OP3 Sequence

OP3: 「Colors of the Heart」 by UVERworld
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Riku really wants to see Saya and is disappointed when only Kai shows up. In Paris, Diva is ripping apart stuffed animals and dolls while Solomon asks James if he thinks that Amshel is hiding something from them. James is more concerned about Solomon’s own loyalties. To herself, Diva says that she wants to meet that person. Back on the Red Shield ship, Kai is trying to get Riku to eat. For Riku’s sake, he wants Lewis to make a soup, but it’s become apparent to Lewis how protective of Riku Kai now is. Lewis reports this to David, who thinks that Kai should be able to understand Riku’s state since he’s read Joel’s dairy – Riku doesn’t need food or sleep any longer. Speaking of not needing food or sleep, Julia has been studying Riku non-stop. She talks of the possibility of Riku having the same abilities as Hagi. Lewis is concerned for her health, but Julia doesn’t want to betray Collins’ trust.
While watching the sunset, Saya confides to Hagi that she doesn’t know how to look or speak in front of Riku. Hagi gets on one knee and tells her that she had the same face back during that time (in reference to back when she made Hagi a Chevalier). He wants her to be herself, and promises to be with her wherever she goes; Riku is the same. At that time, Kai is still being protective of Riku by not allowing him to walk and not telling him what happened back at the zoo. When he runs into Saya and Hagi, Riku’s face lights up. He proposes to Saya that they explore the ship and Saya goes along after some encouragement from Kai. After the others walk off, the lonely Kai remembers David telling him that Riku is different from before and now needs Saya. Kai was distraught about Riku’s time stopping, but David had said that it’s Kai’s duty to catch Riku now that George isn’t around anymore.
That night, Riku gets up because he can’t sleep. Kai also wakes up and offers to get Riku the water that he says he needs, but Riku really just wants some independence. He ends up on the deck of the ship with Hagi, talking about how he feels strange. He asks Hagi about the girl from the zoo, and Hagi replies that it was Diva, the enemy whom they must defeat. Both of them suddenly sense the presence of the Shifu nearby, as does Saya. The Shifu had detected Saya since the ship was near port. In the state of emergency, Kai grabs his gun and heads out. Meanwhile, the Red Shield guards are no match for the Shifu. Irene senses Saya waiting for them on the helipad on top of the ship. When they get there, neither the Shifu nor Saya and Hagi waste time talking, and the fighting starts immediately. Kai arrives after it has started, but then spots Riku watching from nearby. David and Red Shield personnel have also joined the battle; they are little more than cannon fodder for the Shifu. The body of one of them lands right beside Riku and the sight of blood triggers a reaction in him.
Kai pushes Riku out of the way of one of the Shifu, but then is unable to stop the Shifu from advancing towards them. Saya has to come in and block the attack so that Riku and Kai can get away. However, when he sees Karman trying to flank Saya, Riku turns back and grabs onto Karman’s weapon. Karman throws Riku against a wall and stabs him in the shoulder. He then charges Saya, but Hagi stops him. Kai rushes over to Riku, and Saya and Hagi try to protect them. Everyone notices that Riku can heal like a Chevalier. One of the Shifu tries to attack again, but gets cut in half by Saya. Moses decides that they should leave for now because Saya is different from before and now has two Chevalier. After the Shifu retreat, Riku opens his eyes and sees that his wound is gone. He’s figured out that he’s the same as Hagi now. However, Riku then collapses onto the ground, saying that his chest feels hot. In his sights is the bleeding body of a Red Shield guard. David reveals that Chevaliers need a large amount of blood so that they can regenerate their wounds. For the sake of his little brother, Kai opens his shirt and offers himself. Riku takes a long drink, and afterwards, mentions how warm Kai is.

ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「This Love」 by Angela Aki
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UVERworld’s opening song is as fast-paced as their others, pretty much the type of song you’d expect from this group. Which, incidentally, means that I like the song 🙂 The art style of the OP also really appeals to me because of how cool Saya looks in it (those lips…). As for the ED, it’s a slower song like the past EDs. Angela Aki is a very talented singer, though honestly I like the first ED better.

This episode really is about Kai coming to terms with who he is to Riku. I guess that since he feels like he’s already so far away from Saya, Riku is pretty much the only family he has left. He’s overprotective of Riku, but when the fighting starts, he’s unable to actually protect Riku. In the end, all he can do is offer his own blood. I actually groaned during that scene because Kai ripping open his shirt and yelling that Riku is his brother came off as a bit cheesy to me.
As for Riku, he needs to have some training with Hagi. He can learn how to defend Saya and live through anything, all while keeping his clothes untorn and well ironed. 🙂
Only six more Shifu left. I wonder if they’re even going to survive until we get to the fourth OP and ED. It’s only going to get harder for them as their numbers dwindle and Saya gains allies. Anyway, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the Shifu next week, including maybe where they originated from.


