The Ouran High School Host Club puts on a tropical-themed day. It’s Tamaki’s idea, but Kyoya was the one who led him there with a photo-book about Bali. Though she doesn’t dress up in a matching outfit like Tamaki wanted her to, Haruhi does still entertain her guests. This includes a new girl named Kasugasaki Kanako who declares that Haruhi will be her next favorite. Haruhi also learns of the dance party that the club is throwing. Later, when they’re trying to plan for it, the topic of Kanako comes up. Apparently she switches favorites all the time and Tamaki was the last one. Haruhi thinks that Tamaki is sulking because she took his client, but he vehemently denies it. Instead, he wants Haruhi to dress back up as a girl, and really wants to see her like she used to be – with long hair. Haruhi reveals that she cut it short after a kid stuck bubble gum in it. In any case, Tamaki makes her attend their dance party by threatening to expose her as girl, meaning that she’d be back to doing chores.
Kanako ends up being the one who teaches Haruhi to dance, much to Tamaki’s disappointment. Taking a break afterwards, Kanako gets served tea in a new tableware set. Tamaki realizes something is up when Kanako is able to identify the make of the tea cup. And then when Haruhi comments on how Kanako likes tableware, she embarrassingly denies it. At this point, a guy with a voice familiar to her shows up with some tea cups. Kanako comments on how this guy doesn’t look like the heir of a first-rate corporation. Kyoya explains that this guy belongs to the Suzushima family, which specializes in importing tableware. Haruhi learns from Honey that Kanako and that guy, Suzushima Tooru, are fiancés. From his files, Kyoya continues on by saying that the two were childhood friends, and their parents had decided the engagement. However, he’s rather plain. Tamaki decides that they should do something, since the Host Club exists for the sake of the happiness of girls.
When the dance party finally arrives, Kyoya announces to the gathered girls that there will be a queen who’s chosen to get a kiss from the king (Tamaki). Haruhi and Kanako almost start dancing, but Mori grabs Haruhi and carries her away. The guys dress her up as a girl for the sake of finding out Tooru’s feelings. They’ve set it up so that Tooru got a love letter from her and they’ve arranged a meeting. Tooru actually rejects Haruhi because he’s already got someone he likes, even though they’re not lovers. Tamaki, meanwhile, is leading Kanako to that very room, and reveals that he figured out her feelings for Tooru by how she reacted to the tea cup. Indeed when they were young, Tooru had taught her all the different types of tea cups because she was to be his bride. But Kanako is hurt by how he had decided to go study abroad on his own. Tooru tells Haruhi that he wants to go out and seeing the world so that he can become a better man for the girl he likes. Haruhi feels that Tooru is being selfish – it’s unreasonable for him to expect her to understand without telling her. A person can change at the time that they want to change.
Kanako opens the door to the room and finds Tooru and Haruhi together. She apologizes for intruding and runs out, so he chases after her. Seeing Tamaki afterwards, Haruhi realizes what he had meant earlier about the Ouran Host Club existing for the sake of girls’ happiness. Outside, Tooru catches up with Kanako, but then the two are surrounded in light. The host club and all of the guests come out to watch as Kanako and Tooru are allowed the final waltz. She takes his hand and even smiles happily when he confesses to her while they’re dancing. Hikaru and Kaoru announce that the queen is Kanako, but there’s been a change in the king – it’s now Fujioka Haruhi. She’s reluctant to do it until Kyoya tells her that they’ll cut her debt by 1/3. Honey wonders if this is Haruhi’s first kiss, which alerts Tamaki into trying to prevent it from happening. However, he trips on a banana peels and actually pushes the girls into each other. Despite that being her first kiss, Haruhi is pretty happy with the way things turned out.

