the musical score deserves a mention, it helps alot to generate the atmosphere which makes the showdown so great.

    Since I don’t know the game, I can only attest that this was huge. Don’t let disappointed fanboys who don’t get the path they wanted fool you. Besides, the statement of the director still stands that after ep16, things are gonna diverge from the game.

  4. in my opinion, Fate is the crappiest storyline ofthe three, the coolest in my opinion is HF, ans UBW is like the middlepoint. But because of all of Saber’s fanboys, they wouldn’t use HF.

  5. And NIPPONSEI’S Upcoming Release list has Fate/Stay Night OP2 there. Any more news on it, anyone?

    OP2: 「きらめく涙は星に」 (Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni) by タイナカサチ (Tainaka Sachi, same person who sings disillusion)
    I think it’s coming next episode.

  6. the point is to tell a story, not to appease the fans

    the fight’s pacing was odd at times but it was otherwise a solid episode

    take this from a game veteran

    and how do you expect an impaired Archer to fight the strongest servant without his trump card?

  7. Archer is the MOSt BAD ASS male so far in 2006. Hands down.

    UBW speech = FTW!!!!

    I liked how Archer put up a wall of debris btn him and Shirou so that the stupid git wouldn’t interfere this time. I loved him for it. +200 points.

    RinXSaber = WOOF WOOF WOOF.

    this is good. The foolowing of one story I mean, then we will have sequels of the other stories for sure.

    Hell yeah.

    Demon Eyes
  8. The remix of “Emiya” BGM used during *that scene* was alright, but I prefer the original.

    For the story, yeah, we’ve basically been following Fate, although they’ve promised surprises. Ultimately though, people need to understand that Fate is the base storyline. Both UBW and HF are built upon it (HF on UBW as well) and are written in a way that assumes you are familiar with it. So they just don’t work as well on their own. I know that some people will be a bit disappointed as it’s the most straightforward and lacks some of the crazy twists, but trying to “skip” it, just really wouldn’t work. Anyway, they’ve done some extra things, giving Rin some more attention, and in this very ep providing some serious clues to Archer’s identity. From a few things Nasu has said, I don’t expect Sakura to be completely ignored either, though I admit to being curious as to what is planned there.

    As for Archer’s loss; he always jobs, it’s nothing new. If you stop and think about the real nature of his powers and what he can possibly do, well, it’s pretty unfair, let’s leave it at that. At least with regards to this fight, Herc’s particular talent makes him a real pita for Archer to deal with so it’s pretty understandable.

  9. for JT (spoilers aside of course)

    Fate = focussed on Saber and Shirou

    Unlimited Blade Works = focussed on Rin, Shirou and Archer

    Heaven’s Feel = focussed on Sakura, Shirou (not so much) and Rider

    Tekkaman Zero
  10. I will not dispute that this is likely the tighest battle in the series, but Archer’s Anime incarnation is considerably weaker than his game counterpart. In Fate, he was still wounded from Saber and didn’t use UBW, but killed Berserker six times. Here, he was at FULL power, USED UBW, and *still* lost.

    I’m more disappointed, though, at the direction of this show. Without Archer & Rider, HF and UBW are ruled out as possible storylines, so we’re going to end up with something original or keep the choppy pace of Fate right until the Kotomine/Gilgamesh battle. What a waste! HF had the best romance, UBW was the most epic, and Fate had the best female lead. UBW and Fate could have EASILY been combined to make an excellent series…but, it looks like things were not meant to be.

  11. How about we just WAIT and see? You know, very little irritates me more than people judging anime they haven’t even seen yet. Obviously there was already a healthy dose of UBW thrown into the mix. Sakura is still around to add some HF to it. We were already told that the story may go new ways.

    So for the love of god, complain about what you have seen, and not about what you think you might see.

  12. what is so wrong with having Fate? is the first arc, is the one people needs to know first to fully apreciatte UBW and HF (both that can be animated later, seeing that F/sn is a lot more sucessful than Tsukihime)

    Archer went ou with a blast, I’d have been very disapointed if he didn’t use UBW in the Berseker battle.

