At the airport on Earth, Shuhei meets a girl named Nitta Aki when she accidentally steps on the gifts he’s bringing to the space station. Both are headed to Airies and happen to be on the same shuttle as Aya. On the station, Sayaka is troubled because Aya’s arrival during their training means that they won’t be able to meet. Ryota suggests that she intentionally get hit during their war game and sneak out of the penalty box. Ryota’s job, meanwhile, will be to delay the game as long as possible so that she can get back before it’s over. Sayaka and Aya eventually find each other, and Sayaka explains the situation to her. The two promise to meet again before parting ways. In the war game, Kazuhiko has been hunting Ryota, but Ryota fakes him out by using his jacket as a decoy. However, before Ryota can do anything to Kazuhiko, he gets nailed in the back by Nao. The game ends, and fortunately Sayaka manages to make it back just in time. Afterwards, Ryota, Sayaka, and Nao finally meet Shuhei again. Nao is overjoyed to see him, but their time together is short-lived because the station’s alarms suddenly start to go off.

As you can see by the fairly short summary, I didn’t think much of this episode. At best it was mediocre – I found myself even struggling to stay awake at certain points. By this point, I’m rooting for the terrorists to finally show up and speed up the pace of this show a little. In other words, I’m giving them one, maybe two episodes to get the plot going (at the very least keep my interest through an entire episode), or else I’m going to be dropping this series.
On the other hand, I’m still listening to the opening song non-stop lol.


  1. There’s a shocking truth behind every (well, almost) lame storylines. And Soul Link is no exception. It’s not only about terrorist invasion, unless they decide otherwise that they aren’t going too much into details. THEN it will be lame.

    I don’t like how they made Kazuhiko pretty heroic. He was a wimp in the game.

  2. I don’t mind anime that does not have a lot of action but I do mind anime that does not tell a good story. So far, Soul-link has been boring… I am willing to give it some more time and see how the story develops and hopefully, things will start to pick up next episode. Also, except for Sayaka, almost every female character so far in this series manage to irritate the hell out of me, especially Nao, hopefully the upcoming story will change my mind about them 😡

  3. Okay okay… the animation is good, and all the girls are looking very very very hot. Yet, the story line is…. wtf, the english is holy shit, and how everyone act it like wow… this anime reminds be of talking to air head girl and i touch her tits and she get horny… thats what this anime reminds me off, an air head girl will get attractive to anything… i mean… these are military students, so they should somewhat behave more military students should act. Breats… wow… everyone has like triple D’s… my rating for this anime is very very low unless the plot SOMEHOW changes…

  4. I’m also disappointed in this series so far.

    There’s nothing much happening. No plot. Nothing in a way except a pretty nice chara-design.

    Well, I’m off to see that ep.14 of Fate again.


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