OP Sequence

OP: 「Starry Waltz」 by kukui
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ED Sequence

ED: 「彼方」 (Ochikata) by マリアリア (Mariaria)

I watched this show out of curiosity because I thought the website looked interesting and featured some good looking artwork. The animation ended up not really appealing to me. Not saying that it was bad, I just didn’t like how any of it looked, except for maybe the main character Filiel. The plot is very fantasy based involving Filiel and the pendant she gets that’s a memento from her mother, who’s revealed to be a previous queen partway through this episode. There’s also the involvement of some cult and the research of an enigmatic professor. Anyway, the plot may appeal to some people, but it’s not really for me. Overall the series just didn’t click for me in any way.


  1. Hey Omni, how was the OP?

    I’m kind of a fan of kukui (even though the only two songs I listen from kukui is “Little Primrose” and “Hikari no Rasenritsu”).

  2. Clicked for me. I thought it looked great and had a good story. And as expected, I thought Orikasa Fumiko really brought the main character to life. In fact, all the characters had something of interest about them.

  3. Dan, that’s Leandra, another candidate for the throne of Graal. She’s evil, and won’t turn up for a few episodes yet.

    Shame you didn’t like the show, Omni, but I suppose you can’t like everything!

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