  1. Starting from the first opening, we see saya in, more or less, human form. Second opening, we get to see her vampire teeth. Now the third opening we see her covered in blood?! ehh… she’s starting to freak me out @@

    great caps, thanks! 😀

    youtube dont let you save the movie,,,so i prefer download by myself to watch it a lot a lot !!
    and the OP IS LA CAÑA ( is a spanish expression like COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ! ). waiting the info too… hard to my to writte in english so sorry guys ( but im addicted to this page ) ^^P i need more practice…

  3. Great OP, as expected from UVERworld. The animation is somewhat weird and not as good as the second OP’s, though. Thanks for uploading this so quickly as usual, you’ve done quite a lot of uploading this week 🙂

    Woot, Kai actually becomes useful by providing blood!

  4. In the opening, the first ninja is Saya and the second ninja is Haji, right? See Kai run…see Nathan naked…see Solomon naked…!

    I’m glad the Shifu still appear in the opening…I’m still not satisfied with their role in the anime so far…the fact that only Moses, Irene, and Karma appear in the opening indicates that all their other members have died…though I wish the annoying Karman would die with the rest of them.

    Then Saya with red chiropteran hands turning into normal hands? And Diva and Saya playing together in the bathtub? Bloody Saya suddenly has Angelina Jolie lips and longer hair. Diva honestly looks prettier than Saya at the end of the opening. Funny how they make Saya look murderous and Diva look innocent!

  5. All i know is this episode is really getting me fired up to see more chevalier actions from Riku 😀

    Show Spoiler ▼

    P/s: sorry about the raw part, got too excited to notice.

  6. So Riku bites Kai… Well, I wonder why we haven’t seen Hagi bitting anyone. He doesn’t eat, and has been heavily (Sorry if this is not how it’s suposed to be written) injured many times, but he hasn’t bitten anyone as I can remember. Diva’s Chevaliers have also drunk blood, so why Hagi hasn’t?

  7. Diva honestly looks prettier than Saya at the end of the opening. Funny how they make Saya look murderous and Diva look innocent!
    I thought Diva looked a bit odd relative to the rest of the OP. She was drawn more like how she looks in the show itself, whereas everything else seemed to have a different art style.

  8. The Shifu are becoming more dangerous. Only a few surviving members have names.
    Moses is the leader by default for some reason (maybe because his hair blinds his sight).
    Karman—-HATE HIM SO MUCH.
    But Irene is growing on me now. Her super-abilities of seeing everyone without using her eyes is the best so far. I don’t want her to die like one of the bad guys.
    The others I can only identify with names like sadist pig-tail girl, tall guy with the high-tech visor, and evil short bald-hammer. And crazy eye Shifu with the axe-pick. And most of them are desperate, savage and evil despite a few episodes ago where one of them regreted having to kill to survive.

  9. What does Diva go around doing everyday anyways? All her chevaliers have real jobs, wouldn’t her life be really boring?
    I wonder if Kai were on the brink of death, would Saya also make him a chevalier?

  10. For an organization who has been fighting the chiropterans for more than a century, how come the Red Shield has weak security on their ship? Anshel can just sneak aboard anytime and kill Joel whenever he wants.

    I just don’t understand why Hagi never needs blood. Does he even have fangs?

  11. Haji needs blood just like Riku does. It’s just that we’ve never seen him feed on anyone before, because its really not that important to the actual story. Also he’s had thirty years during Saya’s hibernation to stock up on blood for all the damage he takes now.

  12. Saya in the new OP looks the way she did in the movie “… The Last Vampire” , very Jolie-ish …
    the tub scene with Diva seems all too plausible , tho something tells me it might be Riku instead … ( oww.. that hurt )

    the Shifu are really getting desperate now … but i like those fancy weapons they have.

    Diva really sizzles in true Gothic fashion , complete with dolls and Kon-like teddy bear stand-ins (i was going, ‘wow, if this were Kon…’)

    ah, the angst of youth … Riku , Kai , Saya(perpetual youth) … and Diva . oops, forgot there’s still Mao
    i enjoyed it all

  13. But Hagi got impaled in the fight with Karl but he didn’t go wild for blood.
    On the Russian train, hagi gets impaled by a chiropteran’s foot but he still holds it together afterwards to wake up Saya. In the first flashback episode, Hagi gets impaled by a flying log but he still manages to recover and help Saya defeat Rasputin. Hagi gets impaled multiple times by the Shifu and he offers Saya blood afterwards. Solomon crushes Hagi under rocks and Hagi bleeds a pool of blood but he still manages to survive—(re-attaches every bone in his body, dusts his clothes, fixes his hair, etc…) and saves Saya from being killed by Diva.