It’s gotta be a crime for a series to look this good. Seriously, the sakura petals throughout the final scene were just too much. The manga chapter actually features this story during Christmas, though they’ve moved it up to April so that they could (I’m speculating here) show the cherry blossoms in that final scene.
This episode deals with the Host Club playing matchmaker and bringing together a couple. Despite the more serious theme, it’s still got its share of funnies, including the hilarious reading of the letter that the guys wrote for Haruhi. And ‘lo and behold, the mighty banana strikes again! So much for Haruhi’s first kiss…
I wonder how they’re actually keeping track of Haruhi’s debt. It seems like it’s constantly getting changed depending on what they make her do or what trouble she causes. I’m sure that given some time, Haruhi would stay in the club even if her debt was paid (I’m still not very far in the manga, so I dunno if something like that happens later).
Next week, the dreaded physical examination! That manga chapter had me in stitches, so I’m looking forward to next week’s episode having a lot of funny moments


  1. Ouran Host Club is a very funny comedy, JT, but it is not a guyxguy anime, even if the leads are all pretty solidly bishonen. The central conflict is more ‘poor person in middle of a bunch of rich people’, combined with ‘woman passing as man’.

    John Biles
  2. I like the Christmas theme they used in the manga better but seeing Tamaki in SD form is good enough for me 😀
    Yea, I’m not sure why they moved it up to April. Maybe to make the final scene more dramatic with the sakura petals?

  3. MVP – TAMAKI!!

    God he’s so funny. The last scene was one big joke lol, even the classic “slip on the banana peel and pull off an unpleasant accident” thing is funny with his uber skills of travesty.

  4. Ah Tamaki… always so well meant but things always blow up right in his face. Poor guy, he cared so much about Haruhi too, I bet he wanted his kiss to be her first. XD

    From what I see in the anime and the little I read in the manga… I really like Tamaki. Probably my favorite bish of the group.

  5. Long Haired Haruhi, kawaii!

    Finally the highly anticipated Haruhi arrows of doom, striking with ultimate precision where ever boys go stupid. Watching her try on high heels was so precious. I liked the cliched banana joke even though I wished they put int he kiss-a-holic comment. Haruhi even has her own fan girls!

    I am a bit disappointed on how they are skipping up to the physical exam, I hope they don’t drop Renge-san and Nekozawa. As Renge is in the OP I hope she comes in with a bang.

  6. I have to agree with everyone about Tamaki. For once a rich-boy bishonen who’s not conceited and a narcissist (the mangaka originally wanted him to be but he didn’t turn out that ways, thankfully ^^;) and who actually sincerely cares about other people, rich or poor. Gotta love him!

  7. >>Not quite random: the twins were both eating bananas right before that>>

    And right right before, there are arrows pointing at the banana peels in the twins hands, random it isn’t

  8. “The little one” –> are you talking about “Honey”-sempai? He’s a senior in high school, so he should be 17 or 18 ^^ it’s part of the joke. He looks very young, but is quite old (it would be very bad if he were young), plus he’s very smart (actually, he’s #2 to figure out Haruhi’s a girl, and more subtly than the others except Kyoya).

    I’m pretty sure they moved this to April because the next episode is the physical examination episode, and that has a Major Cherry Blossom scene (manga readers.. uh, yeah, Tamaki and his arm :P). They specifically open that chapter in the manga talking about how it’s spring. Which would make the show’s pace through the months make a little more sense, especially since Renge’s chapter isn’t season-specific while the physical exam is.

    And Rain, I think they were acting weird because toro is an expensive type of sushi and she’s never had it. And they were pitying her. And it’s the first time she ever acted that cute (or like she wanted something, either). ^^

  9. First couple minutes into first episode, I was skeptical. By the end of episode 1, I just love it and in fact rewatch ep 1 again. Ep2 is even better. Really look forward for more of this series

    Sanjiyan Unkara
  10. I got into this series not long ago and fell in love with it from episode one. It’s one of the greatest, funniest Animes I’ve watched in a while.
    Just finished watching episode 15 and I can’t wait for 16 to come along.

  11. i love ouran high school host club my favorite sempia sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo cute just like momiji ohh but i like tamaki and i like takashi and kyouya and kaora and hikaru haruhi is pretty (recorded names on paper while watching show) SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  12. im tired of people that are saying that manga are only for gay or girl i mean this manga is really funny and the episode even more of course there is a little bit of love but its like this in almost all the manga right well i think that manga are for everyone am i right ?

  13. Haha Tamaki’s DRASTIC face when he sees how cute Haruhi looks in the dress is hilarious but Um the link to picture #35 is acting up on my computer and the screencap of the teacups + Kanako doesn’t fully load. Is this a falut with just my computer?
    Also does anyone know if this anime series is gonna be officially subbed into an English DVD? Man that would be awesome!


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