Youko, after reading a book on taking care of pets, wants Keita to give her some skinship. Keita refuses her advances and the two get called by his grandmother who then sends them to the temple of an old friend. They arrive in the nearby town, but get driven out after they mention the temple. They speak with the priest once they finally get there, but before he can tell them the problem, a giant man leaps out and starts licking Youko, acting as if he’s a dog. The priest explains that this temple performs a dog memorial service. However, recently one of the university’s karate club destroyed a rock that was the repose of the dog’s souls. As a result, the karate club got possessed by dog spirits. And to get let the dog spirits move on, Keita is going to have to provide skinship to all 20 of them. Keita envisions the macho men as dogs, and ends up taking care of them in the same way: taking them for walks, rubbing their bellies, and playing with them. That night, the macho men start growling and barking uncontrollably because the nearby townspeople have taken one of them hostage. In a rage, the men rush towards the town, but Keita has Youko transport him there ahead of the group. They stampede over him, but then stop. The macho’s anger disappears and Keita wakes up to everyone watching over him. Keita envisions himself playing with dogs as the men carry him off on their backs. Everything turns out ok, except that after returning home, Keita now seems to have become a dog.

Ok, so the episode was hilarious….but it also felt like I was watching gay porn or something lol…
Seriously, there’s a lot of comedy this episode, and it’s in a similar vein as last week. Of course the burly men wearing little to nothing might really turn off some people, even more than last week. I would have personally preferred to see more Youko than the machos, but I’m certainly enjoying the humor of this series enough to keep watching.
Oh yea, Matthew pointed out to me that they’re even parodying Nausicaa towards the end there.


  1. LOL the dude with the microphone look like the one in Azumanga daioh, on my side I will try it more, but from the screenshots, I think I will just skip that episode and take the next one if it’s not of the same level as this one…

  2. How would you compare this with Magipoka? This comes on at about the same time as Magipoka for me, so I can only record one (well, I guess can record one on the computer and one on the VCR). Is it funnier or better than Magipoka?

  3. It doesn´t have Gay elements!!I´ve watched the show and almost died to laught 😉
    Those men are owned by dog spirits and the hero has to take care of them to protect the villagers ^_^!!MAN THAT WAS FUNNY!!!He was screwed soooo much that he started to think all the time ” they are dogs….they are dogs…..ONLY DOGS….PUPPIES!!” 😉 😉 😉

  4. I think this series has fanservice intended for the female spectrum of the audience. This is actually quite interestng since I have never heard of a series with fanservice for girls before.

  5. Sorry Youre kinda wrong there.

    The thing about this show, Is that its not used to excite people, or interest people in any way, which it what people would put “Fanservice” under. Although Fanservice can range from alot of things, saying the show is a Fanservice shows is wrong.

    Inukami! showing the men as they do isn’t to atract female viewers. Its all! for Comedy, which can be apart of fanservice but its not the case here.

    And the Novel (What the show is based on) and Manga are aimed at males, and as Matthew’s Blog points out, they still have the same type male-themes in them.

    ~ :) ~
  6. I just started watching this series and . . . damn. I’m surprised I didn’t hear “It’s Raining Men” during the course of this episode. I think the rows of shiny man ass at the end summed up this episode in a way I may be unable to forgot. Well at least my mom works as a psychiatrist.


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