Random Musings – Finale Reflections

You know that empty and depressed feeling you get when you finish a really good series or come out of a really good movie?
I get that feeling maybe once or twice every few months, usually for a great show. In the spring, it was when Mai-Otome ended, and in the summer, it was when Fate-stay night ended. More recently, I got that feeling after I finished playing Xenosaga III during that one week break I took.
But if you asked me which finale gave me that feeling this past week, the answer might surprise you.

It wasn’t Blood+ or Ouran High School Host Club or ZEGAPAIN. It was Strawberry Panic.

Why? I’m not really sure myself. I ended up watching the end of Strawberry Panic a couple dozen times (not exaggerating), beating out by far how much I enjoyed the endings to all the other series. Even though I consider Blood+, Ouran, and ZEGAPAIN to be overall great shows with great endings, I loved even more how Strawberry Panic ended, despite it being fairly predictable and despite the show as a whole being not the best. Maybe it was because my expectations for it were low, or maybe it was because I loved the music in that final episode. But for whatever reason, Strawberry Panic’s finale gets my vote as the best one of this past week (see Poll at right). And now I’m going to stop writing before I start talking about the magical effect of yuri or something. 🙂