    Tekkaman Zero
  13. *looks at the screens of the next episode preview*

    *reads Omni’s comment*

    *remembers the game scene*

    *sits stunned in his chair*

    /NUUUUUUUUUUUU/, I don’t want to see my beautiful Saber tainted like that!!!!!!!!!! >.> >.> >.>

  14. Sigh, I did go a tad berserxes a bit earlier. My bad. :X In any matter, it’s highly unlikely that UBW or HF will get their own twenty four episode series; it’s doubtful people will be interested enough to purchase all those DVDs. If we can expect an expansion, it would likely be Fate/hollow ataraxia as an OVA. As such, FSN the Anime is the only outlet for the show. Such a pity, too; Fate is the most boring of the scenarios, and with Rider and Archer dead, it’ll be a bit hard for us anymore elements from UBW and HF, but Deen has mentioned something “interesting” from episode sixteen and on. Who knows? It could be better than the game.

  15. lol, I agree both with Malintex Terek and Mentar. While I am very disappointed to see Archer lose after using UBW, I must say, this was so far the most exciting episode ever. so, I am definitely NOT disappointed at the direction of the show. Even though it looks like its going towards Fate route (which I don’t mind at all. I prefer this one over all the others) like mentar said, the Fate team already told us that they might deviate from the original plot. So, I guess all we can do is basically sit and wait for the next episode where Saber and Rin look like they are going to have some…”fun” ^^

  16. Maybe the ‘difference’ is…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. So… Archer’s gone, and the preview almost makes it look like they’re having Rin ‘replenish’ Saber’s mana, but Shirou’s probably going to be too embarassed to learn how it’s done. I wonder if Shirou’ll be following some of the things in UBW or HF, to go with the Fate scenario they’re setting up here?

    Poor Garten – he was so hoping to see Archer ‘win’ next episode, too.

    that makes me sooooooo sad!!!!!!
    I luved Archer, he was the bestest character ever….
    Is he really gone? I HOPE NOT!!!!
    *bursts into tears*

  19. We all knew UBW and Heaven’s Feel were too much for a mere 20+ episodes series to handle, didn’t we? Fate is the simplest and it’s also the only scenario where Saber is actually glorified. Looking at the fact that Saber has way more fans than Archer does, this path was actually a better choice.

    But I find it very sad that Archer died right after his come back from the beginning of the series. He got a great role in this episode indeed, but he was, IMO unfairly treated in terms of the series.

  20. Chan, most of didn’t play the game but as we are watching Fate/Stay Night we wanna know Archers true name. Now that he lost do we even get to know his true name in this episode??

  21. I think alot of people miss the whole point of UBW and HF’s stories. They made Shirou face every aspect of his ideals and challenged them completely. Fate was never about his ideals so much, as about his relationship with Saber, and making her realize about her wish to change her past life, was not what she really needed to do. IMO, UBW and HF were superior storylines because of how much struggle Shirou had to go through internally, with who he was, what he wanted, and how he was going to achieve it. Not to mention the struggles EVERYONE went through in HF.

    This is very much going down the same True Fate arc as Tsukihime went through the True Arcuied path(which I hated).

  22. NOOOO!!! Archer!!!!!! *calms down* Well, I’m glad they did Archer justice in this episode. But now with my favorite male character gone, my only motivation for watching Fate is Saber. Now, next episode is looking interesting…Rin…Saber…mmm…anyway…

  23. Well, they could alawys pull another swerve, since there’s still like 10 episodes before it’s all over…….

    How about like….

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Unlikely, but I’m being delusional. Archer’s backstory is one of Fate’s driving force.

  24. “most of didn’t play the game but as we are watching Fate/Stay Night we wanna know Archers true name. Now that he lost do we even get to know his true name in this episode??”

    they didn’t said Archer’s true name directly but the hints are there, the final scene doe give away his identity if the viewers have a good memory.

    but if you wanna know his name, he is Show Spoiler ▼

    Tekkaman Zero
  25. OMG. NOOOOO. this can,t be happening.

    so…does that mean we won’t know archer’s true identitie ?
    so ..basicly this mean i can spoil my friend without risking to be killed. sweet . lol

    anyway , hum..i wasNt, expectign this at all. i was sure archer was gonna betray them and reveald he was Shiro from the future.
    I also was expecting a devellopemtne on Sakura and Rider..
    but i guess we are going to focus on Gilgamesh now…for like..10 ep…

  26. OK, time to stop watching it, seriously…
    Unless he comes back, I don’t care anymore. It was such a wasted opportunity! Why didn’t they develop the 2 pairs’ relations? It would have been great to see some character development between Rin and Archer, because Saber and Shirou are boring.
    And are we really suppose to feel sad since Archer’s time in the spotlight was so limited?

