Well it’s been a little over a week since the new season “officially” started by my books. I logged about 20 entries in that week, though I think I only fully wrote up about 14 of those, which is about what I normally average. Before I go into which shows I’m going to drop, I’d like to point out the ones I really enjoyed. My top three for the past week would probably be 1. Ouran High School Host Club 2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and 3. NANA. The first two have the perfect combination of humor with great production quality, and NANA is a series that lives up to all my expectations.
On the other end of the spectrum, the entries without summaries from the past week are probably going to remain without summaries, with the exception of the finale of Jigoku Shoujo and the first episode of Suzumiya Haruhi. Here’s the rundown of the shows I’ve decided to no longer write about:

  • KIBA – The first episode wasn’t bad and the show has potential, but Saturdays bring a lot of shows, including the upcoming Tsubasa Chronicle which I know I’m going to cover. And since this is a Sunday morning show (in Japan), that means that it’s fairly inconvenient for me to blog.
  • Joshi Kousei GIRL’S-HIGH – The first episode was pretty disappointing, didn’t feel funny enough.
  • Simoun – Part of me wants to do this series, but the other part of would really rather not. It’s really an issue of time (Mondays are tough for me) and the fact that I’d rather blog Utawarerumono. It’s also not nearly as mindless and easy to watch as Strawberry Panic!
  • Disgaea – I’ll probably watch episode two just for Etna, but I have big doubts about this show being any good in the humor or plot departments.
  • Nishi no Yoki Majo Astraea Testament – As I said in my thoughts about the first episode, this show really isn’t for me.
  • Several of the shows I want to give a couple more episodes trial (Soul Link, Inukami!, Himawari!, Strawberry Panic!) before I make a decision. Some of these may be considered inferior to the ones I’m dropping, but I’m giving them more of a chance either because they appeal to a certain part of me or because they have a relatively good timeslot (in relation to my own schedule). There are also a few more series that haven’t premiered yet, including the aforementioned Tsubasa Chronicle and the upcoming The Third. And on top of that, I’m also considering checking out a few J-Dramas that are set to premiere soon: Attention Please, Gal Circle, and Oishii Proposal.

    In other news:

  • The Mai-Otome official site has updated with information about the OVAs. Specifically, it mentions that the characters from the TV series will be back after powering-up, and that Arika, Nina, and Mashiro’s story is not over yet. Hrm, that actually disappoints me a little because I was hoping for an entirely new story without interference from the old cast.
  • Navel is making another game with the characters from SHUFFLE!. It’s going to be called Really? Really!. They sure know how to choose names… -_-;;
  • And finally, I’d like to mention that this site hit 10,000 comments sometime in the past day! A huge thanks to everyone who reads this blog!

    1. Good to hear that you have decided to stick with Ouran and Suzumiya Haruhi. I hope that you will continue to keep us posted on up coming shows since grunts like me can’t read Japanese and the meager pay check leaves little room for mag subscriptions.

    2. Omni do you know of any other sites listed on the right under *Anime Blogs* might cover Kiba at all??

      Yea I’ll be looking forward to Tsubasa Chronicles myself.. Not much anime this season appealed to me really….

    3. is it me or in that new game from navel they replaced nerine and sia with a new girl, the site added in one black haired girl and nerine and sia was no where to be found in the character info

    4. realy realy is now on the side story of kaede if anyone of you still doesnt know so the girl must have a relation to kaede in some way Show Spoiler ▼

    5. Start using bitrorrent. Or even a VCR or something.
      show scedules shouldn’t prevent you from watching shows you like.
      ( that said I agree with your choices for blogging )

    6. hm. Tick! Tack! was apparently a game for if Nerine had won rin’s heart, and Really? Really! is clearly a post-Asa ending (note asa with long hair). perhaps my old idea of them making games to follow the various endings might not have been totally off-base.

    7. Start using bitrorrent. Or even a VCR or something.
      show scedules shouldn’t prevent you from watching shows you like.
      ( that said I agree with your choices for blogging )

      That’s not the problem. The issue is that there’s multiple things airing every day that I’m following. So if I don’t cover it on that day, I won’t cover it on any future day because it’ll just put me further behind since the shows keep coming. Because of the sheer number of series I follow, I need to make and follow schedules or else I’ll get horribly behind. So in that sense, when a show airs makes all the difference since my week is basically booked up between school, work, blogging, normal social activities with friends, and whatever free time I get for myself.

    8. Congrats on the comment count!

      I had seen the manga for host club around for a while but thought it was just another floofy shoujo series without much meat to it until I read your review of the first ep. Picked up vol 1 the other day. Its not half bad, though I’m betting the series is funnier just on the fact that you can play with comedic timing. I’m sure Viz thanks you for convincing someone to buy another vol of their translated manga.

      Yay for Drama blogging! Helps me know what dramas I should be chasing down.

      Did Tsubasa really get good last season? I stopped watching maybe a third of the way in, it just wasn’t as interesting as the manga. Its too bad it looks like the new xxxholic won’t be crossing back over. I was under the impression that something would be happening to bring the two series together again at some point, some kind of important event. I guess not.

      Angel Mercury
    9. I really like your blog, first I only used it because I really wanted to know what was going to happen in the coming episode after I saw a fansub. But nowadays I visit your blog at least once a day to get some impressions of new shows. Keep up the good work.

      Sol Fighter
    10. To clear the confusion on Really? Really!:

      – It’s an after story for Kaede path
      – The new girl, Sakura, is Rin and Kaede’s childhood friend. However she was never introduced in Shuffle!

      The story overview for the game:
      – Primula’s magic goes berserk
      – Kaede’s past memories are scattered
      – Kaede falls asleep
      – In order to wake her up, Rin and co. go into Kaede’s mental world.

      I’m guessing something happened to Sakura in the past that disallowed her to appear in the modern timeline…I’ll have to keep my eyes on this one ^^

    11. Sounds psycho, Oo
      You can choose a Mayumi or Kareha route in the PS2 Version of Shuffle! as far as I know.

      A pity you doesn’t blog Simoun anymore Omni, this show really looks interesting.
      But I of course understand, that you doesn’t have the time to watch it! So, for the other series, ganbate!!!

    12. As far as I can tell with the Shuffle! game series (Shuffle!, Tick Tack, Really .. err), they are playing the parallel universe game (the possibilities are endless .. bleh). Tick Tack is a world after Nerine’s ending. Really Really will be a post-Kaede choice world.

      Its really very strange.. additionally so because they’re still H-games with multiple girl endings. Just kind of wierd (especially Really, Really which apparently requires Rin, etc to journey inside Kaede’s mind … and score girls??? who knows….)

    13. OMFG…..

      another game!!!!….XD
      that’s a Really Really good new

      hmm….what is going on with this game….seems intersting….
      Navel ppl is really into it, that’s soo good


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