    How come Hagi doesn’t leave victims and bodies across Okinawa and along the way to France?

    The Shifu almost move faster than the speed of light. How can Saya block at all?
    Unless Saya moves faster than bullets, she’s couldn’t beat them anyway?

  14. Can somebody tell me what will happen in the next episode? I don’t understand japanese. -_-

    However, what about the opening? The two “ninjas” (as they were called before) are Saya and Haji?
    Omni thanks for the summary, you’re always on time! ^o^!!!

    Kaede Kei
  15. I wonder if Kai’s ever going to useful. I hate to be sexist, but chicks are usually the useless ones in animes, cough cough Sakura from Naruto. Kai needs to get some special power soon instead of just being Riku’s blood bank. I mean the guy must feel like crap for being so useless.

  16. Josh, saying girls in anime are usually useless I think is too big of a generalization. If you look at shonen anime/manga, females do tend to be more grounded as the supporting cast but in shoujo it’s the guys that often turn out to be kind of useless and even a bit of a drag (might I cite Tuxedo Mask? :D) But honestly to say either sex is “useless” isn’t true because the show wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t there to begin with.

  17. Well, Hagi’s been a Chevalier for what? 100 years? More? Plenty of time to get some self-control and self-discipline set in place so even the slightest drop of split blood won’t cause him to go berserk.

  18. XD girls are useless in anime?! Not so my friend, have you seen Card Captor Sakura, or Chrno Crusade? Or countless number of shoujo manga?

    Blood is not that special in terms of having a girl that is not useless and a guy that is.

    btw… if you have followed the Naruto manga you would know Sakura stopped being useless and therefore will stop being useless in the anime in the near future too.

  19. Guess what???
    If you take that OP rip and play the TV SIZE of SEASON’s CALL its perfect!!!
    If someone could add that music in and put it on youtube it would be crazy good!

  20. ok, saying chicks are useless is a bit harsh. I just hate useless characters in animes, they are just there as an excuse for the main character (chick or guy) to rescue them. what a drag. those characters give bad name to both sexes. why can’t there be an anime where all of the main characters are useful.

    sorry, i m not much of a shoujo manga/anime fan, but I do think the main character from Elfen Lied is very cool.:)

    I do read the naruto manga, and sorry, I still think she’s useless.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. I have already seen the 3rd ending, I loved it… ^^ Sorry for the ones that prefer the 1st one, I changed my loyality, but it´s because it is so… melancholic, and… tender?… o.o? I don´t know, it was just the best in my opinion.

    Kaede Kei
  22. chix R useless? wow, where did we come from ? incubators ?

    those guys who say female chara are useless never watched Bubblegum Crisis or Gal Force or 90% of the TV anime that ever aired in Japan or Cartoon Network i believe, man… not to mention AiKA, Najika, Noir… (end of rant)

  23. addendum

    no one chara is inherently weak. just circumstantially reduced to the point of looking weak…. no one would watch Anime if every title had chara like Doraemon

    i happen to like Elfen Lied myself ^^

  24. most of the red shield are useless im surprised the survived the war against chiroptera for a hundred years considering there pitiful performances against minor beats chiropterans and shifu



  26. Yeah! Rewatching the OP sequence, I just noticed: that with the scarf around Saya’s neck trailing about in the breeze and the animation, she really does look like her original OVA incarnation — I actually thought those were her old braids for a bit, then went all squinty-eyed and said, “Wait a minute, that’s not right…”

  27. I love how Haji/Hagi is so cool!! *_* Anyhow, I still have my theories listed on my personal blog.

    However, I think this is a relationship that can never be…as, I think Saya’s blood would kill Haji as well?? Unless the genes mutated again and created a super-Chiropten (SIC). Besides, aside from Haji’s desires to “be by Says’s side eternally” what are his REAL desires?? I think I saw an inkling in past episodes (seen up to 25) since he betrayed his ‘brothers’ to be by Saya’s side. And they did mention Haji was to be Diva’s groom. Which makes sense that the Chevaliers would be pissed. Since he apparently “rejected” his arranged bride and went for her sister. *hmmm*

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