  27. I would have preferred another ending for Acher, like the one in the game.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    But I guess you get to see UBWs which is cool.

  28. It’s awesome how people whine about the “Saber fans” who wouldn’t like the HF Path.

    I mean, most of the people that post here, and on AniSuki, and in other places too never said “I WANT FATE SCENARIO”, everyone always asked for HF or even UBW, which is my personal favorite.

    So I don’t get it, why all this crap against Saber fans. I love Saber too , even though I reckon I’d probably like the UBW scenario more, since the plot itself is superior to Fate’s.

  29. I still not sure what Studio DEEN going to do here onward. Well, They sure know that the fan (including me) want the main story from another arc to be compile in the project here. They even said themselves that’s they love the storytelling style of F/SN game. So I still gonna keep praying to see some epic moment of UBW arc or even the twist of HW arc.

    Anyway, Even the result go like this. I’m fulfill now they animated UBW moment. Even it’s just a tiny bit of it.

  30. Well, I don’t mind UBW path if they really do show Shirou mastering his ability. But I’m still thinking there’s a higher probability for the anime to follow the Fate path judging from the previous ep. And I have a feeling Shirou’s gonna do something to get hold of Saber’s other sword……

  31. Well, the way things are going, I wonder if Rin’ll connect the dots? After all, the Pendant was a pretty big clue… and I do wonder if SHIROU will realize what happened?

  32. Show Spoiler ▼

    T _ T (CRYING)

  33. sivaraj, I think the servent you’re referring to right at the start is not the Archer you’ve seen throughout the anime. Since I’m lazy to go through ep 1 again, judging from the game spoilers, the servent you’re refering to is most probably THE OTHER Archer. Not sure if I’m correct but……

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Btw, I think its not that Archer don’t wanna make Avalon but its more like he can’t. Avalon is a EX rank Noble Phantasm and Archer can’t clone stuffs thats beyond the rank of……A?

  34. You know… that SPOILER ALERT… I think you should ditch it. If people come inside, they should be already aware there will be spoilers (bigger or smaller). When you put that warning there it already means something big happens, and that’s already a bigass spoiler in itself. Did anyone understand what I typed? lol.

  35. Well, I don’t know the game, but I have the artbook here, there’re really some “difficult” scenes in it, curious what they’ll do in the anime.
    Just read the synopsis of the storylines in the game.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  36. *Chi*:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  37. Shirou x Saber? I don’t think so.

    dead:maybe that OTHER guy would be able to use UBW before the series ends? yey more blades
    Remeber that Noble Phantasms are unique to the particular person using them. The person in the prologue probably doesn’t have UBW, but maybe a similar attack.

  38. hmm actually i think UBW’s storyline is the weakest among the 3(probably coz it wasn’t really dramatic to me), don’t get me wrong it is still great but when measured up to fate and HF i think it is the weakest… for me i’ll go for HF, Fate, then UBW although i am more or less a sabr fan, i guess HF’s storyline was the best and has the most background story…

  39. Hahahaha

    Behold all Archer Lover

    Archer fan has it written

    For Archer will be back

    As Shirou’s new servant

    Replacing Saber………

    And why you ask!!!!!!!

    Cause Archer might be using imaginary Noble Phantasm just like Shirou himself…


    Archer Lover
  40. omg, amazing episode but not enough archer for sure.
    It’s a shame he’s gone already after showing off something awesome.
    I’m really curious about how they’ll replenish Saber’s mana… I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna do it like how they did in the game, unless they intend to throw a surprise.

