Since Nagisa is still sleeping, Tamao wakes her up by tickling her cheek. Tamao has brought Nagisa’s new uniform, but Nagisa gets nervous and falls over when Tamao starts to undress her. They take too long getting Nagisa dressed and end up running to breakfast because they’re late. Coming down the stairs, Nagisa accidentally bumps into the Étoile. She gets scolded by Miyuki, but Shizuma doesn’t seem to care and instead asks for Nagisa’s name. She then compliments Nagisa on her uniform and starts adjusting the tie. Shizuma leans in to kiss Nagisa, but before she can, the bell rings and Tamao drags Nagisa off. In class, Nagisa is the center of attention because word of her run-in with the Étoile had spread. Nagisa herself is unable to concentrate to the lecture because she’s thinking so much about the Étoile. During lunch, Tamao invites Nagisa to come with her to the literature club, where Tamao will be sharing her new written work. Meanwhile, the student government representatives are to have a lunch meeting together, but apparently the Étoile has snuck out.
In the afternoon, Nagisa listens to the poetry that Tamao wrote as she sits in on the literature club meeting. The girls love it so much that they have Tamao read it again. Afterwards, Nagisa is walking alone through the woods when she spots Shizuma with another girl. She watches intently as the Étoile leans in to kiss the girl, but in doing so Nagisa accidentally steps on a twig. Shizuma hears the noise and turns around, but no one is there anymore. Nagisa had run away in a panic, and when she finally stops, she’s in front of the library. The inside of the building is dim except for the bright area in front of a stained-glass window. Shizuma then appears behind Nagisa and starts to seduce her again. They come within micrometers of kissing each other, but they once again get interrupted, this time by a girl who dropped some books. Tamao then comes calling for Nagisa, and by now, Shizuma has disappeared into the shadows. That night, Miyuki lectures Shizuma about her duties and says that she won’t be able to stand up for her anymore if Shizuma keeps doing this. After Miyuki leaves, Shizuma says to herself that she’s been wandering in the darkness since that time, and she doesn’t know when the darkness will end.

Behold, the power of yuri. Actually, they keep interrupting the would-be kisses between Nagisa and Shizuma, so the physical yuri level of this series is still kind of low. Nagisa is generally confused and unable to resist Shizuma, whereas Shizuma seems to be the dark brooding type. I agree with Mentar’s comment about how she’s like a vampire this episode, with the slinking into the shadows and everything. I wonder what “that time” she referred to at the end was about – some traumatic event that drove her to lesbianism? 😉


  1. Nope, still no kiss 😉

    You know, throughout this episode, I thought “ahaaa, yuri meets Vampirism”, because that’s pretty much the equivalent of Shizuma. I wonder (I hope) that this will be the subject of change over time. We’ll have to see, I guess.

    On one hand the shoujo-ai aspect is very very blatant, but thankfully the show is _not_ fanservicey. When people fall, you don’t get pantsu or cleavage shots and all the rest.

    I don’t know why, but I’m quite entertained by all this, especially the parts at the end which indicate that not all is well over there. Call it a guilty pleasure.

  2. well hypernova if that happens many more will still to come well the most imposible thing will be a h-anime turned to almost all age anime which of course is very imposible lols

  3. i downloaded the raw but haven’t watched it yet.
    but judging from the picture on the 5th row the one on the left, it seems that ‘snow white’ is quite the player.

    looks like she doesn’t mind screwing any younger girl in her path.
    guess thats what the ‘student council president’ meant when she said:
    ‘at least, the point about being the most loved is true’
    in response to when the roommate-chan said ‘she’s the most loved and respected girl in the 3 schools.’
    referring to ‘snow white’

    anyway, i hate players.
    let ‘snow die’ 🙂

  4. ‘Demon Eyes’
    would you take that bullshit if a guy told you he was a player coz he’s looking for the girl that ‘fullfills’ him ?!

    hell, i’ll go screw everygirl i meet ’til i find one that’ll ‘fullfill’ me.

    i’ll go smilling, holding random ‘younger’ girls hands and close in for the kiss ’til i find that girl
    that’ll ‘fill me up’.

    i’ll flirt with everygirl in sight.. coz am looking for a girl that ‘fullfills’ me..

    i won’t try getting into ‘ONE’ relationship at a time ’til find that one and only girl, i’ll screw them
    all at the same, first i’ll flirt with girl ‘A’ then after girl ‘A’ leaves i’ll flirt with girl ‘B’ then 30 minutes later
    i’ll go flirt with girl ‘C’ .. you never know … i might find my ‘fullfiller’ that way ..

    ….. hope might point is taken yet 🙂


  5. hmmm,
    but then again.. if we look at ‘fullfill’ in a vamparic viewpoint rather then a romantic one…

    then ‘fullfill’ might mean suck the lifeforce out of them, hence playing around is rather an effective mean of getting ‘Fullfilled’..

    .. just a thought 😉

  6. “THE ONE” … do you mean Jet Lee? Ash Ketchum? Neo? ^_^ Sorry, I can’t resist

    OK, again their kiss was interrupted, so I wondering if wew have chance to see “that” scene from the webpage, were they actually kiss deeply.

    I’m looking forward for this show.

    Syaoran Li
  7. Let’s see.. According to those who read the novel..not sure if the manga mentioned it, Quite sometime before the current setting, Shizuma used to be very much in love with another girl but unfortunately the girl died leaving her heartbroken and scared to love.

  8. Heey!
    I love nagisa chan 🙂
    I watch it on
    but there’s no episode 19 …
    weehee now i need to wait a week!
    does somebody knows a other website where i can see it ??

    -xxx- moi

  9. I just finished watching Strawberry Panic today and it was sad when Shizuma torn up her bedroom becuase she had to let Nagisa go but at the end she finally did the right thing by taking Nagisa’s hand and running away from the Etoile election and I was so happy when Shizuma and Nagisa kissed at the end! I’m also happy for Amane- San and Hikaru- San.


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