    Maybe they decided to only kill berserker 5 times rather than 6 so that they can kill him another time afterwards.. XD

  41. muhootsaver, Show Spoiler ▼

  42. wow… just wow…

    does this mean that tohsaka knew who archer’s real identity was? after going back to watch ep 2. when tohsaka found emiya on the ground in the hallways, she said “why did it have to be you?” and then in this episode how archer had to sacrifice himself so that emiya could escape no matter what and how tohsaka wouldn’t forgive him if they didn’t.

  43. cyw1988 – Chikara, yama o nuki… Tsurugi, mizu o wakatsu for the Japanese bit.

    UBW – I am the bone of my sword.
    Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
    I have created over a thousand blades.
    Unknown to Death.
    Nor known to Life.
    Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
    Yet, those hands will never hold anything.
    So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.

    As for the other one…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  44. I would prefer if Shiro gives Saber some Mana fortidied food that he cooks and modifies using his magic skill enhanced by Tosaka’s inputs. Too Lame for most viewers, but one that makes more sense given Shiro’s ability of enhancing objects and Saber’s love of good food.

  45. Sayonara Archer… sayonara..

    Damn it! I almost cry whit this episode, holy crap… I cried with in the last five minutes, too emotive for me… I knew this was coming, but was too much for me.

    And now… Shirou has to fight, and Saber has to fight… and Rin… has to survive…

    Syaoran Li
  46. excellent episode for a neutral who didn’t play the game nor have read the 3 different storylines.. once Archer decided to hold Berserker off while Rin, Shirou & Saber ran away, I knew he was going to die.. nonetheless I hope they do in a different storyline direction rather than Fate or UBW or HF or whatsoever.. just to make things more delicious for us neutrals & for you all oldies.. that’s my opinion anyways.. maybe once this series ends I might want to get the game, lol!!

    kudos for a nice ending!!


  47. Man, this episode was pretty good. I am kinda disappointed in the UBW now though. This episode really brought it down.

    Either way, although this episode clearly indicates Fate, maybe it also indicates the possibility of three seasons of FSN, one for each scenario. The Curtain Raiser contained scenes that weren’t in the current series. I can’t confirm this, because my information is limited on most of the games. I haven’t been able to play through them. Anyone want to check me on this?

  48. Archer… v_v

    I was pleasantly surprised by the UBW speech. It seems like his VA worked really hard to get rid of the Engrish (at least, since the promo XD) Does anyone else remember how they explained why you should kill the Master rather than kill the Servant in episode 3 or 4? I’ll continue to hope on that…but at least if he went out, he went out in style.

  49. “Does anyone else remember how they explained why you should kill the Master rather than kill the Servant in episode 3 or 4? I’ll continue to hope on that…but at least if he went out, he went out in style.”

    If a Servant is eliminated from the current war, they can’t be summoned again. A Servant can’t continue the war without a Master, so that’s why they say take out the Master instead of the Servant.

  50. If only the previous episodes were this intense in terms of story advancement! I too think that Archer is a pretty cool character in the story and it’s rather sad to see him out of the game so soon.

    The ending music was used well, sorrowful and yet bittersweet at the same time as Archer slowly disappears…

    Wow, if Berserker could withstand all those insane attacks, I wonder what would it take to kill Berserker…

  51. I still don’t understand why Archer didn’t Image Avalon and become immortal. Then he could have defeated Berserker easily. As you know, Show Spoiler ▼


    I extremely disliked this ending for Archer as he was my favorite character. They better get him back…

  52. Nah, Archer’s not coming back. In fact, in the Fate path for the game, they were even LESS revealing of his identity…You never even saw the fight with Berseker, just the wreckage and a list of the ways he was repeatedly killed.

    And, uh, for Episode 15…Well, let’s just say that it’s Shirou who’s doing the job, while Rin’s just getting them in the…mood.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  53. I am really I am wondering how they are gonna pull the next episode off.

    Rin will give the jewels to Saber to restore mana… but if that’s the case, why do we see that introduction to a Yuri scene. I mean i dont care where you come from those last three pics above SPEAK of some kind of sexual scene.

    one of my guesses is that it’ll be implied, or cut.

    Meaning , like Rin will explain to Shirou what he needs to do, he gets nervous and prolly denies it, but Rin will ask him that he has to do it, if he wants to save saber, rin and himself. Understandgly, Saber will ask to shirou to put aside every other thought. Shirou will understand, and he’ll approach her, and we might go into the middle (where we see the Fate Stay Night logo as if we were going to commercials) and afterwards we’ll see them be “done”.

    Tho however the idea, might still set the rating higher. SO I could be just making this up.

    Sincerely i dont want any sexual action implied, but even with the three screenshots above, it is already.

    I might gonna have to reach some contacts to cease this curiosity

  54. Show Spoiler ▼

  55. Well actually Berserker did die 6 times one on the roof and 5 in the Reality Marble eitherway you guys underestimate Berserker. It’s no surprise for Berserker to defeat Archer ,as without a doubt is one of the top servants in Fate he ranks up pretty high.

  56. Some questions about karen and Future Shirou from Chan’s previous comment
    Show Spoiler ▼

    As for Subarashii who mention some scenes from Curtain Riser
    Show Spoiler ▼

  57. tragicsmile April 8th, 2006 at 9:31 am

    dead:maybe that OTHER guy would be able to use UBW before the series ends? yey more blades
    Remeber that Noble Phantasms are unique to the particular person using them. The person in the prologue probably doesn’t have UBW, but maybe a similar attack.

    what i meant was would the guy who became archer be able to use UBW before the series ends? or do you have to be a servant first before you could use noble phantasms?

  58. Oh! Thanks a lot for that video, I was so damn cool…

    About the near future, I hope the changes promised make a very good impresion, specially the final, I want to see a different final in here.

    Syaoran Li
  59. Yes that is Gilgamesh and that armor of his is one reason that makes him pretty difficult I believe it deflects magic. Oh and yes Gil is an archer class basically Gilgamesh is the strongest servant in Fate no question about it. His Noble Phantasm is just too freakishly powerfull and with pretty high stats to boot~.

  60. …Hmm, just like most things in the TYPE-MOON universe, there’s no concrete evidence. But-

    Show Spoiler ▼

  61. I’m looking forward for big changes after episode 15 or 16 (after they defeat Berserker). Who knows, maybe after “her” appears again, maybe Shirou and Saber improve in their relationship, if there is going to be any. Bringing back a Servant is unlikely, because that would ruin their departures, especially Archer. If Fate/Stay Night was a bishoujo game, its time to see more of that, I don’t mind another filler episode like 10, with more of Saber, Rin, Ilya and Sakura. If you know FATE storyline, we have a chance after this arc; please writers gave us what we want

    Syaoran Li
  62. i think archer wil come back..or no??? have u seen the preview? when there was no anime , but they advertised it? and there were scenes from the anime..and there was a fight between berserker and acher…when archer used his bow and said something like this: my bone is my sword..but i dont remember …so??:S i want him baaaaaaaaaaack >_

  63. This is so retarded. I think Archer should have won since he used UBW(Why didn’t he use Excaliber? Siro can even make Abalon!! Or, he could have made up the key sword to open the gate of Babilon of Gilgamesh). I agree Fate is the worst story line of all except for those fanboys of Saber.

  64. hey hey i have ever realy seen the show but i realy bad wont to it looks awesome buy yeah i’v seen some clips of the show on my computer without sound (working on that) an Archer die is pritty sucky. i was thinking him and Rin were going to get together near the end =P

  65. This episode was one of the best I’ve seen…
    Can’t believe Archer lost using UBW though. That’s theoretically unbeatable (a la Gilgamesh). the fight would have been much worse without it, however.
    Fate was the storyline chosen for the anime (I think) because its the most anime-friendly of the three. A tag-team beating nearly impossible odds to achieve final victory…similar to some of the other animes around. It is the weakest story though. UBW would have been awesome.

  66. A version of the UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS:

    I am at home, bored
    Fat is my body, and fired was my ass.
    I have drunken over a thousand beers,
    Unknown to work.
    Nor known to lift a finger.
    Have withstood pain to create many resumes.
    Yet, those hands will never do anything.
    So as I snore, “Unlimited Unemployment Works”.

  67. To me it looked like Rin used the last of her command spells to force Archer to keep fighting even tho he knew he’d lose.

    Maybe she’s just servant-less and hes just master-less now. O’well on to the next one.


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